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Hi peps !!;) I hope u like the fanfic I did . And if u don't like it , pls keep the rude comments to urself . So basically the story is about a group of girls that can kick SERIOUS ASS .they consist of Clary , Isabelle , Maia , Tessa and Mareen . They battle a lot of other groups . Their group are The Fallen Angels . The rest of the story , read and find out !!! ;)


3. I HATE THEM!!!!!!

Tessa's pov

Ah , Izzy , if u don't mind do you think you could show the boys around the school . Oh , and they will be all your classes . Please make sure they are comparable in our school . Well then boys , let's go ." She said , bored , as she gestered towards the door . She got up and the boys got up and followed her .

As soon as they left , Clary yelled , WHAT THE HELL !!!! Why can't they just stay in their own school !!!!! Why did the have to come to OUR SCHOOL!!!!!!" She screamed as she started cursing .

Clary !!!!! Chill out would ya !!!!! Their just so jerky bunch of boys !!!! And plus , their class room for the GIFTED boys are under reno . So chill would ya?!?!" Maia said , trying to calm Clary down . If Clary was unhappy , everyone that knew her would be in BIG trouble . She blew off her steam by shouting and snapping at everyone around her . Even the teachers let her be when she was in a bad mood . Nearly the WHOLE SCHOOL had seen her burst into a rage as she attacked Kaelie verbally SO badly that she just stood there , absolutely speechless . And for Kaelie , that's a miracle . She just couldn't shut her mouth of ONE SECOND .

Ok ok !!! I'll chill . But I still hate the idea of the boys being in EVERY class with us for the next month !!!!" Clary huffed , obviously annoyed . Well then , since that is over , Izzy needs help with the boys ." Mareen said . Mareen also had telepathic abilities . Clary could talk to animals . And then Mareen would try to bite them . And then it would turn into an all out fist fight . I preferred not to fight but if it was to protect my sisters , there would be absolutely no hesitation .

Simon's Pov

Wow . I knew all the girls at Idris Girls School were pretty , cause we all had seen a few at the bus stop , but Issabelle was , wow , GORGEOUS !!!! And the troop of girls following her were gorgeous too , but , Issabelle was breathtaking . When she had first walked into the office , Simon had been so surprised that SHE was the student council president after hearing the rumors that the Idris Girls School student council president was a she devil to any boy . But she was too gorgeous !!! She couldn't be . Anyway , she gave us a brief tour of the school . It was WAY better than our school . Our hallways had graffiti all over and the principal was WAY SCARY!! He was PRINCIPAL BLACKTHORN!!! ( said with a British accent ) he scared the shit outta all of them . He NEVER smiled and when he did , he looked like her had gone through VERY painful surgery to just to smile . Why couldn't their principal be as nice as luke?!?!?! He was the BEST !! He was super nice . Oh ya , cause the student council members did a crappy job and the boys didn't like to listen much to us . By the way , I'm the student council president for Idris Boys School . Ya , I was the best person for the job . Dang , if I'm the best my school has , HOW ARE WE TO SURVIVE?!?!?!?!?!

So anyway , all the girls in the hall turned our way the moment we were in sight . Most of them we're whispering to each other how cute the one with blond hair and golden eyes was . I rolled my eyes . This was the instant reaction that Jace have on girls if they could see him . The reason I said WHEN HE CAN BE SEEN is because he is a shadowhunter . They were a special race created specifically to kill demons . Alec was also a shadowhunter . He was the one with the blue eyes . And Magnus , well , he was a thousand year old warlock . And that was the reason he had cat eyes . I think that his eyes were a little creepy at times . Hey , you can't blame a guy for getting creeped out by GLOWING eyes . Although i can see Magnus well in the dark , it still creeps me out .

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