The Cuts

About a young girl who self harms.



1. The Cuts

One cut,

Two cuts,

Three cuts,


One here and a few more.


Another bunch of scars won’t do me any harm,

Blood is already trickling down my scarred arms.


The feeling of emptiness is getting the best of me,

I am sad, hurt, depressed and lonely.



Oh! I made another one and I think it’s deep,

In the carpet, my crimson blood seeps.

‘That’s gonna leave a stain.’ I think.

I quickly go and wash my arms in the sink.


The red liquid is all over the place,

I’m feeling dizzy, my mind in a haze.

I skip to my room, the only place that calms me down,

I may get a panic attack; I cannot think straight right now.


This is my everyday life,

I come back home, take my arm to the knife.

Or maybe a razor, it can be.

It really depends on my mood, you see?


The cuts on my arms are growing day by day,

I don’t even care a slightest bit, honestly to say.


These scars will tell you a story,

A story which will describe me perfectly.

But I make sure to hide the visible ones,

Some are invisible, they’re outdone.

These cuts on my wrists will be there with me,

When not a single person cares to see;

My pain,

My anger,

My emptiness,

All of which I’m facing.

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