The Bully

This is the longest poem I have ever written till now. I really hope you enjoy reading it as I did writing it. :)


1. The Bully

He looks around, his eyes wide with rage.

Who’ll be his next target, who’ll be his next game?

Is it that boy with glasses?

Or that little girl who dances?

His breathing is heavy and his nose flares,

Too much anger, too much rage.

‘Oh there he is!’ He thought to himself.

His next target, his next game.

The boy was oblivious to the bully behind him,

When suddenly, the bully pushed him on the locker rim.

The little boy was terrified,

For he was too innocent, too simplified.

The teacher shook his head,

He was here to teach the students,

Not to break the fights.

Or even care about it slight.

And neither of the boys were in his class,

So he just stood their and gave a glance.

The bully soon got bored,

And left the boy who thought ‘Thank You lord’.

You see, the bully is someone deep inside.

His dad tells him he’s just a waste of money and time.

So he just goes around bullying,

Maybe it’s his way of releasing.

He goes for a smoke at night

Comes back home with hurting from inside.

Sometimes the pain is a lot for him,

So, he is a big bad bully for the kids.

He looks around for his next prey,

The silence around him silences.

His daddy says he is a waste of money,

He says it’s true, it’s not even funny.

But, doesn’t the bully deserve some love?

‘No I don’t.’ He huffs.

He sees a car passing by,

He raises his gun, ready to strike.

Inside, is a young girl.

‘Don’t kill me!’ She reasons.

‘Why shouldn’t I do that?’ The bully asks.

The girl says, ‘Maybe you’re a boy with a big heart.’

Those words made the bully cringe,

But he masked his emotions with a grin.

The bully gets inside the car.

The girl’s heart starts pounding hard.

‘Please don’t kill me.’ She pleads.

Maybe it’s too late for her, you see?

‘I won’t kill you.’ The bully whispers.

His hoarse voice made her shudder.

The girl drives around, as she is told by the bully,

She wants her freedom, she is in a hurry.

‘Please let me go.’ She pleads.

He said, ‘Fine, let me take the lead.’

The bully, high on liquor,

Takes the gun to her head, and pulls the trigger.

‘I’m sorry’ He whispered,

‘I am the worst sinister.’

So this was another say in the bully’s life,

His daddy told him he was a waste of time.

So he goes around hurting people,

With no heart and nothing to care for.


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