Typical love story? Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love. And they all live happily ever after. The end. No. This story is filled with drama, secret admirers, jealousy, suspense, fear and betrayal. It all begins with a simple and innocent summer camp...


2. Chapter 2


Time for the campfire!

"C'mon lads! We can't be late." I heard someone say. I looked out from the tent and there stood Niall?

"Hey!" He said and smiled at me. I started to blush. What? Since when did I blush?? I'd expect Rachel to do that sort of thing. Not me. I swear to god I have seen them before, the boys I mean.....

"Hey..." I said awkwardly and closed the tent opening again...You maybe think he is mean but seriously he and his friends are annoying as fuck...I mean hell.... I know, language!

"We are coming Niall!" Someone said and I looked out again and there everyone was....Wtf are they doing here outside our tent? 

"HEEEY!" Harry said 

"Hey..." I said and then Rachel came out of the tent, only to have Louis full-on stare  at her...Wow Louis really!? Talk about discreet! Even a blind person would be able to tell that he was staring at her majorly. Rachel didn't notice though, because she was busy getting her stuff for the campfire.

While the rest of us, were talking, I saw Louis walk up to her.


Campfire. My favourite part. It's just so warm and really fun.

I was outside our tent, getting all the marshmallows *drools* and stuff. Claire was talking with the rest of the boys. She's always so much better with boys in general than I am. She's got the looks, personality and knows how to flirt. Then there's me. 



I dropped all my marshmallows on the floor because the voice made me jump suddenly. I looked up and saw a boy with blue eyes and brown hair staring down at me.

"Um...hi?" Why is he talking to me? Shouldn't he be over there flirting with Claire instead?

"So what's your name?" He pushed further. 


"R-Rachel. What's yours?" I stuttered a little.

"Louis. Louis Tomlinson." He smirked.

"That's nice" I said. God! Why am I so awkward.

"You want any help?" Louis offered.

"It's fine. I'm almost done anyway" I said, picking up my stuff and walking away. I heard footsteps  behind me. I turned around and surprise, surprise, guess who it was?


Yep, Taylor Lautner.


Haha no, just kidding. Louis Tomlinson.

I stopped abruptly making Louis almost crash into me, "You want something?" I asked harshly. Seriously, this boy is getting on my nerves.

"Fine! I'll go then! Gee, what's your problem?" He mumbled the last bit. He turned on his heel and walked away. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm acting like a bitch to him but I just don't want to get close to any boy...not after what happened...



Sorry for the short chapter :(

...I swear I say that phrase like on literally on each and every chapter on my movellas... 

Anyway, who else has heard about Midnight Memories being leaked?! :D Julia told me about it! YES! There is a God up there!!

Here's the link to it:

I'll put in the comments as well :) 


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