Arrow Head

Arden Gray was a normal 19 year old girl with a military father and an absence of a mother. Since she was little, her dad had trained her with almost any weapon; except archery. After perfecting her skills in handling almost any firearm, her dad is enlisted to fight in the Afghanistan war. Saying farewell to her only family member, Arden seeks refuge in a local college course that offers archery. Determined to impress her father when he returns, Arden pours everything into perfecting the art of archery.
On her first day, she nearly hits Harry Styles.

One arrow changes everything.


4. -Three-

I planted my feet on the sand-colored wooden floor and rubbed my eyes. A loud pitched ringing noise shattered throughout my house. In my foggy brain, I immediately thought the fire alarm went off. So I stood up and took a deep breath. No smoke. No fire. My second thought was the doorbell but as I glanced at the clock, I realised no one in their right state of mind would ring a doorbell at half past three in the morning. My half-asleep state cleaned up as I saw my laptop screen glowing. It was my dad. I took a giddy step towards the laptop and sat down on the cold wooden floor. I accepted his call and grinned. 

"Hey Dad," I drawled. "What's up."

"Hey, Arden. It's not much but it's something. How's everything over there?"

I assumed the regular questions would be asked, and he would have to sign off. Fair enough. "Everything's great. I signed up for Archery classes and I met a few people."

"Any boys?" he asked, his voice turning rigid. 

"Just one but he's not much. My friend Liz is going to set me up with her boyfriend's friend. It's nothing big, just dinner." I saw him smile, the background seemingly in an office. It was bright over there. "Why are you smiling?"

"Don't get too attached. I'll be home soon." 

"I know you will."

"Look, honey..." he cleared his throat. "It's really tough over hear and I had to bribe one of my officers to let me use his computer. I won't be able to send back so many letters, and wifi is limited so we can't Skype much."

"Oh," I seethed. "Okay."

"I'm sorry, honey. And I'm sorry that I had to wake you up. Go back to sleep and send me a letter every week and I will try to reply. I love you." 

"I love you too." I clicked hang up, and was enveloped into darkness.


"Damnit, Arden we're gonna be late," Liz whined. She was leaning against my front door, her hands in her lap. I laughed and grabbed my purse. I opened the door, pushing Liz aside and slipped out. 

"What's this guy like?" I asked. "What's his name?"

Liz shut the door and started walking towards her car. "His name is Russell. He's a Communication major, and apparently he's 'alright looking.'"

"That's lovely to know," I said and slid into the passenger seat of her car and closed the door. Liz jumped in as well and started the car. A song unknown to me started playing obnoxiously loud, and Liz turned it down. As she pulled out of my street onto the main road, she cleared her throat.

"So why haven't I seen you around before?" she asked. 

"I moved into that house about six months ago, and since I had no need for going outside, I didn't. I was always around my dad. We were more like best friends."

"Where is he now?" she asked absent-mindedly, slowing down on the main street and took a left into a car park.

"He's in the military. He departed two weeks ago." I said. Conversations from Tuesday morning drifted back to me. I shook my head. "It's fine, though."

Liz parked the car, and turned to me. "If you need any help with anything, you come to me, okay?" 

I nodded, not trusting my voice. We exited the car and made our way to the front entrance of a small chain restaurant called "Kzuzo's". Liz had recommended it to me, and told me the soup was to die for. I saw two men waiting outside the entrance, and one waved at Liz. She waved back and started walking faster. The other man stood nervously by Charlie's side and waited. I caught up to Liz as she leaped into Charlie's arms. 

Charlie stood at six foot two, with his tanned skin fairly tattooed. His hair was buzz-cut short and his eyes were piercing against his skin tone. He looked at Liz like she was the only thing going for him. Although Liz stood at five foot five, she managed to reach his lips. Her orange hair blew into his face and he smiled. I turned to the guy standing opposite me and tried my best to smile. His blonde shaggy hair flipped across his head in an attempt of a quiff. He was scrawny, his skin tone uneven. One of his eye's were slightly lazy and was just a tinge off centre. But when he smiled, I forgot everything. The smile reached his eyes and made me grin. One dimple showed up on one side of his mouth. Unlike Harry's, his appeared when he talked.

"Hi, I'm Russell." His slight of tongue suggested he was from Bristol in the UK. 

"I'm Arden, nice to meet you."

I saw Liz peel back off Charlie and stare at me in surprise. She almost squealed. I grinned at Russell, and took his outstretched arm. Charlie did the same and I stole a glance at Liz who was looking at me. She grinned. They lead us inside towards a secluded table in the corner. Russell pulled out my chair, and Charlie pulled out Liz's chair. We sat down with a plunk. Russell sat opposite me, his smile never leaving his face. 

"How do you know Charlie, Russell?" Liz asked. 

"Oh," Russell snickered, making his hair flip into his eyes. "I would explain it to you, but I'm fresh out of crayons."

I laughed silently, trying to disguise my amusement. Sheer joy leapt out of my chest. "You child," Liz giggled. "No really, explain it."

"Well, we were at a party, and I was the loser in the back with no one to talk too. So naturally, you're boyfriend Charlie came to my rescue. But we were both drunk, and this I will never forget." Russell tried not to smile. "He came over to me and asked, 'Do you wanna go upstairs and put on some oil and drapes and act like wrestlers?'" Charlie laughed, the sound a low rumble in his chest. "I remember looking at him and thinking 'You genius'. So we did. We oiled ourselves up, wrapped some drapes around ourselves and gave each other names."

"I honestly will not forget the way the other boys looked at us as Russell slipped down the stairs and landed on his ass," Charlie added. Liz and I giggled stupidly.

The night was tremendously amazing. Russell and Charlie exchanged banter and Liz gave Charlie witty responses. These people were so comfortable to be themselves around me, that it made me feel welcomed. Russell was being flirty the whole night, but I knew he was still nervous. Nervous about what? I made a complete fool out of myself when I told him I had never really had friends my age apart from Liz and Harry. He didn't care. He was so care free and supportive.

After our meal, we decided to leave. We walked out into the cool night, the food weighing us down. "Russell," I announced, spinning on my heal to face him. My hands were latched onto his as I stepped closer to him. "Would you like to hang out some time?" 

Russell nodded, grinning again. I smiled as well and joy rose into my throat. I wrote my number on the back of his hand and giggled as he ran his thumb up and down my palm. I winked at him and walked with Liz towards her car. I grinned at her as I shut the passenger door. I saw Russell do a little jump and grinned stupidly at his hand. God he was cute.

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