Arrow Head

Arden Gray was a normal 19 year old girl with a military father and an absence of a mother. Since she was little, her dad had trained her with almost any weapon; except archery. After perfecting her skills in handling almost any firearm, her dad is enlisted to fight in the Afghanistan war. Saying farewell to her only family member, Arden seeks refuge in a local college course that offers archery. Determined to impress her father when he returns, Arden pours everything into perfecting the art of archery.
On her first day, she nearly hits Harry Styles.

One arrow changes everything.


2. -One-

Archery. The only thing Dad never taught me. He taught me how to use firearms, and how to switch from one style of gun to another in a breath. He taught me how to use swords and knifes properly. He wanted me to grow up to be able to protect myself. But nothing could protect me from the wrath of the Russian archery teacher from the local college. I signed up the day Dad left, determined to learn and perfect archery before he comes back. My first lesson, I was told, was in the afternoon of May the 29th. I decided to turn up early, to talk to the Russian instructor. Big mistake. 

I strolled onto the campus's oval with my bag loosely thrown onto my shoulder. I try and find the corner of the field the instructor would be at, which I was guessing to be the corner with twenty targets on wooden stakes on the far left. I headed over and saw a man with tattoos covering his body. I was contemplating on complimenting him, but I was interrupted.

"Aren't you a bit too early?" The instructor said, rolling his L. "The class doesn't start for another thirty minutes."

I shake my head. "I was wondering if I could talk to you. I--"

"No." he said plainly. "Vadem does not take questions before class. Wait until after class, then I will answer your question."

I heard someone chuckle, but I couldn't isolate who it was. So I stood back and sat on the grass, pulling out random blades and putting them into a pile at my feet. I rested on my backpack so I could lean back for a bit. 

Another student strolled in twenty minutes later. She was covered in tight clothing, with her bright orange hair pulled back into a messy pony tail. She placed her bag beside me and laughed. Her laughter was deep and sincere. 

"You're new to this, aren't you?" The girl said, sitting next to me. She unzipped her bag and pulled a water bottle out, and turns to me. "Vadem doesn't like it when people are early. I'm Eliza. People call me Liz." 

"Arden," I said, pointing to myself. "People call me Arden."

Liz threw her head back in a fit of laughter. After recovering, 18 other people slowly turned up and started getting set up. Liz grabbed my wrist and tugged me towards the two middle positions. I saw Vadem start at one end of the row to give out bow's and arrow's. Once he reached me, he stopped and glared at me. He huffed and moved on. I turned to Liz and raised my eyebrows. She just shook her head and started to assemble the arrow. After getting help from both the instructor and Liz, I managed to pull my bow string back with the arrow loaded. I squinted one eye, and focused on the target. Just as I was about to let go, something moved next to my target. 

The boy was tall, even when he was sitting against the tree. His beanie covered most of his head, but I managed to catch glimpses of brown curls. His head was down but his eyes were locked onto mine. I moved to the left slightly to get a better view. 

"Arden!" Vadem screamed in my ear.

I released my arrow in surprise and realised what I had done. I stared in horror as my arrow went flying past the target and headed straight for the boy. I gasped and watched, seemingly in slow motion, as the arrow hit the tree just above the boy's head. I dropped my bow and scrambled towards the shocked individual. I skidded to a halt and bent down to assess the damage I had done. I bet I looked as shocked as the boy. Vadem dismissed my stray arrow and started instructing Liz to aim higher.

"I am so sorry," I stammered. "Did it get you?"

"Clearly," the boy said, avoiding my question. "You do not know how to aim properly."

"Excuse me?" I said, bewildered. "You distracted me!"

The boy laughed. His voice was deep and smooth, and his laugh was even smoother. "Really? What did I do?"

"You were looking at me." When I said it, I realise how stupid it sounded. 

"What if I was? Can't I look at a pretty girl without getting an arrow fired at me?" I could feel my face getting brighter, as if that was some sort of que, the boy winked at me. He turned back to his notepad beneath him. "I'm Harry, by the way."

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