Arrow Head

Arden Gray was a normal 19 year old girl with a military father and an absence of a mother. Since she was little, her dad had trained her with almost any weapon; except archery. After perfecting her skills in handling almost any firearm, her dad is enlisted to fight in the Afghanistan war. Saying farewell to her only family member, Arden seeks refuge in a local college course that offers archery. Determined to impress her father when he returns, Arden pours everything into perfecting the art of archery.
On her first day, she nearly hits Harry Styles.

One arrow changes everything.


5. -Four-

God he's annoying. Harry tagged along with Liz to my house the next day after Archery. He seemed bitter, but Liz put it down to her hitting the target in the centre twice. I welcomed them into my home, and watched in awe as Harry's mouth dropped open at the sight of it. The crisp white walls complimented the open floor design of the bottom floor. 

"Don't look so surprised," I muttered. 

Harry smiled and then flopped onto one of the white couches. He pulled out his art book and began drawing. "You mind if I used you're house to draw?" he asked, drawing out his slight British accent. 

"Sure," I agreed. 

Liz sat on the sofa opposite him and next to me. "So when is Russell coming over?" she asked giddily. 

"At five. He's just hanging out with us, Liz. It's not a date," I concluded. 

"A what sorry?" Harry asked, his head immediately snapping up from his drawing. 

"Arden's boyfriend," Liz giggled. "He's coming over to watch movies and kiss and hug and hold and--" I punched Liz in the arm. 

"It's nothing big. We barely even know each other." 

Harry sat up slowly, his posture straightening out. "Wait so when did you start dating him?"

"We're not dating, and why are you so concerned?" I said, smiling and Liz's whines. "Russell and I are just friends." 

Harry seemed to calm down a bit. Eventually he started ignoring Liz's and my conversation. It's a wonder we've kept him for this long. If he wasn't drawing and ignoring us, he would sit silently and only contribute to the conversation if it involved him. He was really a piece of work. He was egotistical, stubborn, self-involved only and worried about other's love lives. Five o'clock eventually came, and there was a soft tap on the door. Liz flung herself to land against Harry, making room on the separate lounge for Russell. Harry put down his drawing and looked intently at me and I waded across the room to open the door. Cool breeze swept in as I smiled at Russell. I motioned for him to come inside. 

Russell's mouth dropped open. "Wow your house is beautiful."

"It's nothing really," I glowered. 

In the natural daylight of my house, I noticed his slightly protruding cheekbones. I motioned for him to sit down, and he did. I sat beside him and he instantly wrapped his arm around my shoulders. He smiled at Liz who was staring intently at me, and then his gaze rested on Harry. He looked at Russell, eager to say something. 

"I don't think we've met before," Russell drawled. "I'm Russell."

"Harry," he said, mirroring the enthusiasm, even though he looked like he could care less.

"Oh! You're from the United Kingdom too?"

"Yeah, I'm from Cheshire." 

"Russell's from Bristol," Liz interjected. I could feel the tension Harry and Russell had. They clearly didn't like each other. 

I cleared my throat and sunk deeper into Russell's arms. He looked down at me. "What movie shall we watch?"

Throughout the original 'Carrie', Harry could not stop staring at Russell. I sat in between them, with Liz on the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his jaw lock every time Russell would lean in to whisper something to me. I didn't know what he was so upset about. When the movie was finished, Harry suddenly got up and retrieved his drawing book. He started madly scribbling something down, but from my angle I couldn't see it. 

"That was awesome," Russell commented. 

"It's one of my favourite films," I sighed. 

Liz sat up and then grinned at us. "You two look so cute."

Harry scoffed. Russell's hand tightened on mine, and then released it. "I think I better go home. I'll call you later, okay?" With a cautious dip of his head, Russell pressed his lips against mine quickly before standing up and letting himself out.

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