Why Me?

Selena Martinez is a youtuber who makes weird and funny video...Selena has alot of badluck when it comes to boys...but what happens when she wants to visit London?...What will happen when she meets 9 strangers?..will 4 of them fall for her? Will she fall for them or will they just break her heart?...will she stay or will she leave?...or will her luck turn around?


5. What?!

We stayed like that for a while. We started to pull away.

S:So um...i think we should take them there drinks.

Ni:oh yeah. Lets go.

So we took them there drinks and Niall just kept looking at me. I started to blush a little bit.

N:hey Selena!


N:so you excited for our date tomorrow?

S:what oh shit its tomorrow?


S:oh shit i forgot i have something to do tomorrow.

N:really what?

S:umm...i have to do some grociery shopping tomorrow.


S:yeah even Niall has offerd to help me.

Nate looks at Niall kind of mad. I think he was jelous. Thats weird. I've never seen Nate jelous of anything

Ni:yeah i did since she doesnt have a car im going to drive her around.

N:why didnt u ask me i would love to drive you around babe

S:Nahh its okay i prefer to go with Niall & dont call me "babe".

Nate got kind of mad.

N:oh okay then how about tuesday?

S:umm i cant i have to-

Ni:i promised to take her shopping on tuesday.

S:yeah I need to go and buy some clothes...


We started watching tv for a while and the guys just kept on talking and i just sat there watching them. Although Nate kept looking at me and so did Niall. I didnt really mind Niall but it was Nate that i didnt want.

I got uncomfortable and started playing on my phone... After awhile of just sitting there and listening to the boys's convorsation i got up and went to the bathroom. When i was done i looked in the mirror and checked if i looked okay. Yup. When i stepped out of the bathroom i was soon pushed up against the wall. I looked up to see the naturaly blonde headed boy i hated.

N:hey babe where do u think ur going?

S:umm...the living room?

N:haha. Y are you avoiding me? Huh? Is it becuz you've been screwing around with your little boyfriend?

S:nate he's not my boyfriend and im not screwing with anybody-

N:yeah rite i saw u and him flirting with eachother... You know what? Why dont i just go over there and kick ur little boyfriends ass?!

S:just leave him alone he didnt do anything to you!

N:yeah he's trying to take my girl.-

S:your girl im not your girl we broke up along time ago-

N:whatever but either way you'll still be mine wether you like it or not!

He let go of me and walked twards the living room. I was kinda scared of what he would do to Niall. I dont think he'll do anything with all the other boys around.

I kept finding myself staring at Niall. Everynow and then he would look at me and smile. I'd smile back and look away.

~Later On~

Nate finnally left! I was happy to see him leave but also kind of sad because the boys and I spent most of the dy with him and it was now 8:00 p.m. and i wanted to spend my day with the boys. Too bad nate ruine it. The boys were playing FIFA on Xbox and i was about to get up when i heard Niall yell


Li: you're ALWAYS hungry mate

Ni: no im not!

All the boys: YES YOU ARE!

Lou: actually now that i think about it im hungry too

Z: yeah lets get some fooood!!!

I just laughed at them

Li: so Sele u down?

S: hell yeah i am anything that involves food count me in!

I say

Haz: if i didnt know any better i'd say you were Niall *whispers* but Niall isn't as hot as you.

S:what was that Haz?

I asked clearly know what he said

Haz: oh nothing... So what are we getting to eat?

Ni: how about we go get PIZZA!!!

Z: but im in the middle of a game!!

Lou: yeah and im kicking his ass at it!!!

Li: and i got next turn i've been waiting for them to finish so Haz and i could play together!

Haz: yeah

Ni: fine ill go get the pizza

Niall says half-smiling

Li: okay and Selena?


Li:will you please go with him so he doesn't eat it all on the way back?

The boys: yeah please

S: yeah ill go!

Li: thank you

S: yeah but no promises that I wont eat it all!!!!

The boys: hey!!! No fair we want some!!!

Ni: TOO BAD!! C'mon lets go Selena

S:okay! Bye Boys!!!

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