Why Me?

Selena Martinez is a youtuber who makes weird and funny video...Selena has alot of badluck when it comes to boys...but what happens when she wants to visit London?...What will happen when she meets 9 strangers?..will 4 of them fall for her? Will she fall for them or will they just break her heart?...will she stay or will she leave?...or will her luck turn around?


4. What Are You Doing Here?

Lou:oh okay...hey Selena how would u like us to show u around London?

S:i would love that!

Lou:okay then we should go to bed we have alot to show you tomorrow!


I start to get confterable on the couch. When all of the boys looked at me like i was crazy.

Li:what are u doing?!

S:well u guys wanted to hav a sleep over so im going to sleep on the couch-

Lu:no you arent.

S:and why not?

Ni:cuz there are enough room here and u can hav mine after all of i dont mind sharing with one of the other boys.

S:no,no, its okay im not taking your room ill just sleep on the couch its okay i dont mind.

Ni:no C'mon ill show you which one you'll be sleeping in for tonight.

He said grabbing my hand and showing me one of the rooms.

Ni:heres your room

S:Niall you dont really have to do this im okay just sleeping on the couch-

Ni:no its i wouldnt be much of a gentalmen if i let u sleep on the couch so here.

S:fine umm...would you like to stay and just talk for a little while?

Ni:yeah sure.

We talked for what seemed like hours and i asked him if he wanted to sleep in the room instead of the couch. He just smiled at me and we fell asleep. The bed was a king-size so i slept on one side and he slept on the other.

*Next Morning*

The next morning i woke up with an arm around me. I got a little scared but then i rememberd it was Niall. I looked up and he looked so cute when he was asleep. I just wanted to take a picture.

Ni:stop staring.

S:well sory its kind of hard when you have your arm around me and i cant get up. And i didnt want to wake you up and also iys cold and your really warm.

Ni:well why would you wanna get up this early its 7:00 am and we're not leaving til' like 11:00.

S:well sorry i didnt know the time and okay im going back to sleep then goodnight!


He said with out taking his arm off of me. God he was so warm! I just wantsd to stay here like this forever. After a while i fell back asleep.

*Like 2 And A Half Hours Later*

I woke up with the feeling of someone staring at me. I opend my eyes to see his beautiful face. With those mesmorizing ocean blue eyes.

S:Take a picture it'll last longer.

I told him. He just smiled.

Ni:yeah see now you know how it feels.

S:yeah okay. Hey are any of the others up yet?

Ni:no there all asleep.

S:oh okay well im going to the bathroom.


He said taking his hand off of me. I went to the bathroom and washed my face we still had time to get ready later. When i got out of the bathroom Niall was fast asleep. I laughed a little. I decided to go downstairs and coom breakfast for everyone. After i was done cooking all of the bous came out of there room rushing down the stairs.


Boys:yeah me to!

S:well all of you take a seat and ill give you guys some


After i gave all of them there food they started pigging out on it. Damm they were hungery good thing i made alot of food.

Haz:wow this is great Selena did you make it all by yourself?


Mi:where did you learn how to cook like this?

S:at the restartaunt my dad works at he'd always take me there with him to help him out.

Li:really that sounds sweet.

S:yeah it was...

Ni:aww wats wrong?

S:nothing...well im going to go take a shower ill be back later. And you guys better NOT wash the dishes!


S:because im going to wash them whe you guys get ready.

Ash:us? We're the ones who are goingt o be waiting on you.

S:and why is that?

Cal:because girls take forever getting ready.

S:well i dont. Well not all the time so just leave them there okay?

Lu:okay watever

S:see you guys in a little bit!


I got into my room and started freaking out i practically slept with NIALL FREAKIN' HORAN (just not in a sexual way) but still he didnt want to let me go! God he was so warm and so cute! Omg! I have to shower than im going to change and then do my hair and then i i go back to theirs.

*A Couple Mins Later*

So i got out of the shower and dryed my hair while putting on my clothes (thank god im good at multi tasking) so i finished and when my hair was fully dry i curled it. And i also put on a little make up so when i would look decent ineough i left back to Louis's and the boys werent there so i did the dishes. When i finished i waited for the boys since they weren't here yet i decided on checking if i still looked good while i was in the bathroom i heard people talking.

Haz:she's not hear yet.

Ash:see guys i frucking told you!

Cal:we both did

Li:yeah i guess your rite...Hey im going to do the dishes befor she does okay

Lou:wait! Niall wat happend last night?!


Lou:when u showed her the extra room u didnt come back after that.

Ni:oh yeah she invited me in and we talked and sort of fell asleep.

Haz:WOAH Niall get some!

Ni:Harry its not like that! She's different!

Z:awwww! Looks like our little Niall's got a crush!

Lou:aww so cute!

Ni:stop it guys wat if she hears you!

Mi:dont worry she's probably still in her room getting ready!

Ni:yeah true

Li:so tell us how is she different from other girls?

Ni:well she's beautiful but doesnt know it, she's amazing and sweet, nice, pretty, she's not like any other girl i've met she's into music and there's something about her that i can't explain.

Lu:wow it doesnt seem like you. Like her... Its like your INLOVE with her!

Ni:i am?...i am...wow...

Lou:aww so Niallers found his princess?!

Ash:i think he has!

Cal:YAY lets throw a party!

Lou:we cant!


Li:because their not together YET!

Cal:oh yeah well we should get them together!

Ni:no guys what if she doesnt like me back?

Li:she will after she see's what a great guy you are!

Ni:umm okay...we should go get her.

Ash:yeah she's taking forever!

Z:then lets go!


After they left Nialls words kept repeating in my head. He's inlove with me? Me? I dont get it no guy has ever liked me. I dont know what to do. Well they just went to look for me so i better do something so they dont know i was listening. Uhh oh i know. I went to the lobby and texted them that i was waiting for them.


Li:okay we'll be right down.


So as i was waiting i saw someone i didnt expect to see...my ex boyfriend... I tried hidding, but it was no use he saw me oh i hope that the boys get down here quick!

(N= Nate)



I pretended i didnt see him earlier.

N:i havent seen you in a long time! Y-you look great!

He said checking me out and not taking his eyes off of me.

S:ohh...umm thanks you do to.

N:so what are you doing here?

S:umm...i've always wanted to visit London.

N:oh yeah i remember you telling me something about that.


N:so who are you here with?

S:well nobody just some friends i met when i got here.

N:oh cool...so do you wanna hang out some time?

S:yeah sure i'd love to

I lied.

N:great...can i have your number?

S:umm...yeah sure.

After i gave him my number i couldnt help notice how much hes changed he used to be a little nerdy but the cute kind. I havent really talked to him after what he did. Its obvious he wants something...i need to do something but what? He started talking for a little bit and by the middle of our conversation the boys came down and walked up to us.

S:boys this is Nate my ex-boyfriend. Nate these are my friends that i met on the way over here.

N:oh nice to meet you guys...hey arent you guys One Direction?


N:oh Selena i didnt know you were friends with One Direction!

S:thats because i didnt tell you.

N:yeah you guys are so cool! You guys are like the biggest boy band ever!

Lou:thats because we are.

Louis said quite proudly

S:hey maybe we should go back to our rooms instaed of just standing here?

Lu:yeah we should go back. Hey Nate do you play video games?

N:of course i do.

Cal:then lets go!

All the boys were completely ignoring me.

N:hey Selena since we're going on a date where would you like to go? Movies or restraunt?

S:umm i thought we were just going to hang out you never said it was a date!

N:it's the samething...so movies?

S:yeah sure...

N:grate ill pick you up tomorrow at 7:00


Great after what he did to me now he wants me? Great just great!.... When we were heading twords the elevator the boys were talking and laughing everytime i tried saying something one of them cut me off... After a couple minutes of the boys talking i felt something around my waist...i looked down and saw that Nates arm was around me...great! I roll my eyes and take his arm off of me and walk out of the elevator doors and into my room. God! I hate him! After he used me to get another girl he just dumped me and now he wants to get back together?! No! Once i got into my room i locked the door and jumped on my bed and cryed. Just seeing him reminds me of what he did he broke my heart! It sucked and now he wants me after i finaly got over him?

Then my phone vibrated.

Ni:hey where did you go?

I read the the text from Niall.

S:im in my room.

Ni:why dont you come over here?

S:ummm...i dont i just wanted to come to my room.

Ni:you should come over here please?

S:fine. Ill be over ther in a bit

Ni:yay okay see yeah.

S:yeah bye


I went into my bathroom and looked in the mirror. God! I looked horrible my mascara was running down my cheeks. I washed all of it off and put on a little bit since i dont want any of the boys to see me without any make up on. Then when my eyes werent red anymore i headed over to Lou's room. I could hear all of them laughing through the door.

I knocked on the door and after a few minutes they answerd it was Niall.



I said. Seeing him made me smile. Hes so cute.

Ni:oh yeah umm C'mon in!

He said all happily. So i walked in and all the boys were there sitting on the couch and laughing. They all looked at me and smiled i smiled back.

N:hey come sit over here!

S:umm...no thanks. Hey Lou do you have something to drink?

Lou:yeah here ill go get it.

S:no its okay ill get it. Hey do you guys want anything?

Boys:yeah ill have-

So after i got all of there drinks i went into te kitchen and started getting then ready.

Cal:hey do you need some help in there?!

I heard Calum yell.

S:umm yeah hey Niall will you come in and help me?

I yelled back.

After a few seconds he came into the kitchen and helped me. I think im starting to like him more than just a friend.

Ni:hey so why did you and Nate break up? He seems like a pretty cool guy.


Ni:what do you mean?

S:well what you just said he SEEMS like a cool guy but hes not.

Ni:why wat did he do to you?

S:well when we went to school together he was nice and everyhing but then i saw him kissing another girl. After i asked him about it he told me he was just using me to get to her so we broke up and i didnt talk to him and he did talk to me again. And like in the middle of the school year he moved i was happy and then i came over here and then i see him here. And now he wants to go out with me.

Ni:oh im so sorry. Wait so why are you going out with him on a date?

S:im not.

Ni:but you guys were just talking about it earlier.

S:well im not going to go on a date with him. I was just going to think about a reason not to go. But i when he asked me i couldnt think the only thong that popped in to my head was what he did to me.

Ni:so you were going to think of something last minute?

S:well i couldnt when he asked me so...

Ni:what if i help you out?

S:what do you mean?

Ni:well since hes a total jerk than i can help you get out of a date with him.

S:but how?

Ni:hmm...what if we hang out tomorrow instead like you have to go somewhere but you totaly forgot?

S:perfect! Thanks Niall!

Ni:hey no problem.

I hugged him he was so warm i didnt want to pull away.

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