Why Me?

Selena Martinez is a youtuber who makes weird and funny video...Selena has alot of badluck when it comes to boys...but what happens when she wants to visit London?...What will happen when she meets 9 strangers?..will 4 of them fall for her? Will she fall for them or will they just break her heart?...will she stay or will she leave?...or will her luck turn around?


3. Truth Or Dare

*Selenas P.O.V*

Lou:okay Umm..Mike truth or dare?!


Lou:i dare u to dye ur hair bright pink!


Lou:and let Selena do it!

Mi:um okay?

*Gets stuff ready*

Mi:r u sure u kno how to dye hair?!

S:dont worry the last time i did this the girl still had SOME hair.


S:haha im only kidding! It was only a little bit.

Mi:wat im not doing this!

Lou:u hav to u picked DARE!

Mi:but i like my hair!

Li:dont worry shes just kidding. Rite?!

S:yeah sure.

*Acouple Minutes Later*

S:okay there i covered ur whole head with the pink hair dye!

M:okay i still hav my hair rite, guys?

Lu:yeah u do!

*I finish dying his hair...wen it was done i blow dried it & DAMM its brighter than i thought it would be!*

Mi:is it done? Can i see it?!

S:no not until the boys see it!


S:hey boys u ready to see his hair?!


S:C'mon Miky!


Lu:wow ur hair is bright thant i thought it would be!


Lou:okay lets get bak to the game! mike its ur turn!

M:ummm...okay Liam truth or dare?!


Mi:fine um okay who do u hav a crush on?

Li:umm nobody at the moment.

Mi:umm okay ur turn!

Li:okay Niall truth or dare?


Li:umm okay i dare u to NOT eat for 2 hours!

Ni:what?! But my babys! *he said huging his food*

Li:to bad u choose dare!

Ni:fine! *puts food on counter* im saving that for later!

Li:okay ur turn Niall.

Ni:umm okay Louis Truth or dare?

Lou:DARE!!! DUH!!

Ni:ok i dare u to let Selena do ur make up!

S:Oooo. I got this!

I ran into my room grbbed my little make up bag and ran bak to Louis's

S:Louis bathroom now!!

Lou:wow bossy much?!

He said all sassily.

S:sass much?!

I said and walked into the bathroom. I could here some of the boys laughing.

Haz:ooooh Lou she just out sasses u!

Lou:Oh hell nooo!-

S:Lou C'mon i need to do ur make up!

I said cutting him off.


S:hey guy how do u want me to do his make up?!

Mi:make him look BEAUTIFUL!

S:ight i got this!

I finished Louis's make up. And if i do say so my self i did pretty good.

S:u guys ready to see him?!

The boys:yeah!

S:okay! C'mon in!


When Louis enterd the room all the boys started whisteling followed by some "Damm Louis u look good!" We all laughed

Lou:ITS MY TURN!!!! Okay okay! Umm...Selena TrUth or DAre?!


Louis smiled...this cant be good!

Li:i wouldnt of picked Dare if i were u!

Lou:shh...Liam! Okay hmmm...Selena did u say u couldnt sing?!

S:yeah i cant sing y?!

Louis smiles big...

Lou:i dare u to sing us a song!



S:UGH FINE!....wat song?!


S:Lou are u srs?!

Lou:yes! Im very srs!

S:okay well im sorry if i made ur ears bleed!

*Starts singing song...couple mins later...finshes singing song*

When i reached the girls part (which i know by heart) the boys just looked at me with a suprised expression on there face...then they started smiling...when i finished the song all the boys clapped

Li:wow Selena ur a really good singer!

Ni:yeah ur great!


S:umm thanks......hey guys!


S:umm r u guys hungery?!


S:i meant all of u not just u Niall!

Niall started blushing and i just couldnt help but laughing a little.

Haz:yeah im hungery wat about u guys?!


S:okay ill order some pizza!

Lou:YES!!! PIZZA!!!

I orderd at least 5-6 boxes of pizza and the boys decided that we should all hav a movie marathon...which i agreed to! We all went to change into our pjs befor the pizza arived. I decided on wearing my some shorts and a tank top. I went bak to Lous room and the boys went there yet. So i just sat on the couch and went on my phone. After a few minutes the boys came in.

Z:oh sorry love to keep u waiting.

S:its okay

Then there was another knock i went to go get it and it was the pizza.

(Pdg=pizza dilivery guy)

S:oh hey

Pdg:hey it'll be 30.95

S:umm okay Liam come get the pizzas!


I give the money to the pizza guy wen Louis comes in.

Lou:heres the money for the pizza

S:naah its okay i already paid.

Lou:really...oh well here

S:naah its okay i dont need the money

Li:oh C'mon u paid for all of us its the least we could do!

S:no really its fine im not taking ur money

Lu:come on we're not just going to let u pay for all of us

S:oh well to bad im not takig money but i will take this.

I said running away with the pizza Niall was about to eat.


He said starting to chase me around the apartment he eventually caught me in one of the rooms. He pinndd me down on the floor his body pressed against mine. He looked straught into my eyes and looked down at my lips. His face leaning in only a few centimeters apart. I didnt kno wat to do i kind of froze as he was getting closer. So i pushed him off of me and ran back to the living room were the rest of the boys were watching a movie. I sat down and the Niall came in and going straight into the kitchen.

Lou:so wat happend?


Lou:wat happend over there in the other room we heard him chasing u and then it went quiet

S:oh umm he just caught me and then i came back.

I said biting my bottom lip.

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