Why Me?

Selena Martinez is a youtuber who makes weird and funny video...Selena has alot of badluck when it comes to boys...but what happens when she wants to visit London?...What will happen when she meets 9 strangers?..will 4 of them fall for her? Will she fall for them or will they just break her heart?...will she stay or will she leave?...or will her luck turn around?


7. No We Can't...

S: yes okay Niall ill do it!

Ni:yes okay ill call Simon tomorrow

S:oh thank you Niall AHHHH Im so excited!!!!

Ni:haha alright do want to go somewhere else after this then get the guys's there pizza or do you just want to go back to the hotel?

S:ummm idk you pick

Ni:i think we should go back the guys must be hungry

S:you're right Ni maybe we should go back

Ni:yeah hey maybe we can hang out in your room or mine?

S:yeah sure-

Waitress:heres that to go pizza you ordered

Ni:thank you alright Sele lets go!

S:ight im comin!

I say getting up and walking out of the door with him

~back at the hotel~

Ni:hey guys we are back

The boys: hey!


Right as i said that all the guys came running at us

Haz:aww thanks love

He says kissing my cheek and i blush because THE Harry Styles just kiss MY CHEEK!

S:haha no prob

All the guys came and said "thanks" and also kissed my cheek i was blushing so much my face was probably red!!

Ni:hey Selena is kinda tired i'll go take her to her room

Niall winked at me

Boys:aww are you sure you cant stay?

They all looked at me

S:yeah maybe we can all hang out tomorrow but im kinda tired right now

Boys: okay see you tomorrow!! Bye!!

S:bye boys

And with that Niall and i walked to my room

Ni:nice room


Ni:hey whats this?

Niall asked picking up my song writting jurnal. He started looking through it


Ni:you write?

He hold it up above his head an me being the short person i am i couldnt reach it i was only 5'2" and him being 5'7" it was hard to reach it

Ni:hey these are really good lyrics

He said bringing it back down once i gave up

S:umm not really i just write when im bored or-

Ni: no these are really good. Have you finished writting any songs?

S:umm not really i have some that are almost done but when i get close to finishing one i get writersblock

Ni: maybe i can help you one day?

S:umm yeah that would be great so do you wanna watch a movie or something?

Ni:umm yeah in a little bit hold on

He says running out of the room. He came back a couple seconds later holding his guitar

Ni:i wanna show you a song i've been working on. Will you tell me wht you've been working on?

He says blushing

S:umm yeah i guess

He starts playing and singing his song. HE HAS AN AMAZING VOICE HE SOUNDS LIKE AN ANGEL!!!!

Ni:so what do you think?

S:Niall it was amazing!!!

Ni:haha you think so?

S:YES of course!

Ni:haha do you think the boy and manigment will like it?

S:No Niall

Ni:what but you just said-

S:Ni they will LOVE it!!

Ni: oh haha-

I didnt realize how close Niall and i were until we were looking in to eachothers eyes and we both started leaning in. Our lips were centimeters apart when he crashed his soft lips against mine the kiss was amazing. We pulled apart and looked at eachother for a second before kissing again he gently pushed me down on the bed and he was on top of me. The kiss was getting heated and he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, which i granted. It got more heated and he started feeling up and down my sides under my shirt. He flippe us so that now i was on top of him. He ended up taking my shirt off and i took off his. I started feeling his abs and my hand was on his belt when all of a sudden he stopped and let go of me. I kind of frowned at that.

Ni:sorry Selena but i dont think we should do this right now. I mean like some of the other boys fancy you too and i dont want to do this when the other boys like you too i dont want to hurt them or for them to get mad at me.

S:oh...well im sorry for-

Ni:No no no dont be sorry it was good REALLY good

S:yeah it was good for me too

Ni:ha im glad you enjoyed it as much as i did

He smirked at me and kissed me again we smiled into the kiss.

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