Not Like the movies

This is your typical love story... It's perfect. Late night walks on the beach, its picture perfect. But He's hiding a secret that you won't believe ...


If you read any drafts please comment what you think :D


3. -Chapter 3-

I got on the bus, that let me on, after two hours and made me pay an extra $10 and stand up. I was standing next to the bus driver and he kept staring at me. My stupid top, now see-through cause of the rain. Ugh. It was ok. three more stops till I got home. 

The next stop was the main stop for transfers. Everyone got off, I hoped that someone else got on. Thank God for me someone did. 

"Why is this girl standing here?" he asked. I recognised that voice  but i didn't know from where. 

"She's all wet, been out in the rain. Hurry up and pay your fee before i kick you off." The bus driver replied, ever so rudely. I was still annoyed, I couldn't figure out where I knew that voice from.

"So?" The voice replied. He payed his fee to get on and got a towel out of his bag, placed it on the leather bus seat and told me to sit, the rain was starting to stop, put there was still the unmistakable sound of 'pitter, patter' on the bus roof as it moved swiftly through the streets. "Two more stops" I thought, sighing, the stranger looked uncomfortable for a moment before signing himself and looking up and saying...

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