Not Like the movies

This is your typical love story... It's perfect. Late night walks on the beach, its picture perfect. But He's hiding a secret that you won't believe ...


If you read any drafts please comment what you think :D


2. -Chapter 2-

It was a rainy Tuesday morning. 01.01.01. My 21st Birthday, and of course it was raining. I was walking along the footpath when someone bumped into me. I fell over backwards, exposing my face to the harsh wing and pelting rain. I stoot up, annoyed at this person who bumped into me. I looked at the mystery person, they mumbled a sorry before running away.

I pulled myself of the awfully wet, cold, hard footpath and winced in pain. My foot, shit, it really hurt. I started to wobble into the wind and rain, not caring about my, once perfect hair and outfit, being exposed to the harsh weather conditions. I had to get to the bus shelter. 

After five minutes of painful limping, I finally reached the bus stop. My foot was throbbing, it was the worst pain I had ever felt. I Was debating in my head whether or not I should inspect my ankle. I decided against it, then I thought it might be a good idea, so I started taking my new, wrecked Converse, before deciding against it once again. 

I thought to look at my phone, to see what time it is, and of corse to ask someone to pick me up. "This day couldn't get any worse," I thought to myself as I was pulling my phone out of my pocket. Bad mistake, I had a crack, well several running down the screen to my phone, normally when phones crack they keep working. Notice how I said normally? I forgot, that this wasn't a normal situation. "Crap." I thought, as I waited for a bus, hoping they would take me in the bus, as drenched as I were...


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