Simply You bby ;*


1. Confussion ?.?

Kendall's POV:

I wake up from a horrible dream wanting to get it out of my head. I change and go run the same route i always do. I was running when all I can see was that horrible dream , then I bumped into someone really tall with brown curls he looked so hot like really hot. That's when I fainted . I woke up in the hospital thinking of what had happened I was so……………… confused ?¿ The guy I had seen he was from Australia I could tell by the accent but who was he ? He was so hot i just wondered why he had decided to bring me here. I hear him and the doctor come in so I acted like I was fake sleeping so I could hear everything they were saying about me.

Ashton's POV :

I was walking around town when all of a sudden a really tall and pretty girl with black hair bumped into me. I couldn't see her face really good but that when I felt her body on my hands that's when I realized she had fainted. I grabbed her waist feeling her hip bones i carried her and started running to the closest hospital I knew of . I waited and waited and waited until the doctor finally came and told me she was going to be okay. He told me all the directions I needed to follow in order for the girl to get better. The doctor finally gave me permission to see her. I walked in and saw her asleep she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life.

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