Fresh out of highschool, 18 year old Savannah Bruner moves from her quiet beach town in California to a small flat in Winchester England. There she meets a mysterious boy who just looks like bad news and of course happens to be her neighbor! Just her luck.


2. chapter 2

I walked into my flat trying to comprehend what the hell Styles was saying. All I heard was I love UCLA blablablabla it's awesome here blablablabla you should have came blablablabla. I climbed up my adorable winding stair case to my huge bedroom. My room was probably the cutest thing ever. It had a huge sliding door that went out to a little balcony. I had already set up a coffee table and set my favorite book out there, The Fault in Our Stars. I went to go sit on my balcony. Styles was still ranting about stuff I don't care about. I put my phone on speaker and muted it. He sure as hell wasn't trying to keep conversation. I stared ahead and I finally noticed the was a balcony about five feet away from mine. I felt stupid for never noticing it. I then realized that the balcony had to belong to none other than my neighbor Lou. Of course when I mention him he shows up. He walks into his room, shirtless with low riding sweatpants. Not going to lie it was spectacular sight. I opened my book not trying to look like a creep if he saw me. He looked over at me and walked over and closed his blinds. No smile. No wave. Not even eye contact. Ouch. I decided Lou was a self absorbed ass hole and I wanted nothin to do with him.

"Babe? Babe!" I heard Styles yell through the phone. Oops! I forgot he was even talking.

"Yeah I'm here." I said quietly.

"I was just saying goodnight and love you. It's probably around midnight there" Styles said chewing something loudly.

"Yeah it is" I replied even though it was only around seven. I really didn't feel like talking to him right now. "Goodnight" I said sighing.

"Goodnight I love y--" I hung up before he could finish. I don't know what it is about Styles but lately I've just been so annoyed by him. Now that we're in completely different countries you'd think he'd want to end it, but no. Ever since he'd cheated on me he has been really clingy and frankly I hate it. I almost hate him. I breathed out loudly, grabbed my book and headed back inside to my bedroom. I dropped my book and phone on my king sized bed and undressed. I slipped out of my shorts, tee and shoes then untied my ponytail. I walked over to my box marked PJs and grabbed a pair of fuzzy Victoria's Secret booty shorts and a crop top that read "Britans Finest" i had picked up in the air port. I finally made my way downstairs and went to the kitchen. I made myself a hot cup of tea I had gotten first thing at the store when I landed and I went into the living area. I sat on my two person love seat and turned on the tv.

"Thank god my land lord left this here" I said quietly.

Everything was way different here. I grabbed a TV guide and turned to Disney because it was the only thing I really noticed. Good Luck Charlie was on. I sipped on my tea and watched cartoons and I was really enjoying myself. Then I heard a knock on the door and I almost shit my pants. I slowly walked to the front door and I heard a know again. I peeked out and I saw the ass hole Lou standing there in Hollister sweatpants and a white bro tank. I fixed my hair with my hand and opened the door.

"Hey." I said hiding my excitement.

"Hey, I know you're new and all here in England so I was wondering if you'd want to go to the market with me to get some stuff you need to get started." He said smiling slightly. God I can't resist that dimple. I shook my head yes and I watched as he looked me up and down.

"You going in that?" He said laughing. I blushed bright red.

"Oh yeah. I'll be right back. You can come in if you'd like." I quickly ran up stairs and put on tight Abercrombie sweat pants and I kept my crop top on.

Lou's car was so cool. As soon as he started it Love Me Like You Do came on. I shuddered at the thought of this song. It was the song I'd lost my virginity to. I'm sank into the cold leather seats.

"You okay?" Lou asked with sincerity in his voice. I couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah in fine" I lied. Lou made me extremely self conscious. He was so intimidating I was almost uncomfortable in his presence.

We drove through the streets of Winchester silently besides the music coming through the speakers. About ten minutes later we arrived at a little market. There was absolutely no one inside besides an elderly woman who sat behind the register reading National Geographic magazine.

"Okay," Lou said clasping his hands behind his head "what do you want to get?"

I giggled shyly. "I don't know. Umm fruit?"

"To the fruits!" Lou said grabbing a cart and speeding off. I would have never guessed he was like this when I first met him.

"So Savannah, what brings you all the way to England from Cali?" He asked randomly.

"I just graduated and my family was really pushing me to go to college and all that mess and I really just wanted to chill and find myself, you know?" I was surprised I was opening up to this kid.

"Just graduated? How old are you? Like 16!" Lou said laughing hard, his accent was really fucking sexy.

"No!" I yelled acting offended. "I'm 18!"

"Wow, you're pretty young. And pretty" he winked.

I felt as if it was a dream. I had just met him and I am starting to develop feelings already. Yeah he was cute. But I barley knew him. I couldn't help the butterflies I felt when he had said that though. My face was turning bright red I could tell. Okay this is embarrassing.

"What fruit do you want?" Lou said changing the subject but still smiling sweetly.

I picked up a few apples, pears, bananas, strawberries and peaches. Lou grabbed a few apples and a pound of strawberries. Next we went over to the frozen section and picked up a bunch of TV dinners and random things. Lou and I were playfully shoving each other around the whole time. Soon we were done and we went to checkout. Is it bad that I was sad to leave? I was having a good time with Lou.

As we approached check out Lou said don't worry I got it.

"Oh no!" I protested. "I can pay"

"No no it's okay love." Lou said smiling, his raspy voice and accent really have me butterflies.

Lou and I walked up and started to put our items on the conveyer belt.

"Awh how long has it been?" The elderly lady said smiling.

"I'm sorry excuse me?" I sails politely.

"Oh you're American! How did you guys meet and how you have you been together?" My face started to flush. She though Lou and I were... A couple.

"It's been almost two years now" Lou said nudging me. Was he actually playing along?

"Oh my you two are so young! I love seeing young love like this." The old lady smiled warmly. "Any young ones?"

"Oh goodness no, not yet!" Lou said wrapping his arms around my bare stomach. "She wants to keep her figure for at least a few more years." I blushed wildly and giggle at Lou's comment.

"You guys take care now! Bare this lad with a child love!" She said light tapping my arm.

Lou thanked her and we grabbed our groceries and headed to the car.

"What was that about?" I asked Lou as soon as he stepped in.

"It was funny! Admit it." I guess it was kind I funny, besides the fact I didn't know Lou at all and he was touching my body. Lou started laughing loudly. Soon I joined in. We spent the whole drive cracking up for no reason. Before I knew it we were on our street. Lou pulled into his driveway. He grabbed my groceries and helped carry them inside. He set them on my counter and I handed him a glass of water. It was nearly 10 30 now.

"Thanks for all your help Lou. I probably would have starve without you."

"My pleasure love." Lou took a sip of his water and turned to me. I was siting at the island in the middle of the kitchen. I couldn't help

but smile, Lou had called me love. I know it's England and everyone says it but It was just special when Lou said it.

"Well I'm gonna head home, I've got work at seven. I get off around four, do you wanna do something then?"

I perked up and said yeah. Lou came to hug me and I hugged back. Gosh I sound like a second grader. Freaking out over a hug, but Lou was just different. I had officially decided that he was not a jerk. He was the one. Lou left and I locked the door. I made myself a cup of tea and went up to my room. I started a warm bath and sunk myself in it. I turned the tv on in the bathroom and watched lifetime movies while thinking about Lou.

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