Fresh out of highschool, 18 year old Savannah Bruner moves from her quiet beach town in California to a small flat in Winchester England. There she meets a mysterious boy who just looks like bad news and of course happens to be her neighbor! Just her luck.


1. chapter 1

Savannah's POV:

I haven't been in England for even an hour and I already have four missed calls twenty-eight texts and nine Missed face times. The first people I call back are my parents. I talk to them while I walk around my beautiful front lawn. My flat is in a quaint little neighborhood filled with colorful houses. Mines a light pink shade.

As soon as my mom hangs up I call my boyfriend Styles. He picks up almost immediately.

"hello love" he says in the tackiest British accent ever.

"Babe it's amazing here!" I tell him while sitting in a lawn chair on my porch. Just then a black mustang pulls into the street and parks infront of my flat. Out walks a man who looks like he stepped straight out of Rolling Stones. He had a leather jacket on with tight fitting dark jeans with a white v neck on and his hair styled messily.

"Listen babe I'll call you back" I said staring at the mysterious guy who was now looking in my direction. Damn he was cute. I had to say something. I slowly got up and made my way over. I was wearing classic denim high waisted shorts with a white loose fitted v neck and a red bandanna tied around my long blonde ponytail. My white keds skitted across the gravel that separated our flats.

As I approached the man he turned and faced me, he was standing against his car and was on the phone. He held up his index finger telling me to hold on. I immediately regretted my decision to come talk to him because I had no idea what to say. Shit. He exchanged a few more words before hanging up the phone. He looked at me and didn't say anything. Shit!

"Um hi, I'm savannah I just moved here from California in the USA" I said smiling holding out my hand for him to shake.

"I'm Louis. Call me Lou." He said returning the shake. There was a weird spark when our hands touched. I suddenly got butterflies. Before I had time to respond Lou had already walked away going towards his house leaving me alone by his car.

"Bye Savannah" he turned and said smiling. I didn't know whether to be hurt or excited by his gesture. The way he said my name was just...wow. Just then my phone vibrated in my pocket and the name read 'My Hubby Styles'. I snapped out of my brief moment of lust and answered the phone. I couldn't concentrate on Styles though. All I could think about was Lou.

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