Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Melody's POV -hey... - how are you today ? - a little bit sore I guess and you ? - me too...but its all worth it because I've made love with the love of my life ( he leaned and kissed me sweetly on the lips ) - I love you Niall... - I love you too baby girl. So I am going to go prepare for you some tea maybe it will cool you down a bit ( he said in his raspy voice and got up ) - uhm...Niall ?! - yeah ? - forgetting something ? - no...why ? - yeah...put on some boxers honey - what ? I...uh...yeah ( he said embarrassed and went to the kitchen ) The day was quite long but it was great Niall and I cuddled up on the couch and did a movie marathon plus a little bit of making out...okay fine we practically didn't watch the movie we just made out all day long :/ any who tomorrow I am going back to school and back home...I guess I am gonna have to go back to my house again and see my friends, that doesn't bother me at all but the fact that I am going to see Luke is...I don't want to see him but I have too. I woke up the next morning and found Niall next to me sleeping peacefully I shuffled slowly out of bed trying as much as possible to not wake him up, I went to my room and prepared myself then went to school.When I arrived I made my best to avoid seeing Luke,he hurt me a lot last time and now I am afraid of him : - Heyy Mel ! ( I heard Ashley scream from behind me which caused a lot of faces to turn our way shit...) - hey Ashley how are you ? - I am great and you ? - I am good too... - uh...w-what is that ? - what is what ? - is that a love bite on your neck ? - WHAT ? N-no.... - OH HAHAHA YES IT IS ! ( she started shouting in the halls but I quickly put my hand on her mouth so she could shut the fuck up...eww! Then I grabbed a scarf and hid the love bite ) - Melody ??? ( I heard someone say from behind me I turned quickly to find Luke crying ??!!!) - L-Luke...I...umm...(I said going backwards as he was going towards me) - Melody please don't do this to me...I promise I won't hurt you again I was just mad and I... - YOU WERE JUST MAD ?! Well that doesn't explain the fact that you have to hit me and embarrass me in front of the whole school ! - I...I have no idea why I did this horrible thing... (He whispered.Right then a tear dropped on his cheek and I knew that he was sincere ) - oh...Luke stop it please ! Okay its over I forgive you but if you do it again trust me I will never talk to you in my entire life ! - really ? Thank you so much ! ( he ran to me and hugged me tight I couldn't breath ) - hahaha okay, you can let me go now... - oops yeah sorry... - wow...I can believe this, Luke fucking Hemmings cried and apologised to a girl ? And she is new...this is a new one ! The tuff and baddest boy in school did that ?! ( Ashley exclaimed ) - Ashley babe...shut up its better for you trust me...(I narrowed at Ashley and Luke broke the hug fast ) The day at school past really fast I didn't see Luke nor the boys because they ditched school at the second period. I missed Ashton a lot and I wanted to greet him but I couldn't because Luke was there and I noticed that every time I get closer to one of the boys or any other boy he gets angry. On my way home I was walking down the street peacefully thinking about Niall I missed him so much now ! But Suddenly a car pulled by my side, I looked at it and found that its Harry and Liam, Niall's friends : - oh hey guys ! - hey Mel ! How are you today ? ( Harry asked me ) - I am great and you ? - good too ! ( Liam replied ) - so...Niall told us about your little night last day ( Harry smirked and I blushed ) - I...uhm...yeah...hahaha ( I said embarrassed ) - don't be embarrassed ! Its natural with us, just consider us as your brothers ! - thanks guys its nice of you to say that. ( they smiled at me ) - so um you need a lift ? - oh yeah that would be awesome ! Thanks ! Harry and Liam drove me to my house, on the way there we talked about stuff but mainly about Niall, and how he loves me and yeah...I thanked them one more time before opening the front door of my house : - heyyyy dad ! - Melly is that you ? ( my dad shouted from the kitchen ) - hahaha well of course ! - I was worried sick about you ! This is the last time you go on vacation and you don't tell me ! Understood ? I hope you do ! Any way... I missed you baby girl ! Come here. ( he came closer to me and hugged me tight ) so tell me what did you do ? - oh...nothing much we just had fun and visited new places.... - did you know that you were going to go there ? - uh no he made it a surprise... - oh good...look sweetie I swear to God if this Niall boy isn't good to you I'll kill him ! - uh dad why are saying this ? Don't worry any way because Niall is a really good guy - mmmm good. ( Suddenly the door bell rang and my dad's face changed from calm to worried ) uh baby girl go to your room and don't come down until I call you okay ? - uh okay dad but is everything alright ? - yeah yeah don't worry its just people from work now go up fast! I went up to my room but inside of me I have a strange feeling...This is not good at all what is happening ? A/N What do you think will happen to Melody ? Why is her dad so worried ? Who is this strange visitor ? Comment what you think and keep reading my story for more informations ! Hey loves ! I am sooooo sorry for not updating...its just because of the internet its not good any way Merry Christmas ! I love you all and thank you for reading my story ! Hope you will have a great holiday and receive the gifts that you wanted (including One Direction ;) ) And if you have any suggestions or desires for the story you can kik me : Melanie..K or write it in the comments any way I would love to get to know you guys and can you please follow me on Twitter ? Its Melanie_Kady and on Instagram : Melanie_Kady I always follow you back love you :**
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