Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Melody's POV

- Niall were are we going to ?
- oh...you'll see
- Niall I don't like surprises please ?
- ugh fine but you'll see the place in 2 minutes 
- man that's not fair !!
- hahaha boy I love it when you get mad ! 
- shut up ! And drive ! 
- hahaha...
After a phew minutes we arrived at a....night club, great ! I hate going there because I don't like drunk people ; they scare me sometimes .
- we are here ! ( Niall said happily ) 
- yes we are ! ( I said back at him )
- come on lets go princess...
- ok , here we go ! 
To be honest I am quite nervous, these club affairs scare me to death, maybe people will get drunk and do bad things ? Or maybe I will get drunk and do bad things ?! That's waaay much worse :/ Niall led me into the club : colored lights were everywhere , crowds of sweaty and drunk people were dancing their night away on the dance floor like there is no tomorrow . Soon enough we sat down next to a bar , there was a group of people Niall was talking too happily I recognized his friends from Luke's party but the others I didn't . They all turned to me , I became bright red :
- hello ! My name is Louis ! ( a boy who I assumed was Louis shouted in my ear he seemed quite fun and nice ) and this is my girlfriend Eleanor ( he pointed to a really cute looking girl next to him and she nodded smiling ) 
- hello love ! My name is Harry Styles ! Nice to meet you ! ( a boy with curly hair said ) and unfortunately I am single and ready to mingle !  
- hey ! I am Zayn Malik and this is my lovely girlfriend Perrie ! ( a very hot boy said and pointed to a beautiful blond girl also next to him ) 
- finally its my turn ! My name is Liam ! Nice to meet you Melody ! ( a handsome boy said ) 
- well hello to you all ! Nice to meet you too ! 
We sat down talked, and drank shots loads of them then Niall's friends went to dance while I stayed there shaking my head to the music's rhythm and drank even more shots I think I am quite drunk now...Suddenly I felt a pair of lips connect with my neck and hands to my bum I looked lazily behind me and found Niall, I think he's drunk too but I don't care . He gestured me to go dance with him,I groaned and got up .
We started shaking our bodies to the beat Niall held me by my waist : it was awesome ! I didn't notice but Niall taking me a little bit far from the crowd and slamming me to the wall, his hands were roaming all over my body and soon enough we started making out while his hands were going up my thigh and lowered my panties...he started teasing and fingering me.I was so hot and wet but it has to stop :
- Niall...(he didn't answer) Niall ! Baby please stop ! There are people here ! 
He groaned and led me out of the bar and to his house quickly...I feel that this is going to be a loooooong night :/

Hello ! So yeah...this chapter is quite bad but oh well ! I don't know how to write smut, but trust me its going to be great ! Any way I think my crush likes that bitch, even tho everyone tells me that he likes me but he doesn't show it ! I mean he is always by her side he talks to her always AND he smiles too ! As for me he doesn't even notice me , even if I am dying in front of him he will just stand there doing nothing ! I tried to forget him but its hard...

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