Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Melody's POV I closed the door and laid on it crying why is all of this happening to me ? This guy is freaking me out and I am 100% sure that he is gonna rape me sell me or do something crazy...and Luke , I can't believe he hit me and he would do it again . Fortunately Ashton is here for me . I got up and went to my dad's office making sure to hide my tears : - Melly ! I am so happy because you have a boyfriend , he is a gentleman and you are so cute together , I wish your mother would be still alive to see you and him together... ( he touched me , he was so happy and I can't let him down like that I have to go with Niall , I am obligated to...) - thank you dad , and don't be sad I am sure that mom is watching us from above ( I hugged him and he kissed my forehead ) I left my dad in his office and went to my room trying to pick the perfect outfit for tonight . I thought about it and decided to wear a cream lace dress with a black belt and black flats : Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_109/set?id=100326307 I took a shower and prepared myself . At 7 the doorbell rand and it was Niall let the fun begin yoohoo...he took me to his car , opened the door for me and helped me in then got in himself : - hello beautiful...( I didn't answer ) I said hello ! ( he yelled and suddenly I remembered what happened with Luke so I got scared ) - H-Hello... - mmm good...tell me beautiful what's your name ? - Melody...( I said quietly ) - lovely name...now we are going to go out to dinner , you need to obey me what ever what I say ! Even if I tell you to get on your knees and suck my dick understood? - WHAT ? Nooo ( my eyes winded and I shook my head but he laughed ) - relax cupcake I was joking...but if I do you need to obey me ( he winked at me, pig !) We drove to a restaurant but all the way there he wouldn't take his eyes off of me he is seriously scaring me and I certainly need to get out of here and fast ! We arrived at the restaurant . He helped me out of the car and into the restaurant : - hello , Niall Horan reservation for two please...( he said to some blond girl ) - um yes...this way please ( she led us to a table and we sat down ) - so...Melody tell me about yourself - w-what do you want to know ? - um boob size , ass size , virgin ???...and yeah these are pretty much it ( oh great a pervert , oh joy ! -.- ) - seriously ? Well don't count on me saying these to you nor to anyone you perv. ! - hahaha you are so funny Mel ! - mmm yeah...( I said . After a phew minutes a waitress came and took our orders ) uh hey Niall I am going to go the toilet...I'll be right back. And before he could reply I ran to the bathroom . I entered it and started searching for a way to get out of here ! He is driving me nuts . I looked at a wall and found a window so I climbed on the toilet and tried to open it but it was stuck suddenly I heard Niall's voice so I pushed it harder : it opened . Niall opened the door quickly when he heard the window open but by then I jumped out of there . I started running and running as fast as I could but Niall was much faster than me he caught on me and pinned me to a wall . His eyes were red of anger he was even more scary then Luke : - YOU BITCH ! YOU THOUGHT THAT YOU WERE GONNA GET AWAY FROM ME THIS EASY WELL YOU ARE SO DAMN WRONG ! YOU ARE JUST A PICE OF SHITTY LITTLE BITCH ! ( with that he kicked me hard in the stomach , I yelped in pain but he didn't care less he kept beating me : I was stained in blood . Everything went black . ) My head was hurting me , my stomach and my whole body too . I tried to open my eyes and saw that I wasn't sleeping in my bed or in my room , I turned my head carefully and saw Niall sitting next to me on the bed : his head in hid hands and his face stained with tears . When he noticed me looking at him he immediately tried to come closer to me but I am began crying and trying to get away from him threw my pain : - GET AWAY FROM ME ! GET AWAY FROM ME PLEASE ! I BEGG YOU DON'T HURT ME ! ( I yelled and he cried ) - M-Melody ! Wait please ! I am not gonna hurt you ! Like ever ! Melody please don't do this to me ! (I stopped and looked at him , he was sincere , I can see it in his eyes) - why...why did you do this ? ( I asked him quietly ) - Melody...I-I don't know why , but I didn't mean it , I swear , I was just angry because you left me , that's all... - what does it matter to you ? You only know me for 2 days - No...I know you ever since you were a kid ( he said quietly ) - W-What ? - not now... - okay...( I said quietly trying not to provoke him like before )


oooh this is not going so good...what does Niall mean when he said that he knows Melody since she was a kid ? Stay tunned ! Hello girls :) can you please ask your friends to read my story I really want it to get at least 600 views since its Dark and I am having a rough time writing it...please and thank you :) 

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