Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


14. Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Melody's POV

I woke up in the morning feeling a little bit cold. I fluttered my eyes open and saw myself lying on someone I quickly jerked and fell down the bed realizing that I was half naked and I freaked out. Suddenly Logan jerked from the bed and looked at me and laughed and then I remembered everything and my heart sank in sadness and misery again...
- Melody ? Are you okay ?! 
- yes, I am sorry I am just a little bit shocked...
- from what ? 
- I am sorry its just that imagine yourself in my place half naked sleeping next to a boy with no shirt what would you think ? 
- oh yea...sorry I...
- no...its okay any way thank you for comforting me and helping me last night. 
- anything for you Melody. 
- thanks ( I said smiling slightly at him )
- uh...here take those. ( Logan said breaking the awkward silence, and went to the closet and pulled on some clothes and tossed them to me ) wear those its better than staying in...those ( he said pointing to my lingerie ~Awkward~ ) in the mean time I'll go get you something to eat you seem quite tired but don't worry I'll lock the door.
- thanks again...
The day passed quickly and nothing bad happened to me...because Logan was always by my side. But I don't feel good. Everything is breaking apart and I hope that Niall will be here soon,because I am gonna crack into pieces. The night came and I slowly drifted in a small sleep but I felt someone slightly shaking me I opened my eyes and found darkness enveloping the whole place, but someone poked my shoulder I turned around and saw Niall looking at me tears filling his eyes ; my eyes shot open and I hugged him tightly poring on his shirt my tears like a river he stroked my hair and whispered to me that everything is gonna be okay. Suddenly I heard a loud breaking sound and Niall slowly drifted away from me I looked up and saw Chad holding a broken vase smirking evilly at me with a couple of huge men behind him ; I started screaming, kicking,crying and doing everything in my power to reach up for e Niall but Collamar's man were holding me tight not letting me go. A man's hand flew up to my face and then everything went black. I felt paralysed like I couldn't move but I could feel and hear everything. I heard whispers and I felt being carried away and I had been tossed in a van I think. The whole way there were bumps on the road and I could here the sound of the engine...Where were they taking me ? 

I felt something climb on my arm and I quickly jerked on my feet. I was finally awake but I wish I wouldn't. The darkness was enveloping the atmosphere and it was cold...really cold. I was lost,this wasn't the room I was in. Then again I did feel them taking me away to some place. Suddenly I heard a groaning and I quickly turned to see Niall all beat up and injured. My eyes wined in shock I ran to him and started crying and screaming for him to wake up :
- NIALL ! WAKE UP ! BABY WAKE UP ! I BEG YOU ! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE ! NIALL...Niall...please wake up... ( I started crying my eyes out lying on the cold hard ground *hehehe* and every part of me was screaming and crying for Niall to wake up. Why is this happening to me ?! )
- Melody ? ( I felt a hand rubbing my back slightly I looked up and saw Niall looking at me tears filling his eyes. ) *cough* *cough* Mel baby stop crying I am okay.
- Niall...No you aren't look at yourself ! You are covered in blood ! Its all my fault ! ( I ripped a piece of my shirt and put it around his hurt hand. *he screamed in pain and I cried even more* 
- shh...love don't worry everything is going to be okay I promise.
- Niall...I don't know what to do ! Its all my fault ! I-
Suddenly the door flew open to reveal Chad...


Oh :o what do you think will happen next ? Is Melody and Niall are gonna be alright ?
Where the heck is Logan ? And why did Chad entered the room like that ? Stay tuned to know it all !
Hey guys ! I am sooooo sorry I haven't updated it till now but I have A LOT of work more than you could ever imagine...I am entering a competition and I have LOADS of work for the Model UN :(
 And if you have any suggestions or desires for the story you can kik me : Melanie..K or write it in the comments.

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