You and...Me?

IM Kat...this is a story about my crazy life becoming One Directions new stylist...its a little crazy and sometimes little wild but i hope you enjoy the ride with me:)


1. The Start of it All

Hi I'm Katie, but pretty much everyone calls me Kat. I am 19 years old, i went to fashion school in New York,my dream was to be a stylist for some major band or artist. But hey that's a huge long shot right, well here is the story of how my wish came true.

I was walking home from my job at a small Boutique in my hometown of Tampa, when i got a call from an unknown number on my iphone. 

"Hello?" i say as i answer it.

"Hello is this Katie Brooke?" the man on the other line asks

"Yes this is she, may i ask who this is?" i ask 

"Hello this is Simon Cowell, with One Direction and i have a couple questions for you is that ok?" he asks me in his thick accent

"Um Of course Mr. Cowell" i say back quickly

"you are a stylist if i am correct, am i correct?" 

"yes you are Mr. Cowell i have been for a couple years since i was about 16."

"well you know the boys are about to start on their new Take Me Home world tour and we need a new stylist ours just quit, we need someone new and someone hip who can dress them up and make them look modern, do you think you would be up for it?" he asks

i sit for a minute stunned "of course i would love to where do i fly too and when do you need me?" i ask him

"it would be best if you could fly to London to meet the boys and do a style meeting with each of them on Wednesday would that work?" he asks

" Yeah that would be great are you going to send me my ticket and stuff soon..." 

"yes it will be there tomorrow, Thank you so much Miss Brooke the boys and I are looking forward to meeting you..." He says back

"the same to you guys ill see you Wednesday." I say back then i hang up my phone. That was crazy i walk home and i open my appartment i look around and i start to pack up my clotthes as i would be leaving 3 days for London England to be the stylist for One Direction, i mean how crazy could this get.

AN- So guys this is just the beginning,, i dont even know who i want Kat to end up with Comment below for any suggestions and who you ship:

~Karry (Kat and Harry)

~Kiam (Kat and Liam)

~Kayn (Kat and Zayn)

~Kauis (Kat and Louis)

~Kiall (Kat and Niall)




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