Everything Has Changed

One day at a meet and greet for Taylor Swift's sold out Red tour, she meets a girl named Danielle. She is not like all the other girls. She stood out amongst them. Even after the concert, they stay in touch and Taylor becomes the best friend that Danielle ever had. She always got left out sits in the back with red headed Abigail. One day, something happens to Taylor and Danielle and Taylor's new boyfriend have to come save her. What will happen to Tay?


2. The Best Day

I wake up with Meredith laying next to me. I get up and get ready for my day off. I put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I put on a hat to try to avoid the paparazzi. I hate the paparazzi. They follow me around too much. Sometimes I just want a normal life. Fame is great and all, but I would do anything for a day where no one is asking me for autographs or pictures. 
"I'll be back later."
I tell Meredith. She meows. I laugh as I walk out the door. I walk on the street and go to find a coffee shop nearby. Outside the shop, I see a girl who looks familiar. She is talking to a guy and tears are streaming down her face. The guy walks away. I walk over to the girl. When I see her face, I know that it's Danielle. 
"You ok?"
I ask. 
"You don't even know me. Why do you care?"
She snaps at me. 
"Actually, we met last night."
I take off my hat and let me hair fall down. 
"Oh my god you're Taylor Swift!"
Danielle exclaims. 
"Yeah. Now what's wrong?"
"My boyfriend just dumped me."
She is close to tears again. 
"I'm so sorry. It'll be alright though."
"No it won't. He meant the world to me and I did everything for him. I don't know what I'm gunna do without him."
At this point, tears are streaming down Danielle's face. 
"It's ok. I've had the same situation happen to me before and I turned out just fine."
"How did you get over it?"
"I wrote songs about him, I put them on my albums, and made millions of dollars."
"That's not going to work for me though. I'm not talented."
"I'm sure you are."
"I'm not though."
"You are. Everyone is talented."
"Not me."
"Even you and do you want to go inside and get something to drink?"
I ask. Danielle nods her head and we walk into the coffee shop. We find a booth and sit in it. 
"Order anything you want. I'll pay."
I tell Danielle. 
"No that's ok. You don't have to."
"But I want to. I insist."
Danielle just nods her head. A waitress comes over to our booth. I quickly put my hat on so she wouldn't recognize me as a famous singer. 
"Hello. How may I help you today?"
The waitress asks. 
"Hi can I please have a coffee with cream and sugar?"
The waitress writes my order down. 
"And you miss?"
She says turning to Danielle. 
"Can I please have a green tea?"
The waitress nods and writes down that order too before walking back to the kitchen. 
"So, tell me about yourself."
I say to Danielle. 
"I'm 20 and I'm going to college for art."
She starts to tell me. 
"That must mean you are talented. You can get over your breakup by painting."
I suggest. 
"What else?"
"I'm a dancer, I love animals, and I love The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the Harry Potter series."
"Really? Me too!"
I exclaim. 
"I know."
"I'm a Swiftie. We know everything about you."
I see the waitress coming back over. She gives us our drinks and leaves again. I take a sip of my coffee and Danielle takes a sip of her tea. 
"How is it being famous?"
Danielle asks me. 
"Great. Most of the time."
"What does that mean?"
"You can't go anywhere without being chased by the paparazzi. Sometimes I would give up being famous just for a day to be like a normal person."
"Really? I would do anything to be famous and people like me. I was always the least popular girl in the school. I only had one friend. Her name was Abigail. We did everything together until she moved away last year. I haven't had a friend since then."
"I'm sorry."
I tell Danielle sympathetically. 
I get a text on my phone. I sigh. 
"I'm so sorry but I have to go. My manager needs me."
"Ok bye."
Danielle tells me. I pay and stand up and grab my purse. I start to walk away but I hear Danielle say,
"Thank you."
"For what?"
I ask. 
"For giving me someone to talk to. And keeping me alive."
"If you ever need to talk to someone, text me."
I hand Danielle a small piece of paper with my number. I walk out of the restaurant  and go to find my manager. 

Danielle's POV:

I look at the piece of paper Taylor gave me. It has a phone number on it. Is this really happening? Does Taylor really want to be my friend? This is like a dream come true. 

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