Everything Has Changed

One day at a meet and greet for Taylor Swift's sold out Red tour, she meets a girl named Danielle. She is not like all the other girls. She stood out amongst them. Even after the concert, they stay in touch and Taylor becomes the best friend that Danielle ever had. She always got left out sits in the back with red headed Abigail. One day, something happens to Taylor and Danielle and Taylor's new boyfriend have to come save her. What will happen to Tay?


6. Kiss Me

"Omg he really asked you out?"
Danielle asks excitedly. 
I reply. 
"I'm so happy for you!"
"So when's your first date?"
"That's in an hour! You should go get ready."
"Danielle! Calm down. He's one of my best friends. I don't need to get all dressed up or freak out about this. It's not like he's my celebrity crush."
"He is though. He's a celebrity and he's your crush."
I sigh. 
"I'm not getting all dressed up though."
"You should."
"Fine. Do whatever you want. Just paparazzi is going to be taking tons of pics of you two and you'd want to look nice."
"I'm fine. Ed won't be all dressed up."
"I'm just telling you that you should."
I stand up and go to my room and sit on my bed next to Meredith. I don't let Danielle know that I'm freaking out about this date. I'm so worried. If this date doesn't go right, I don't know what I'm gunna do. I really think that Ed's the guy for me. I put makeup on and I leave my room.  
"I'm gunna go meet Ed now."
I tell Danielle. 
"Ok have fun!"
"You ok with taking care of everything here?"
"Alright bye."
I leave the bus and I walk to the pizzeria where Ed and I have planned to meet at. I wait for 5 minutes before Ed shows up.
"Hey Tay!"
Ed exclaims as he sees me. 
"Hi Ed."
I reply. 
"Do you wanna go get something to eat?"
We walk into the pizzeria and get a booth. We order a few slices of pizza and we talk while the pizza is being heated up. 
"How long have you loved me?"
Ed asks me. 
"I've always though of you as an amazing friend. Two concerts ago while we were performing Everything Has Changed, I realized that I think of you as more than just a close friend."
I tell him.
"I felt that way last time."
I smile. Our food comes and we eat. Ed pays for our meals and he takes my hand as we walk outside. I smile at him. All of a sudden, it starts pouring rain. I laugh and start singing Fearless. 
"Kiss me like you wanna be loved
Wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love 
Falling in love."
Ed starts laughing with me and pulls me closer to him. 
"You want me to kiss you?"
He asks. His forehead is against mine. I nod as a reply. He takes that opportunity and kisses me passionately. I kiss him back. A few seconds later, we break away. 
"You're right."
Ed smiles. 
"We're fearless."
"I agree."
I reply. 
"What do you want to do now?"
Ed asks me. 
"I don't know."
I take his hand in Mine. 
"Let's go for a walk."
He suggests. 
"Sounds great."
I reply. We walk down to a lake in the park. We sit on the bank of the lake and put our feet in the water. The sun comes out and the rain stops. A rainbow reaches across the sky.
"Look Ed!"
I point to the rainbow. 
"It's beautiful."
"It's not the prettiest thing I've ever seen."
"What? What's prettier than this?"
I exclaim confused. 
I ask. 
"I wish I noticed your beauty earlier."
"Stop flirting Ed."
He starts laughing. It's starting to get dark so I stand up. 
"I've gotta go. Danielle has been alone for a long time."
I say as I start to walk away. 
"Ok. See you tomorrow babe."
I wave goodbye and I go back to my tour bus. 
"You're finally home!"
Danielle exclaims as she sees me walk in the door. 
"Yeah. Sorry it took so long."
"I don't care about that. What I care about is how did it go?"
Danielle seems really excited. 
"It was great."
"Really? What happened?"
"We got pizza, we took a walk in the park, we kissed, we sat down by the lake and talked for a while."
I say casually. 
Danielle exclaims. 
"Yeah. It was amazing. And it was also raining."
"Omg that's so romantic!"
"Yeah. It was awesome."
I walk into the kitchen. 
"Let's get something for dinner."
I get stuff out of by the cabinets and Danielle helps me cook. We eat and then go to bed. I fall asleep dreaming about the kiss. I hope it's not our Last Kiss. 

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