Lonely In Florida

Mary is a regular girl with everything she would want,well,she used to be until her mom and dad was killed in a terrorist attack. Now she is an orphaned girl in Florida. When she thought things couldn't get worse, the same terrorist that killed her mom and dad suddenly exploded their orphanage for no reason. She thought everything was going to get worse when she knows that she had wealthy cousins in Orlando , Florida. Now it is her goal to reach to their destination and discover who the terrorist actually is.


4. The Luxiourus Orphanage

When we got to the orphanage,I was surprised at what I saw. The orphanage didn't look like an orphanage, but it looked like an mansion! Every kid at the orphanage wore clothes made out of silk and expensive things like that. When I went in the orphanage's ceiling was decorated in beautiful white chandeliers. The furniture looked really fancy. When I came in a pretty lady came in and told me to wait there for a while. After for atleast 15 minutes another lady came in and asked me a few things like my name,age,birth day , and even my favorite food. I thought it was a bit weird to ask what you're favorite food was at an orphanage. Then they went over the questions again. After that she gave me a fancy dress and told me the rules. There were barely any rules, to be honest. Then she brought into my new room  with another girl my age.

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