Lonely In Florida

Mary is a regular girl with everything she would want,well,she used to be until her mom and dad was killed in a terrorist attack. Now she is an orphaned girl in Florida. When she thought things couldn't get worse, the same terrorist that killed her mom and dad suddenly exploded their orphanage for no reason. She thought everything was going to get worse when she knows that she had wealthy cousins in Orlando , Florida. Now it is her goal to reach to their destination and discover who the terrorist actually is.


2. Mary's Dream

When I woke up it seemed as if I had visions. Everything around me was regular but what creeped me out was that as if I was standing really close to a TV and staring at it. I knew that I didn't have a TV. But the stranger thing is that wherever I looked it was like the fake TV was still in my face. I was getting frustrated so I didn't move my head in different directions ad just watched the TV. In the fake TV I saw a man with a leather jacket,black hat and gloves,black jeans, and this really evil smirk on his face. Actually I couldn't really see his eyes,though. I saw him holding this small switch. It had a big button which was red. Then the screen suddenly changed into something else. When I looked closely it was a bomb! There were only 5 minutes left on it. Then the screen changed into something else again. It was mom,dad and their friends!I felt like yelling at them but not a single word came out. Then on the top left corner the bomb appeared and had only 4 minutes and a half seconds! I started panicking. I knew that my face was getting red. I tried but it was like one of those impossible tasks. Then when I looked at the top left corner again there were only 1 more minute left! Then suddenly it became 25 seconds, then to 20. I knew what was going on; it was counting down by fives! Then it became 15, then 10... Only 5 more seconds left. Then suddenly I hear a huge explosions right behind where I was standing! Then after there was another explosion under Dad and Mom! I actually didn't know what happened ( and I didn't want to ) because I woke up.

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