the haunted orphans

james and sally are 17 and lived in a orphanage all their life but what happens when they get kicked out and stay at the old abandoned house which is rumoured to be haunted


2. the haunting begins

James and I are currently heading to the house, it’s a two hour walk and we have been walking for an hour and fifty five minutes, I feel as if I’m being followed or watched by someone or something my stomach is uneasy and my heart is racing, we have just arrived to the house and the first thing I notice is the blood on the door step, I look at James and ask him slowly are you ready he just nods and starts walking he goes to open the door but it’s already open we walk in and claim our rooms I chose the room at the end of the hallway with the en suite and James chose the one next to me there’s old bed in the middle of both rooms and I’m exhausted so I tell James I’m going for a sleep as I close the door I hear a deafening scream and maniacal laughter.

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