the haunted orphans

james and sally are 17 and lived in a orphanage all their life but what happens when they get kicked out and stay at the old abandoned house which is rumoured to be haunted


1. introduction

let me introduce myself my name is Sally I am seventeen today I have lived in tree top orphanage since I was 7, my parents died in a car crash and all my other family disowned me I only have one friend James I call him my twin because we have the same birthday the 13/05/96 (Friday) and well let’s just say now we are seventeen we are no longer eligible to live in the orphanage so Stacey is kicking us out, I know what you’re thinking where will we go well let’s just say there’s an old abandoned rickety house on murder point street at the top of death hill of course there’s rumours that its haunted but what else can James and I do we don’t have money or jobs so it’s our only option for the moment.

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