there is 17 year old girl, she has been running for years. but she is different.. different because she is cursed.. she can no longer run for something is holding her back.

My name is Lenora and I am a Killer.....


4. Looking Good

I walked into the bathroom and put on the dress, put on my make up, mascara and red lipstick. My long, curly mahogany-red hair was out... I walked out of the bathroom Elijah sitting on the bed. He looked up at me and smiled " Wow Leonora you look stunning" I blushed trying to hide my excitement and smile. "Thank you" I replied barely able to speak. I grabbed my red high heels and my red and black handbag and we walked out the door. As we walked to his car I asked "where are we going?" he smiled and said "it's a surprise" "but I don't like surprises" I giggled. He laughed " you will like this one" he winked. We got to the car and he opened the front passenger door for me. He walked around the front and got in the drivers seat. where was his usual driver? I thought... But I really didn't care, I was going to a mystery place with the hottest guy in the world...

We eventually stopped out the front of the theatre, I looked at him and said in excitement "Your taking me to the theatre?" "yes is that ok?" he asked "Yes of course, I haven't been in years" I smiled.

he got out of the car and opened the door for me, he grabbed my hand and lead me into the big building, there was a huge, beautiful chandler in the middle of the front entrance and he lead me up the big flight of stairs that was to the right, the carpet was an old dark red colour and the railing of the stair case was gold. It was so grand, he still had a hold of my hand as we walked into one of the little rooms.

It was breath taking, there was a double seater lounge near the glass window and there was a door that lead out to a balcony with 4 seats so you could sit out there and watch the play, I let go of Elijah's hand and walked to the window after a few minuets he walked over with 2 glasses of champagne. he handed me one of the glasses and we sat on the double seater lounge. I turned to face him, my eyes caught his, I smiled, he smiled. He lent in but before our lips could touch the introductory music began to play and the lights went off.

He stood up and open the door to the balcony, I walked out and sat in one of the chairs, he sat beside me. I still didn't know what play we were here to see yet.

After the introduction music finished, a man came did the official opening of the play Phantom of the Opera. I was so excited when I realised what it play it was. the phantom of the opera was my favourite play in the world I loved it.. I turned to Elijah and thanked him for bringing me here. After that we sat in silence watching the stage, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a warm, happy, butterfly love kind of silence..  my hand somehow ended up in his hand our fingers intertwined.... I couldn't breathe the excitement and happiness consumed me... And at that moment I knew I was in love.

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