there is 17 year old girl, she has been running for years. but she is different.. different because she is cursed.. she can no longer run for something is holding her back.

My name is Lenora and I am a Killer.....


2. Darkest Nights

I stared at the house, I have seen it before I'm sure of it. I know I have. I just don't know when... looking out I saw a man, he walked from the door of the house and got into a new expensive black car, and then it drove up the drive way and out onto the road, where it vanished out of sight.

Who was he? I thought. I walked along the window in my room for hours constantly looking at the house for the car. I couldn't stand being stuck in the room any longer, I have been here all day and its almost night fall. I needed blood, human blood. I walked out of my room and as locked the door and turned to leave I saw the car, his car. he was sitting in the passenger seat and I stared at him, and he stared at me... from what I could tell he looked hot.

His car was stopped in the middle of the road, I could feel his eyes on me as I walked out onto the footpath, I glanced up at him and smiled his car door opened and he walked over to me..

I was a little scared of him but I don't know why..

He stood behind me I could feel his breath on my neck he said " It is not safe here anymore, you shouldn't be walking the streets alone as it appears we have a killer in the city"  his voice was deep and very sexy. I turned to face him. he stood only centimetres away. I could smell his sweet breath that smelt of blood. Then the sensation started. I turned away and tried to contain the need for blood. he put his hand on my shoulder and said softly ' I think you should come with me, I know what you are" I turned back to look at him and I spoke quite harshly         "what are you then? and how to you know what I am?"

He grabbed my arm and lead me to the house his car followed behind us. He hesitated before he spoke finally he said  "This isn't a conversation we should be having out in the open"  we got to the door and walked inside, not a word was said. he lead me up a flight of stairs and into a dark room with a big window, but the blinds were closed. he let go of my arm and walked to the window, opened the blinds and pored a drink out from an old decanter. but it wasn't red wine, it was blood, he handed me a glass and I hesitated, but I couldn't hold my self back. I drank it quickly. my glass was empty and his was almost full...

He smiled and said " you're one of the first of our kind I have seen in about 3 centuries."

"you're like me?" I said excitedly. "Yes" he responded with a smile. he looked at me and asked how old I was, 457 years old I said, he laughed and said no what age were you turned? Oh seventeen I said. What About you? 24 but that's about 607 years old we laughed. My name is Leonora, "I know he interrupted". "Well then What is your name?" I asked with a wink. "Elijah"

we talked for ages about families and about me being on the run.

He smiled and said " you don't have to run anymore, the wolves don't come here, as long as you don't continue to rip of peoples head.. you need to be able to control your thirst." I haven't had human blood in centuries, I used to survive on the blood of animals, but I don't think I will ever be able to go back to that now...

 Because I am a killer, I am the ripper, I am Leonora.


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