I Need Your Love *Sequel*

If your new to this movella, read the first one!


1. Welcome Back

Chapter 1

I got to the airport. Walking slow, still wondering what I've done. Our relationship for college. I cheated on him. I hate myself. But the good part is I get to be with my mom and start a new life in Canada. Sure I'll probably see Harry on TV or listen to him on the radio, heck, maybe he'll read my note I left him and call. Maybe he wont call, I wouldn't blame him for hating me. Even though he cheated once with Taylor, but he was drunk. 

my thoughts were cancelled by all the people grabbing their baggage to get in line to enter the airplane. I grabbed my baggage and joined.

I waited in line until it was my turn to show the lady with the uniform and red lipstick my tickets.

"Have a nice flight!" She kindly said, smiling her teeth so bright and her red lipstick shining.

I nod and try to smile. I cant though because I keep thinking of Harry.

As I've already entered the plane I sit in my seat and start to cry. Imagining everybody having a great time in Zayn's wedding right now. A fake wedding because of stupid management. How could Zayn possibly marry someone he doesnt love? And I'm so over Zayn. He lies. Well I do too but I've stopped. I want to become a better person. I need to focus on school. And if I do get into another relationship, I need to focus on moving on and only loving one man..not two guys at once. I mean, what was I thinking? Anyways, I wiped my tears and fell asleep on this long trip.

(Plane ride over)

I'm surprised I slept that whole ride. Well actually, I'm not because I havent slept after that fight Harry and I had.  

I was in the airport when I called my mom to pick me up.

"Okay Mom, I'm in the airport right now you could pick me up."

"Alright honey I'm on my way, you got everything?"

"Yeah, okay I got everything, see you then."

I hung up. I think i'm going to dance rigt now in front of everyone. I I am so excited to see my mom!

I waited until the window I saw my Aunts SUV.

I saw my mom is there driving but not my aunt. But I ran up to my mom and squeezed her with a big hug. We were both tearing up excited and sad that we haven't seen each other forever.

We got into the car and she started driving. Her eyes looked sad and old. Not the usuall happy , young mom I had. I mean, its only been a year. 

"Mom where is Aunt B?" I asked.


I placed my hand on her knee. "Mom?"

"Um.. she.. uh..passed away honey.." she said shaky.

My heart sank. Even though I haven't seen her in a while she was always like a mom.

Tears started welling up in my eyes, hers too.

"I'm sorry.." I managed to say.

Then the whole car ride was pretty quiet.

Harry's POV

I woke up pretty late, 2:30 in the afternoon. My eyes shut back and then fluttered open again. Carly. 

I was so harsh on her yesterday. I mean, I know Zayn. He probably forced her with his good looks.  Okay did I just think that? Zayn isn't as good looking as me. Okay anyways.. 

I walked into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and hair. Speaking of Zayn, today is his wedding. I will apologize to Carly and we can go shopping for her dress. I cant wait to see us together perfect couple, best couple, in Zayn's wedding.

I walked into the living room where she slept. Nobody.

I walked into the kitchen. Nobody.

Well I did wake up really late so maybe she already went shopping. I'll call her.

I went to grab my phone from the living room where I left it and I see a white binder paper next to it with Carly's signature. What could it be?

I open it to read it. It says:

"dear harry, I'm sorry I treated you so badly through the past 2 years. And dont blame Zayn. I love you and I will always, have fun on your tour make lots of cash lol, I'm off to college in Canada with my mom.

Goodbye Harry, nice meeting you."

I finished reading it and I think I sat there frozen for ten minutes. My eyes weren't frozen, tears rushed and rushed down my face. My heart hurts. I feel terrible. My Carly is gone. What have I done? 

My anger increased. So mad at my self I should just punch a wall right now or kill myself. Whats the point of living anymore when the love of your life is gone..your future is gone. I sit there sobning like a baby, not a man. I sit there until its sunset.

And Zayn's wedding passed by.

I have to do something. 

I have to find her, skip the tour.

I have to go after her..my love.


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