I Need Your Love *Sequel*

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4. The Truth Behind Him

I squirm under him and scream. Until a pregnant lady comes from behind a book shelf and rushes towards Jacob. She was wearing a "librarian" tag on her black shirt.

"Get off of her!" She pushes him off of me.

"It's not what it looks like-" then he passes out. Omigod.

I wipe my tears and stare at the librarian. "Oh, thank you SO much!"

"Sweety, be careful. I can't carry him to the nurse's office but I need you to take him."  She says.

"How am I supposed to carry him?" I ask.

"You dont. Just put his arm around your shoulder and drag. The nurse office is just two rooms away from this building." She says.

"Ok." I say still shaking.

I do as said and head out. He is really heavy. I drag and drag until I reach a room that says Nurse. I guess 'office' faded off or something.

I walk in to see a doctor sitting at his desk. A bed and some other things on the other side of the room.

I put Jacob down on a bed.

"Yes?" The doctor said. Well don't you see a passed out body right there?

"Umm he just passed out of no where... he was harrassing me." I said. I didn't want to say rape, it would kind of be awkward considering I'm a lady and I'm talking to a man. Even though he is a doctor.

"Let me take a look, go wait over there." He points to the small waiting area.

I sit and wait.  But I dont want to wait, I can care less if this guy is injured. 

I wait for about thirty motherfuckin minutes. Really?

Then Jacob comes out clean and awake with the doctor.

The doctor speaks, "He was intoxicated with very dangerous drugs. It makes him do a bad action and forgets it when he awakes. So he didn't even know what he was doing to you, nor did he meant it. It was the drug that was controlling him, along with other people. Were there anybody else with him?" He asks. Jacob just stands and stares at me.

"Yeah. Two guys. ", I look towards Jacob, "Do you know Arin and Lester?" I ask him.

His eyes look nicer now, more blue, warm and welcoming as I stare into them.

"Well they always make me do things, harrass me, give me drugs, make me play girls. I never told on them because it's not mature. I try to handle it myself,  this time they got to far. Basically they're bullies." He says. I'm surprised. He looks like a rebel and his dirty words he told me.

"Well about time you spoke up, they will be kicked out of this college when it starts tomorrow. You guys are dismissed." The doctor says. 

We both head out the same direction.

"Look, whatever I did to you or said, I didn't mean. Please forgive me."

Jacob says, motioning to a bench,  I decide to join him.

"Of course I will. I'm sorry you had to deal with those guys." I say.

"Yeah I had to deal with him for a year, I couldn't move collleges my parents couldn't afford it." Jacob says.

"So you've been here for freshman year. I'm new." I say.

"Ah. Its a nice college. Except for some people." He chuckles

"To make things up to you, I can show you around. I'm Jacob." He smiles.

"I'm Carly." We went over this already. Though I didn't  mention it.

I follow him as he goes from building to building. Should I really trust this super cute guy after what happened? Doctors are pros, I don't know why I shouldn't.

During his tour we laugh, talk and he gossips about some people I should watch out for. We get to know each other. He is smart very nerdy, he works out, (obviously), he doesn't like stuck up girls like this girl named Stacy he told me about. Yeah he is awesome. He lives right next to me so we walked home together.

"Thank you so much for this tour, you are amazing." I say.

"Well I'm glad I met you and we live right next ro each other so come by anytime if your lost or something. I know Canada can be alot different then the UK." He smiles.

I thank him and give him a hug. I enter my house after that. Wow, what a great guy. I need to watch out for Lester and Arin now that they know where I live. I sit and think for a while until my phone vibrates. I check to see a text from Harry.

'Carly I saw the letter. Please answer me, or call, I'm still on the bus. Please, you have me crying, punching walls all day. Now I'm stuck in the bathroom because Zayn punched me, long story but its about u'

Aww. What a long text. Now I'm really on the last nerve with Zayn. How could he hurt my Harry?

I text him back,

'School starts tmmrw bae. We r still a couple but u r on tour for three months so it's not like I'll see u anyways. I need to start school, im not a celebrity like you. Im young and still have this thing called school. I still love u stop crying. Just a long distance relationship.  Skype me when u get to a hotel. '

JEEZ. That was the longest text message ever and now my thumbs are aching. I hope he understands though. I miss dirty whispers in my ear. His soft lips and wet tongue on mine. To me, it isn't gross. Its Harry for goodness sakes. There are girls out there dying and wishing to be with him. Now I'm sad just rhinking about it.

Harry texted me back:

'You replied! I thought u hate me. I love you too baby. Xx

Have fun at school......think of me. Lol no other guys ok'

Wow he thinks I would cheat? Hah. Jacob is my only friend so far and he is a guy is that ok Harry? I said sarcastically to myself. Just as I was about to reply my IPhone died. I didn't pay attention to its battery.

I went downstairs to cook for my mom and I when she gets home from work. She is a doctor now. She has a lot of experience with medical education and career. 

I get the ingredients to my special pasta my dad used to make for us. He wrote the recipe down on my old binder that I kept.

Then I set up the table. I wait until my mom comes but she is a little late.

Thirty minutes passed her work shift is over. 

Now forty. I run up to my room to get my phone out of charge to call my mom but I hear the rock throwing again. I get scared.

And this time I hear a lady scream. 

My mom. They got my mom.

That why she's late.






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