I Need Your Love *Sequel*

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3. A stalker



Chapter 3 


I heard a familiar honk from outside. I looked to see that the tour bus is outside. I grab random clothes and stuff it into one of Carly's huge "Love Pink" Victoria's Secret bag.  Even though I will look extremely gay with this, I have no choice because I am running late and have no time to choose a suitcase.  I put on my leather jacket, lock the door and head on out.

If I want to see Carly then I'm going to have to go on the tour. I can't miss The tour anyways it's going to ruin the whole band all because of me. I know we're going to Canada anyways.

I walk into the bus where everybody is waiting. 

"Hey, your late!" Liam shouts.

"We are all late because of you." Zayn adds.

He should shut up before I punch him. I love Zayn but he ruined us..and Carly and I. Us as in brotherhood,  by the way.

I took a seat and didn't answer anybody. I just stared out the window.

"Hey what happened to the old Harry? The Harry that would spend bus time making silly Vines and jumping everywhere? The Harry that twirked at the VMA's?" Louis says and everybody laughs but me.

Our hair stylist Lou takes a good look at me.

"Harry why is your bag pink? And your eyes, they are bloody red!"she shrieks. 

All eyes are on me now. Fuck.

"Are you and Carly okay?" Zayn asks.

Really? What do you think asshole?!

"I don't know." I firmly say and look back out the window.

Niall whispers something to Zayn, I could see it with the corner of my eye.

Zayn touches my shoulder then I fling it off.

He says, "You guys broke up? You look like you were crying."


"Calm down boys." Paul says. (Our guard)

"What? Where did she go?" He asks as if he doesn't know its his fault.

"Mother.Fucking.Canada." I say.

"She is starting a new life, without me because of you. You kept seducing her, giving her kisses. As if you don't know she's taken, with your best friend! And your taken! Your married for goodness fuck!" I scream. The bus fills with gasps as Zayns face turns red.

I continue,  "Yeah, that's right, Zayn cheated and he just got married."

Everybody turns dead serious.

"Stop Harry." Louis says.

"Yeah Zayn's about to blow up!" Niall says.

All of a sudden Zayn comes to punch me in the nose and blood starts dripping. He is messing with the wrong guy. I'm about to punch him back when Paul seperates us.

I sit in the bathroom the rest of the ride.

(Carly's POV)

I woke up with several knocks on my window this morning. Weird.

I live right outside the college so I could hear laughs of young adults and teens.

I got dressed applied some mascara and swiped on some lip gloss and headed out he door to see who is doing this none sense. My mom was already at work.

A group of hot guys (only 3 guys) were throwing rocks at my window. You could tell they were students. They had varsity jackets on too. 

"Um, excuse me? Were you guys doing all that rock throwing all night?" I ask them.

"Yeah." One of them said. He was super cute. Muscular,  tan, baby blue eyes, brunette. But that obviously doesn't mean I'm crushing already in another guy. I'm still not over Harry. But hes really attractive.

"Could you stop please? What do you boys need?" I asked sounding nice and smiling. 

"You." They all said. What the hell? I blushed.

"You're going to this college right?" The same guy asked pointing to the building behind us.

"Yeah." I nod.

"Well let me show you around, love. Cute brittish accent." He says.

All that rock knocking just to show me around? Yeah right.

"Thanks." I say.

"Oh I'm Jacob. That's Arin and that's Lester." He points to the other hotties next to him.

"Im Carly." I say.

"We know. And your fucking smoked." Jacob says. I look confused so he says, " That means your hot." He smirks and then chuckles. I blush.

"Stop blushing beautiful." The blonde says (Lester)

"Hah stop flirting and then I'll stop." I say.

"Lester, you have a girlfriend, let me have this one!" Jacob says.

Umm excuse me, I'm not a whore or an easy slut, okay.

"I'm taken." I say as we start looking around the college.

He grabs my hand. "Not on this campus your not. I get every girl.  Your different, I want you."

"Im not a toy." Isay. He laughs.

"Your gonna be my sex toy.." he says. WHAT?

I try to let go of his hand but he grips it tighter. The other boys left.

"I need to go." I say.

"No I spent all night trying to get your attention,  your staying." He says and grabs my waist.

Tears roll down my face. Every body is going to think I'm a whore on the first day! 

I scream to see if the other boys will appear. No body.

"Shhh! We are just going to have some fun. I'm not a rapist or anything. I know your stressed and have been heart broken.  I can see it in your eyes babe.  Let me pleasure you." He says.

"No fuck off I don't know you, you stalker!" I sob.

He grabs my waist so tight I fall. The place is empty. No one to call for help.

He slowly goes on top of me and pins my wrists down to the carpet.  (Since we are in the library,  theres carpet.) 

He licks my neck then slowly goes down my body until he reaches my zipper.  With his teeth he unzips my jeans while I struggle and wiggle but my wrists are pinned down. I scream.

"Shh." He says.

Fuck. Someone help! I want Harry!







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