7 Years

7 years has gone by since the Sirius crew left her on the port of Diamond island. now, Ginger has got onto another ship, called the Black Eagle. what happens when the captain dies and Ginger becomes the captain and another Captain meeting comes around? Will she face her old crew who left her or will she be able to find a way to hide herself?

from the popular game on apple products: Pirates in Love


5. The Navy

 After setting sail on her ship, Ginger smiled.

"Set sail to Yamato!" she called, gaining a nod from Justin. The boat slowly turned into the direction of the port of Yamato. Ginger sighed softly. The last time she was there, she was chased, threatened, and had to hide in a barrel. She shook off her old memories, returning to her quarters for the night. Changing into a long light blue night gown, she sat at her mahogany vanity and began to brush her curly blonde hair. After it was a bit more strait, she placed her hair in a low ponytail and yawned, her blue eyes clouded with sleep. She slowly made it to her bed and flopped down, snuggling under the covers. The warmth soon lulled her to a peaceful sleep.


Ginger yawned as she crawled out of bed, rubbing her eyes. Like any normal day, she began to get dressed. Suddenly, BOOM! A cannon shot into the side of the ship, causing her to fall onto the wooden floor. Justin ran into her room panting.

" Its the Navy!" He said quickly, Ginger's eyes widening. She stood up quickly and bolted onto the deck, Justin close behind. On deck, it was chaos. Fighting was everywhere. Most of her crew was already captured by the Navy, causing her to cringe. Next to her, Justin was on the ground and being dragged by the Navy. Ginger took a deep breath.

"stop!" She screamed, everything going quiet. Leonard smirked and walked up to her.

"Why? your all pirates" He sneered and she growled.

"I have a proposal" She save bravely, her crew already yelling"no!" or things along those lines. Leonard tilted his head.

"I'm listening" He said in a bored tone. Ginger looked at her crew and smiled softly. She looked back to Leonard with a hard gaze

"Take me and let my crew go. You and i both know that i am worth more than them all together" She said. Leonard looked at her puzzled. After a moment, he answered with a cold smirk.

"Ok. Let the rest go" He ordered, as the Navy cut the rest of her crew go. Without a word, Leonard pushed her to her knees to tie her hands behind her back. After he finished, he picked her up and placed her over his shoulders. Her crew was screaming in protest as he boarded his ship. He went down to where the prisoners were held and literally threw her into a cell, causing her to groan in agony. He closed the metal door, leaving Ginger cold and in pain. The navy was heading back to Moldor to hang Captain Ginger. What the Navy did not know, Her crew was going to find the Sirius and get them to help. Ginger was shaking in cold as she lied on the concrete floor. Eventually, she fell asleep, waiting for her death to come.


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