7 Years

7 years has gone by since the Sirius crew left her on the port of Diamond island. now, Ginger has got onto another ship, called the Black Eagle. what happens when the captain dies and Ginger becomes the captain and another Captain meeting comes around? Will she face her old crew who left her or will she be able to find a way to hide herself?

from the popular game on apple products: Pirates in Love


3. The Invite

~Present time~


Ginger groaned as she sat up slowly as the knocking on her door continued. she rubbed her sleep glazed eyes and answered the heavy knocking

"What?" She said as quickly as a reply came

"Were being attacked by a ship called the Rika!" Seth hollered as she gasped. She fumbled to change as she thought n-no way..... there the rivals of my old crew... she grabbed both of her pistols, while placing her hat on her head. She rushed to the door and yanked it open. she ran to the beck where fighting was everywhere. The sun blinded her eyes until she saw what was happening. Fuzzy and Justin were clashing swords as well as Keo and Kenyin against the Rika's Tom and Colin. Her gazed hardened as Alan was going against Seth. She cocked her pistol and fired it at Alan's sword, knocking it out of his hands with a yelp. All eyes turned to her. She looked at fuzzy who was close to tears. Tom and Colin stopped. Alan looked at her with wide eyes. She smirked and began walking

"Well, well, well! Its been 7 years... right Alan?" Ginger asked as she stopped a few feet away from the stunned Captain

"B-but Morgan said ya were dead! it must be fa-" he started but was stopped by the loading and cocking of a gun

"If ya say, it was fate that brought us here, ill shoot yer brains out" Ginger growled as Alan yelped but regained his posture

"Then what happened to ya?" He asked as she sighed and placed her gun back in its holster

"They dumped me onto a port" She murmured as Alan gasped dramaticly

"How could they do that to you!" Alan shouted and shook a fist angrily in the air, causing Ginger to gilggle

"Ya havent changed a bit, Alan" Ginger said through her quiet giggles, causing Alan to blush. she searched through his coat pockets until he pulled out a letter

"Here. There's a captin's meeting in Diamond Island tomorrow. All captains must be there. Well, until then, Ginger" Alan smiled as he and his crew jumped ship. Ginger widened her eyes at the words "all captains". she shook off the wave of fear eating at her and looked to Justin"set a course to Diamond island" She ordered as he nodded and went up to steer the ship. Everyone else went to their positions, exept for Ginger. She stared as the Rika ship grew smaller and smaller. Ginger looked the opposite way as the port of Diamond Island was becoming clear. Within half an hour, they were ported and off the ship. Justin went to a map shop, Seth went to buy produce, and Keo and Kenyin went to the bar were she would collect their drunk bodies later. Ginger looked at the wanted board as she passed. The whole Sirius crew and her crew plastered on the board. She smirked as she walked away from the board and towards a medicine shop. She opened the door to see a woman behind the counter, looking at her. Ginger walked up and looked at all the medicines. She ordered as many as she could, leaving the woman extremely happy. Ginger walked out, bumping into someone and falling back, as well as the male

"Im so sorry" He apologized. Ginger looked up and gasped. Her heart rate rocketed. with her mind racing, she smiled

"I-its fine, really" She studdered as she man helped her up and grabbed her bag for her and handed it to her

"Im Thomas!" Her old crew member said. Ginger knew Thomas had nothing to do with them leaving her on the port, so she smiled as tears ran down her cheeks as her eyes met his

"i know" she smiled,Thomas gasping and hugging her tightly

"m-miss Ginger!" she yelled as she hugged him back, missing his bubbily personality and him always sticking up for her

"I missed you so much" She sobbed quietly, causing Thomas to begin crying as well, Ginger let to of Thomas, looking him in the eye. She smiled

"I have to go, i need to get back to my ship." She smiled as Thomas nodded

"So do i. Captin will be wonderin where i am" he nodded and ran off, as ginger thought ill see you tomorrow, Thomas...

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