7 Years

7 years has gone by since the Sirius crew left her on the port of Diamond island. now, Ginger has got onto another ship, called the Black Eagle. what happens when the captain dies and Ginger becomes the captain and another Captain meeting comes around? Will she face her old crew who left her or will she be able to find a way to hide herself?

from the popular game on apple products: Pirates in Love


2. Captain of the Black Eagle

~3 years previous~


Its been 4 years since the Sirius has dumped Ginger and she jointed the Black Eagle. All was fairly normal. Stopping at ports, fighting off the Moldor army, bar fights, and attacks from rival ships. This time, she had a room all to herself, and it was nice. Though, Ginger could tell something was wrong. She was seeing less and less of captin each day. GInger walked down the well known corridor and up to the large, silver door. She took a deep breath before knocking

"COme in" a heavy voice rasped as she opened the door. what she saw now, mortified her. The captain was in the bed, skinny as a twig. His muscles were gone and his face was pale. Every bone on his frail body was now visable. T-this cant be the same captin from 2 months ago... can it? she asked herself as captain smiled weakly at her

"Hello Ginger. I was afraid you would see me like this" He sighed heavily and patted a spot next to him weakly on the bed. Ginger walked over and sat down, quivering
"What happened to ya captin?" she asked. The captain heaved himself up into a sitting position, ready to explain what was going to happen

"Well, Ginger, i have grown a case of the deadly disease of yellow fever. Dont worry. Remember how Justin gave ya a shot last week?" He asked the shaking girl whi nodded after a short time

"Well, it was a yellow fever vaccine, so none of ya would catch it from me" Captin explain slowly. Tears were now at the brim of Ginger's purple eyes.

"Ginger. Listen and listen well, lass. When i die, you will take my place as captain of the Black Eagle. Iknow your not the most keen on this, but i have faith in you lass" Captin spoke softly, making her tears push out of her eyes and down her cold cheeks

"T-thank you c-captin. i will be the best one i can be" She nodded as captain let out a harty laugh

"I know ya will lass. Now keep those wild boys in line, ya hear?" He said softly before closing his eyes. His chest stopped moving as his body became lifeless. Ginger stared at the body and let out a sob. After a while, she stood up and grabbed his hat and placed it on her head. she opened the door and walked out onto the deck, where the whole crew was waiting.

"captin is dead. He said i would be takin his place" Ginger said as she stood tall as an oak tree. the sad crew nodded. Seth was the first one to speak

"alright, Captin Ginger. We have faith in ya" He smiled softly. One tear escaped her eyes as the whole crew smiled sadly

"get captin out of his room. we'll bury him a sea. The placed he loved most." Ginger ordered as the crew nodded

"aye captin" they said and walked into their old captin's room. After a while, Keo and Kenyen came back carrying the captain. The crew, including Ginger, said their goodbyes and hauled him to the side of the boat. With one small push, the captain fell over board and into the blue sea with a splash, Ginger broke the silence with a small order

" set sail to Crystal Island". The crfew nodded and went back to work, leaving Captain Ginger staring at the sea

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