One Apocalypse

2017 England, 2 years after the apocalypse began, and Hallie, a survivalist who didn't need nor want company, and had spent the past year and a half alone until she met Harry, Zayn and Niall in a crisis, and is bound to them for the foreseeable future.


1. Saved

Shit, I thought. Shit! I wondered how many of them had seen me, as I tore off in the other direction. Grunting and hissing behind me. Dare I turn around?  I shot a glance over my shoulder. Oh, shit! There were a lot of them, hot on my trail. I would usually outrun them easily, but that damn barbed wire on the top of that fence I had hurtled over had seriously cut my leg up. I swear if I ever find the person responsible for this, I will kill them, slowly.

CRAP. Now I am almost definitely dead. Another crowd of them turned round from the noise of the crowd in my pursuit, their dead faces expressionless as they joined the crowd following the meal on wheels. Well, legs. I pulled out my gun from its holster. Even if I wasn't so worried about the huge noise it would make if I fired it, attracting yet more of the undead, I couldn't have fired it, I was out of bullets and my remaining ones were in my backpack, and I didn't have the time to stop and reload, they would catch up with me and tear me limb from limb.

I took sudden turns, trying to shake off as many of them as possible, but every time I managed to get rid of like, 3, I would turn a corner and there would be a whole new group of them. Great. Hey guys, come join the chase! I thought sarcastically as I turned yet another corner which led to another 5 or so of them. Without thinking I ran onto a main road. Shit. How could I be so stupid? This place would be crawling with them, and even if it wasn't there was probably some Peace-Hounds patrolling the area, looking for civilisation to 'protect'.


Let me explain something quickly, back about 2 years ago this organisation called 'Health Hounds' made this legendary vaccination that they claimed could cure all these different illnesses, but they were wrong, the vaccination took all these diseased cells and rebuilt them inside of you, made them immune to every known type of medicine. But before they could realise the monstrous creation they had made, they started mass producing the vaccine, and gave it thousands and thousands of ill people. They all got better. The scientists behind the vaccine got awards. Nobody realised for about a month what the vaccine was doing. Then the people who got better started to get worse, much worse than they had been before they had the vaccine, there were hospitals everywhere that were completely full of people with this supreme illness, that no medicine could cure. About a month after that the vaccinated's brains began to be effected by the illness, and they lost all abilities to communicate or understand anyone in any way. They were just living bodies. They didn't eat, they didn't sleep, they didn't notice pain. Then one day one of the hospitals reported that one of their nurses had been bitten by the patients and now had the disease. Then all hell broke loose. All the patients became brainless cannibals, more and more people got the disease and turned just like them. If they weren't mindless and thirsty for blood, they would be quite remarkable, I mean, they can sustain any injury apart from having their brains destroyed. Everyone was hesitant to call this whole thing 'the apocalypse' but hey, that's what it is. J.K Rowling said in her Harry Potter books that fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself, but I guess J.K Rowling didn't have an apocalypse to think about when she wrote that. Anyway, the last thing I heard on the actual news was that the 'Health Hounds' had gone into the government, killed anyone in there who opposed their suggestion of them being in supreme control, and then taking control by force, wiping out every innocent person who didn't follow their lead and let them boss them around. But of course, there were stragglers, people who weren't caught, and weren't under the control of the 'Health Hounds', who had renamed themselves the 'Peace Hounds'. I like that they kept the hounds part, it really shows just how sick they are, that they would name themselves after dogs, screaming to the world that they are nothing but animals. So that's me, one of the stragglers, who will refuse to be under the rule of those psychos. When I said the actual news I meant the last official news before the Peace Hounds took over, and started broadcasting how everyone should join them in their bid to make the world a better place instead of proper news. I stopped watching after that was broadcast. A lot of people did. Most of them were probably captured or dead by now.


I looked frantically in every direction for Peace Hounds. There didn't seem to be any, but that didn't mean they weren't under cover somewhere on the road. I didn't have time to go anywhere else, so I carried on running down the road, the undead still traipsing behind me. I looked back for a split second. I was quite a way ahead of them, but nevertheless, they were still following me, distracted from where I was putting my feet, they collided with something on the ground and I tripped and fell, smashing my head on an abandoned car's wing mirror as I fell into blackness.


I opened my eyes and instantly felt dizzy, my head throbbed painfully where it had been struck. I became aware of the situation. The undead were getting closer by the second, and as the first one reached me I kicked, hard, in an attempt to keep them away. I let out a stangled moan as the weight of all of the bodies repelled against my legs, pain searing through them. I heard several sets of quick footsteps that weren't stumbled enough to be those of the undead. Shit. Peace-Hounds. I thought, panicking. I looked to the footsteps, expecting the worst, still pushing the undead away from me.


I was amazed at what I saw. There were five men running toward the crowd of the undead I had lead here, clearly not Peace-Hounds I watched silently as they began to make the undead dead. They all had improvised weapons, baseball bats, metal walking sticks which had been sharpened at one end, kitchen knives, except for one, he had a 'real' weapon, a sword, just like the one I was clutching. I watched the one with the sword for a while. He didn't look scared, just focused, his dark brows furrowed in effort. His hair was dark brown and curly, and he had a black bandanna wrapped around his forehead. Suddenly he laid eyes on me. Crap. I was so busy staring at him that I hadn't thought that he could kill me just as easily as he could them, after all, it was my fault they were here.

"Can you stand?" He asked quickly. I swallowed.

"I think so." I answered, but as I tried to push myself to my feet, as fresh wave of dizziness shook though my head, and I leaned on the car for support, breathing heavily. I looked for what I had fallen over in the first place. My eyes widened as I spotted a sword just like the one the curly haired man had. I grabbed it, and came to my senses. 

"I haven't been bit, honest, they were chasing me and I fell over this" I told him, holding up the sword. I moved to start helping the men kill the undead, but I wobbled unsteadily without the support of the car, even so I made myself stay upright, and started to aim for heads. 


Once there were about 5 of the undead left out of nowhere there were heavy footsteps and I saw two of the men grabbed and disarmed immediately by people dressed head to foot in black armour. Peace-Hounds. My eyes widened as the blonde boy and the boy with the dark brown straight hair were dragged, kicking and shouting in protest, to a black van, which they were thrown into the back of. Just as we killed the last of the undead, the curly haired man turned to where the van was.

"NIALL! LOU!" He screamed and moved to run toward the van but was held back by another of the men with the black hair. "Zayn, let me go!" he begged, "We have to save them!"

"We will." I heard 'Zayn' say to him. "But for now we have to get in the van and get away from here." The fifth man was running over to a dusty white van, pulling keys out of his pocket and unlocking it. signalling to us to wait there.


Zayn, the curly haired man and I waited as we had been told and as the fifth man was starting the engine of the van. The Peach-Hounds shut the back of their black van and one of them began to run towards us. The curly haired man raised him sword, ready to strike the Hound down. I knew that killing a Hound gave them instant reason to kill you if they caught you again after. With his distinctive looks I knew they would catch him again easy as pie if the other Peace-Hound didn't shoot him first. I stepped in front of him, pushing his arm down as I went and just as the Peace-Hound reached me I dropped my sword and punched him in the jaw. He wobbled but didn't fall, so I punched him again, harder, in the eyesocket, knowing from experience that it hurt like hell. I must've been right because he fell to the ground clutching his face. The other Peace-Hound pulled something from his utility belt and I didn't realise until the flash had gone off that it was a camera. What the hell?


I picked the sword back up and suddenly the dizziness caught up with me and I nearly fell over, head swimming. The curly haired boy must've noticed because in an instant one of his hands was pulling my arm over his shoulder, and with him helping me along, we ran with this 'Zayn' kid to the van where the fifth guy was waited

"Thanks." I told the curly haired man.

Kicking the engine into life with the acceleration the second Zayn's feet were in the van, the van roared into life and Zayn slammed the door shut. He then put his face in his hands and I heard him muttering into his hands,

"No, no, no, no!" Suddenly he lifted his head from his hands and pounded the back of the empty passenger seat with his fist, angry, I guessed, about the fact that two of his friends had been captured by the Hounds.

"We're going to get them back." The driver said matter-of-factly.

"We can't right now," said the curly haired boy "she needs medicine, I think." I realised they were referring to me. Suddenly I realised my arm was still around the curly hair man's shoulder. Embarrassed, I retracted it.

"Um, I think I just need a rest, actually." I piped up.

"No, Harry's right, you'll need anti-inflammatory medicine, or pills, you hit your head pretty hard." said the driver, looking in the rear view mirror at me. I was kind of confused.

"Who's Harry?" I asked stupidly, wow, I really was dizzy.

"I am, and you're concussed." said the curly haired boy, who was actually called Harry.

"No silly, my name's Hallie" I sounded ridiculously stupid, but it wasn't my fault, I was genuinely concussed. 

"Okay Hallie, well that's Liam," said Harry pointing to the driver, "and that's Zayn" he finished pointing him out to me. Zayn was now silent, staring out of the window. I nodded in acknowledgement and just like that, tired and concussed, I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. I really hoped I didn't dribble in my sleep.




































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