An Explosive Personality (On hold)

Aleta, an fifty year old vampire that still looks seventeen, has to join her sister in America when she gets herself in trouble. Her clan is being threatened by another and is close to breaking into war. Aleta knows if things turn to a fight that she'll be of help with her gift of making things and people explode.
Everything's uneventful, boring even until she provokes a werewolf in the local pack, turns out she's found her one and only, in the form of a werewolf.


3. Drew

Chapter Three


POV: Drew

The whole house is in chaos. Mum sits on the couch sobbing, while the Alpha raves to the other higher members of the pack council.

I rub the tops of my thighs as I shift in my seat. I can’t believe she’s my mate; she’s a vampire for god’s sake! How is this even possible? The only being that is supposed to complete me is my natural enemy.

My eyes travel to Thomas. My wolf wants nothing more than to mess him up worse than my mate did. He got off easy with only a busted nose, two broken ribs and a few rather nasty looking bruises, though they’ll have healed by the morning. Vampire or not, she’s my mate and he hurt her; I saw the state of her leg right before everything turned to blur of pain, rage and confusion.  

Just the thought of her being in pain makes me go crazy with the need to go to her, but they won’t let me leave. They’ve even threatened to give me more horse anaesthetic if I attempt to. They’ve already given me some so that my body doesn’t seem to remember how to change.

God, I wonder what she’s thinking, is she disgusted at me being her…one and only? At least that’s what I hear they call their mates. My mate. Without thinking, I stand up. Everyone looks at me and I have to force myself to sit back down.

After a moment of silence they carry on talking; that’s all they’ve done since everyone gathered here. I haven’t been able to listen to a word, my mind is stuck on the image I got from Thomas when I changed and everything went to pieces. I saw what was happening as soon as I changed, onwards from there it’s slightly blurry.

I tried talking to Thomas about her, though all he said is that she’s different. What the hell does that mean?

I know she’s beautiful, strong because of the damage she’s dealt to Thomas and that she’s different.

I smell her right before two sets of hands clamp me in my chair, I try struggling out of their grasp though it’s futile with the two of them combined they’re stronger than me. My body starts trembling when I get a whiff of her blood. She’s hurt. Human growls rip from my throat as I watch my alpha, my father walk through the front door. My wolf howls to change but it doesn’t happen. I’m weak.


POV: Aleta


We stop when we’re about fifty metres from the large mansion. Sabrina surprises the hell out of me when she takes my hand in hers.

“You know, things like this always happen to you.” Sabrina’s voice is slightly weak. Back at the house it wasn’t, so this must really shake her up leading me to believe that she doesn’t interact with them a lot.

I let out a laugh to lighten the mood before replying. “What? Finding out a wolf claims me to be his mate? That’s just the day to day stuff baby! This is nothing!” We laugh but stop when a man steps through the front door. Sabrina stiffens beside me but I force my body to stay relaxed.

With Demetrius’s warning in mind, I step partially in front of Sabrina. I don’t particularly like being paralysed and that’s what he threatened to do to me if she’s hurt. Only few vampires are turned and get a gift, while I would say mine’s awesome. we have all agreed Demetrius’s is downright scary; though being able to paralyse your opponent in a fight would be very useful, good thing he’s Sabrina’s one and only I guess.

“Oh, you find this amusing do you? My son is claiming you’re his mate! You! A bloodsucker!” The man’s bellow has no trouble traveling to us, though he doesn’t need to shout, our hearing is perfect thank you very much.

“Do you have any idea what this makes my pack look like?” This time he looks directly towards Sabrina. “I thought we agreed she would stay away! That distance would be kept between them!”

I step forward; anger rising at the disrespectful words pouring out this untrained mutt’s mouth.

“Listen to me you mongrel. I’m here because I wouldn’t allow my sister to be without adequate protection. Not because I want to flirt with your son! Now show some respect and please share why you called my sister here. My sister and I have bigger problems to deal with your son’s infatuation with me.” I speak calmly as I know he can hear me perfectly well.

With every one of my words his face became redder. Sabrina grabs hold of my arm as the man, who is obviously the alpha starts to tremble. 

Wolves appear through the trees on either side of us; Sabrina jumps with surprise though I don’t as I heard them coming.

“Aleta! Shut up!” She steps forward, though she still stays close beside me. “Alpha, my apologies for my sister’s behaviour. She’s been in the amazon for the last three years, her manors have somewhat deteriorated….”

She carries on talking but my attentions turns fully to the she-wolf shifting from paw to paw. A few other wolves keep sending her looks and I realise that she really wants to tango. I turn my body to face her fully. Looking her dead on in the eyes; this only seems to anger her further. What have I done that’s caused her obvious rage? She shifts again only this time she’s come closer to me.

“You don’t want to do this.” I murmur it trying to keep the attention from turning to us fully. I’ve barely taken a breath when she’s heading towards me like a heat seeking missile. She’s quicker than I anticipate and before I can dodge or make the first move, she’s sunk her razor sharp teeth into the flesh of my shoulder. She drives me to the ground ripping at me viciously; as embarrassing as it is, she could have killed me already but it’s like she wants to drag it out and make it more painful for my part. 

Sabrina hesitates for a moment before stepping forward to help me but before she can do anything, I reach for the one thing that I know I can rely on. The tingle that erupts in my fingertips alerts me to what’s about to happen. The tree only metres away erupts with a mighty boom sending out splinters of wood and large chucks outwards instead of it sawdust like I hoped. I obviously didn’t out enough juice behind it.

The splinters imbed themselves in flesh and the ground like needles. I’m saved by the she-wolf above me though she isn’t as lucky as a large needle sharp chunk of wood embeds itself in her side.


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