An Explosive Personality (On hold)

Aleta, an fifty year old vampire that still looks seventeen, has to join her sister in America when she gets herself in trouble. Her clan is being threatened by another and is close to breaking into war. Aleta knows if things turn to a fight that she'll be of help with her gift of making things and people explode.
Everything's uneventful, boring even until she provokes a werewolf in the local pack, turns out she's found her one and only, in the form of a werewolf.


2. Aleta


Chapter Two


“Then go elsewhere, we’re not interested,” his face impassive

I nod towards the wolf whose tail is wagging slightly from side to side.

“He seems interested. I just want to do some sparring; the other bloodsuckers aren’t on the same page as me, if you know what I mean.”

He still shakes his head, unmoved, though when I said ‘bloodsucker’, his eyebrows rose slightly.

“Is there a place where it’s like, no man’s land?” I ask an idea pops into mind.

The guy studies me for quite some time before answering, “yeah, but it doesn’t matter, because we’re not interested.”

“You already said that mongrel!” I roll my eyes “I just want you to show me where it is, think one of you dogs could so that?”

The wolf growls but cuts off when the guy sends him a sharp look, leaving me to believe he’s higher ranking.

“You guys could show me and get me off your backs, or don’t and discover the gift I got when I became a parasite.”

“Fine!” The guy growls. He turns to the wolf and gives him a warning look. “Keep patrolling.” Turning back to me, he fixes me with a steely look. “Stay on your side of the boundary line.” With that, I watch him change into a wolf slightly smaller than the other but still very impressive. His clothes end up as rags on the floor though he doesn’t seem to care.

We haven’t run long when we arrive at a clearing. It’s bigger than I expected and I can’t help but get excited with the amount of space.

He keeps himself facing me until he turns to leave, that’s when I strike. I spin out, throwing my arms out for balance as my foot comes up to land a solid kick in his side.

He turns with a grunt of pain and snarls a warning at me.

“Oh, come on dog, you know you want to fight back.”

When he hesitates, I play out a sweeping kick; he doesn’t dodge so his front two paws go out beneath him. Before he can recover, I spin back smacking him backhandedly across the muzzle.

“Maybe I should’ve waited for another wolf, you don’t seem to hold the skill I’d hoped for.” As if I’d pulled a trigger on a loaded gun, he’s coming at me from everywhere. He tries biting me anywhere he can reach and I have to concentrate to dodge his snapping jaw. While he’s most definitely not the strongest, he’s far from the weakest.

He manages to grab hold of my leg and sweep me off my feet and to the floor. Before I can jump to my feet or roll away, he’s on top of me, his snarling muzzle inches away from my face.

I open my mouth and let him watch my fangs descend into place before landing a kick into his stomach. I expect him to jerk away, I’m not expecting to fall to the floor beside me and start howling.

I fly away from him, never taking my eyes from him. He withers in pain and I find myself watching him with confusion. I didn’t kick him that hard, it was merely to get him off me. Yet he’s squirming across the floor like he’s in agony.

The howling is so loud that at first I don’t notice them; not only is he howling but it seems as if the whole pack is.

Leaving him on the ground, I find the other wolf howling, but it doesn’t seem as if he’s in any pain.

“What did you do?” Sabrina comes up beside me, her eyes locked on the large wolf.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” She asks with a mixture of bewilderment and anger.

“I really don’t know.” I say with all honesty.    



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