He's Watching

James Mason. The name that Bailey Jones has been trying so to forget about. When you first meet him he seems like an alright guy; blonde hair, ice blue eyes, warm smile. But that's just whats on the outside. James has demons, crazy demons deep inside. Bailey was the only one who was there for him, and then she left. He went crazy one cold night, and she left. But he isn't done with her yet, and neither are they. They want her, and they'll do anything to get her back, whatever it takes.


1. Where It Starts


Chapter One.


He just snapped.  Just like that.  One minute we were fine, sitting and laughing like any normal couple, and then out of nowhere he lost it.  Glass lays shattered on the floor, furniture tipped on it's side, and tiny puddles of blood dot the hard wood on the ground.  I don't know what set him off, maybe it was something I said, maybe something on the tv, or maybe something in his head.  But my once stable boyfriend is now a wreck on the floor, rolling, crying, and screaming that he was sorry.  He didn't hurt me, physically at least, mentally however, I was terrified.  I took slow, gentle steps toward him, as if I was any faster or louder he'd break.

"James, look at me."  I said softly as I knelt down next to him.  His eyes met mine for a spilt seond, but then he looked away.  His eyes were darker then usual, the icy blue was now the color of the ocean.  He was a mess.

"James.  I want to help you! Look at me, talk to me, do something!."  I mumbled in his ear.  Then he sat up slowly, and just as slowly as he sat up he began to stand.  Then he just left.  He just walked out.  Not saying goodbye or where he was going.  I stood for a few moments, not knowing to go after him or just stay here.  I just decided to stay here, maybe he'd come back.  If he didn't come back here hopefully he'd just go straight to his place.  I started to clean the living room, picking up the broken glass from the mirror that he punched, fixing the furniture, and cleaning up the blood from his knuckles.

Little did I know that would be the last time I'd ever see or hear from him in a long while.

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