Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


118. Winter Show Case Surprises


The whole concert goes swimmingly well. There's definitely a variation of acts as pupil after pupil lines up to take their place on the stage. 

After a teacher has said her welcomes, and introduced herself as the deputy head of the school, she thanks everyone for coming -particularly our little party at the front with an emphasis of how honoured they are to have us here. Niall nudges me, having a dig at the absent principal that he openly dislikes. "Shame Mr Chapman couldn't make it. I bet he wanted to make a personal welcome for us lot."

"Yeah," Liam laughs "rumour is that he's been practicing his left hook all week. What a shame."

"Now that is one fight I'd love to see against the Payno."

They both have a little laugh about it when I notice the deputy head leaving in a path of her clicking heels.

First up is a boy reciting a poem. Bless him he looks about 10 and his hands are shaking around the piece of paper that he’s holding the whole way through. The whole audience makes sure to give him a hearty round of applause and a few people cheer at the back -probably his proud parents.

That reminds me. "Are Rosie's parents here?"

Niall bites his lip in thought and turns away to whisper something to Lola.

"Yeah they're here." She says. "Oh look, these are a few of my friends."

We go back to watching the stage and there is a small group of girls, all doing a dance routine to Love on Top by Beyonce. They can't stop smiling and looking over at our group the whole way through the dance routine, sending exaggerated waves at Lola to make their point to us that she's their friend. "So which one's your bestest friend?" Niall taunts, not expecting an answer.

"Oh, Chloe. They're all my friends but she's my best friend."

"Which one is she?"

"The one on the left."

We all notice the far left dancer, a young slim girl with a pointed nose and smooth light caramel, mix-raced skin. Her hair is dark brown and is tightly curled in a waterfall of ringlets above her shoulders. She reminds me of Danielle; demeanour and dancing talent included. Somehow the dance routine –one that you'd expect to find an average group of year seven girls doing in their free time- looks effortless and lame for Lola's friend, compared to the other girls who are trying desperately to keep up and make it look as easy as Chloe makes it look. Why they decided to not put her in the centre, to distract us from the others, is one thing that I will never understand. "She's good!"

"Yeah, she's great. This is a performing arts specialist school you know." Lola laughs at me mildly.

"Yeah, exactly Harry."

I nudge Niall for his sarcastic comment when the music finishes and people start clapping.

"She'd love a photo by the way. Chloe won't admit it but she loves you guys."

"Why won't she admit it? That she's a fan I mean." Niall speaks the question that’s on my lips.

"Since you and Rosie got together, Niall, everyone's been talking to me about you guys. She knows it's tiring for me to hear about you guys every hour of every day; just people going on about your looks or girlfriends or music -no offense-" we both laugh lightly. We know the feeling. "So Chloe's just kept clear of the topic. I think she wants me to know that she's not just friends with me for a connection to you." I nod and observe the bright smiles in our directions. "Unlike some people." I'm guessing that I'm looking straight at a few of them by the way that she says it.

"Okay, well we'll talk to Chloe with you later. Right Niall?"

"Yup. Oooh! Look who it is now." The girls file off stage and there's a familiar person on the wings, looking as white and shaky as a piece of paper. 

There’s another woman on stage. According to Niall it’s Rosie’s music teacher. "I hope you've enjoyed the last two acts. Everybody has been working very hard for your entertainment, so sit back and enjoy. We will now be lucky enough to have some of my very own thriving musical talents performing on this stage. So first up, give a warm welcome to the very special Rosie, who will be performing Ellie Goulding's Dead in the Water." We all give her a thumbs-up as she walks out and I hear a few people in the back whistle. Niall looks back, twisting his body and leaning over the back of his metal chair to try and find out who it was, but I clap him on the back with a laugh to get him to turn back around. I notice Rosie trying to stifle a giggle at the microphone too.

"Fucking idiots..." He mutters.

"Hey, Nialler. I remember a time when you didn't have a girl to protect, never mind fend any school boys off of. Be proud brother." Liam nods from next to me to echo my reassurance.

Niall laughs a little, and all of a sudden the whistles are forgotten. Rosie smiles in our direction for practically the whole song -concentrating on Niall like he had told her to.

The whole thing was pretty haunting and magical -with nothing else on stage but the dim spotlight above her; it was amazing how the whole room's eyes were drawn on her. 

"I'm dead in the water. Can't you see? Can't you see?" When she finished the beautiful song, riffing on the last words, so many people jumped out of their seats -including our whole group at the front- that I wasn't surprised when she received a standing ovation. Niall and Zayn both pumped their fists, Perrie jade and the other girls jumped on the spot as they cheered and the rest of us just clapped respectfully whilst Louis jeered -hyping the crowd and getting Eleanor to have a laughing fit as she leaned against him.

Rosie is actually an amazing singer. Her voice will take her so far -it's obvious, even now.

"Remind me why she didn't want any record dealers here again?" Liam shouts over the applause to Niall, who just shrugs and continues clapping like the proudest man alive. She takes a quick bow, in shock at the reaction she's received and I can see the nerves leave her like a cloud of bad smoke. With a quick hop in each step she is off the stage and replaced by a girl and her flute. She looks to be in year 11 and her wide eyes communicate the words 'how the fuck am I supposed to follow up from that?' or something of that sort.

A few more acts go by when Rosie is back on stage. This time it's a more uplifting song. The track starts on the speakers and Rosie takes a hand up to the microphone stand, leaning into it as she closes her eyes and starts to sing. Taking short breaths to gather herself. “Heart beats fast, colours and promises, how to be brave, how can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone. All of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow. One step closer…

The music kicks up the chorus and I feel the hairs on my arm stand on end as Rosie’s eyes fly open, finding Niall’s behind the microphone. A small smile spreading on her face as the same thing happens to his. “I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years.” She starts to sway gently, no longer bothering to hide her wide set of teeth in the grin. “I’ll love you for a thousand more.” She looks ready to giggle, so takes her eyes to scan around the audience instead. I look around with her, seeing her parents waving and smiling at her proudly beside Carla and Justin. That explains her huge grins as she sings the next part of the song.

I’m looking back at the stage when my eyes fall on Rachel’s face. She looks grim and unhappy, even behind the plastered smile that she’s put there for her best friend; it’s a sore realisation that make me want to run over to her, until I remember that I’m the source of the problem. She catches me watching her and I turn my head quickly, getting my hair into my eyes.

Niall looks over at me in confusion and then smiles before leaning further back into his chair, stretching his legs out and listening to Rosie sing again. Everybody else around us looks as if they are in a trance as our friend rolls into the second magical chorus of Christina Perri’s song –A Thousand Years.

“Dude…” I whisper to Niall. “I’m betting all my money that she’s making a career out of this. For sure.”

He laughs and whispers from the corner of his mouth, massaging the knee that rests on one of his legs. “I think anybody would be stupid to place that bet against you.”

“Are you sure you can’t get her to reconsider…” I see the thoughts behind his blue eyes as he watches the girl in the pink dress; someone who was just another member of the crowd just over a month ago. Now he’s sitting in her own crowd; admiring her in the same way that she had watched him originally.

“I’ll talk to her later. But she’s made up her mind for now –it’s her exams that she’s focusing on –and getting through this high school alive.”

“Don’t blame her.” We both chuckle quietly to stop from drawing Rosie’s attention to us.

She flips up on one unnoticeable note at the end, but apart from that it’s practically perfect. She had already captured her audience from the first performance anyway, so she has nothing to worry about as we all leap up into a second huge round of applause.

Between leaving the stage and her last performance, there are a few more acts that catch my attention. The first is a black boy who is apparently in year 10. His young features stand defiantly against his solid dance moves and Liam grins next to me the whole way through his routine to White Noise, a house classic by Disclosure.

“He’s great!”


It’s a great atmosphere, and part way into the track he even takes a run at the left-hand-side stage wall and runs half way up it to do a backflip as the beat drops. The whole crowd is on their feet all of a sudden, screaming and his friends are chanting his name throughout the rest of the song. You can see him becoming more and more confident throughout the whole song as he enjoys it more and the song becomes quicker paced. A smile doesn’t leave his face from that point on.

The only other two acts able to catch my eye, as thoroughly as the dancer, is another guy in the sixth form who can beat box really well and the gravity dance troop who perform to a mash up of songs. Songs that are all at the top of the charts at the moment –that explains why they had to back out from their offer of Rosie singing for them due to the quick changes from track to track.

Before we know it, the music teacher is back on stage; her cheeks folded in a sad smile. “Now I know all of you will be sad to hear this, but it is time for our last act of the evening. This is a really meaningful song to the girl that you are about to hear for the third time tonight. We expect her to go a very long way after leaving us, so please, give a huge round of applause for Rosie again. Enjoy this very special performance.” There’s something about the way that she says it –something wise and knowledgeable about her selective words. The crowd does as she says and Rosie sashays onto the stage yet again, getting her whispered words of encouragement from her teacher before she leaves.

Niall pats my knee in excitement as Rosie walks out into the spotlight, ignoring the set up microphone in the middle of the room, causing me to raise my eyebrows. We hadn’t talked about this. Instead she nervously walks over the grand piano, set up on the front corner of the stage furthest from me. Once she sits down, letting her dress fall to one side so that her lower legs and killer silver heels are on show to the audience, she smiles at Rachel and adjusts the microphone stand so that it’s closer to her.

“This one’s for you guys.” She says, smiling at each of our faces, one by one. “For the people who taught me that not everything’s impossible. I haven’t been able to tell each of you how much you’ve changed my life.” A small giggle leaves her mouth as she looks down at the piano keys. “How could I ever put that into words? But each day you’ve taught me something new. Today it was to forgive and forget.” Rosie’s eyes linger on mine in embarrassment. “This is really awkward everybody. I’m sorry.” She looks around the rest of the audience and they return her small laugh. “To my new friends. One person in particular.” Rosie’s eyes pass over me and to my right. They stop in mild confusion before she blinks and snaps back to reality. “I hope you like it.”

Rosie pauses for a few seconds; sorting herself out and taking a deep breath. The keys rhythmically start to play to the melody of the song; the one that we all love so much. I look over at Liam and Louis to my left, and they both look back at me with proud smirks. “Your hand fits in mine, like it’s made just for me. But bear this in mind, it was meant to be. And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me.” Zayn mouths each of his lyrics as Rosie sings them for him. I never knew how beautiful this song could be when performed with just the simple sound of a piano. It sounds like an echoing voice to her riffed, husky tones. The higher pitch of her voice is a nice and much more beautiful change also.

I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes, when you smile, you’ve never loved, your stomach or your thighs. The dimples in your back, at the bottom of your spine but I’ll love them endlessly…” Rosie smiles sadly at the piano keys, and just as I nudge my arm out to the side to say something to Niall my arm hits nothing but air.

I won’t let these little things, slip out of my mouth, but if I do, it’s you.” Niall’s not there… Where’s he gone? “It’s you, they add up to. And I’m in love with you. And all these little things.

It will be fine… He’s probably just gone to the toilet.

You can’t go to bed, without a cup of tea, and maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep.” Her eyes meet Louis’ briefly with a smile because she knows that this is his solo. He nods his approval, just as any of us would do at this point. “And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep, though it makes no sense to me.” Rosie’s fingers glide across the piano effortlessly. She’d never told me that she could play the piano –or at least I don’t recall her saying it. I wonder if there’s anything she doesn’t have a talent for.

I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape you’ve never wanted to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you’re perfect to me.” I wait for her to look at me so that I can smile in bewilderment to encourage her even more. It’s starting to worry me now though. Niall wouldn’t have wanted to miss this –especially when she was dedicating the song to him.

“Liam, where’s Niall gone? I didn’t even see him go…” He probably won’t know either but…

Liam says nothing, he just smirks at the stage, and that’s when I see two school children run out from the side of the stage. They carry a stool between them and place it on the opposite side of the stage to Rosie.

“He’s not-”

“Just watch…”

Rosie looks around in surprise at the bang of wood on the stage behind her, but manages to keep playing, although it’s clear that she sure is distracted as she keeps turning to see what’s going on backstage. The lyrics leave her mouth breathlessly –like nerves are hitting her in a new way of their own. She must have seen-

I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if it’s true, it’s you, it’s you they add up to.” Just as I’ve predicted, the familiar sound of a guitar starts up and my friend emerges from the shadows, a shy smile on his face as he carries it out with him, receiving a roar of quick and shocked applause. “I’m in love with you, and all these little things.” Rosie also looks in shock as Niall strolls slowly to the stool that’s been set up for him. A few squeals of excitement make their way out from the now mostly silent and bewildered audience.

This time Rosie just keeps watching him as she plays the piano and allows Niall to take control of the song for his amazing solo.

You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you. And you’ll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you know that I’m here for you. Maybe you’ll love yourself… like I… love you.

“Oooohh…” Rosie joins him on the last chorus with a huge, bashful smile that creeps out of her lip and from under her eyelashes.

And I’ve just let these little things slip out of my mouth.” They chorus with full eye contact. “‘cause it’s you, oh it’s you. It’s you they add up to. And I’m in love with you. And all these little things.” Niall strums faster as they reach the end chorus of the song. His fingers plucking at the strings, like the action comes to him almost as easy as breathing.

“I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth, but if it’s true, it’s you. It’s you they add up to. I’m in love with you, and all your little things.” I’ve never seen the song performed in a more perfect and heartfelt way –and trust me... I’ve seen nearly every variation there is to see. It feels like such an intrusive moment as they watch each other from across the stage, but as the curtain rolls down it couldn’t be more perfect.

The moment passes and girls scream from nearly every chair in the school hall –it’s very easy in moments like these to remember that you’re not just any ‘average’ person any more. Niall Horan performed at a school concert –this will be in newspapers for days if anyone catches a hold on this. I look back at all of the cameras in the crowd, which are still poised in the air, and I know it will take less than 24 hours for them to get the word out. Good. I’m glad that people will be able to see Rosie’s talents and my best friend’s genuine relationship with her. How could anyone dislike them after something as great as that performance?

Who needs dates with Kendall for publicity, when you can have Niall Horan singing with his girlfriend at her school Winter Show Case instead?

“Who’s idea was that? It was amazing.” I ponder as I lean towards Liam. I’m on my feet, clapping my loudest for my two friends who stand behind the curtain. People are whistling, jumping, shouting, jeering, you name it. Whatever noise that can be made, is certainly being made. It echoes through the hall’s tall ceilings to make the sound even louder.

“It was Rachel’s idea. Brilliant, right?”

Liam is shuffling closer to me to hear my reaction, with a smile, but all that I can do is watch her as she stands on the balls of her feet and proudly claps for her best friend also. I can’t stand the fact that I can’t walk straight over there and talk to her; its driving me crazy. Forget crazy -more like insanity. “Yeah… brilliant…”


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