Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


86. 'We Have Visitors!'


Rachel and I are sitting in the living room, painting each other’s toenails -Rachel's are a lavender shade of purple and I've gone for a thick multi-coloured glitter polish. I'm onto Rachel's last two toes when I hear the doorbell ring. I don't know who it could be -I've only just gotten off the phone to a pair of very anxious parents who said they wouldn't be able to get home until 7:00pm at the earliest. It couldn't be Justin either, because he's doing his apprenticeship and then going straight over to Carla's house for the whole evening.

Rachel decides that it'd be safer for me to stay here whilst she checks who it is and I completely agree with her.

"If it's the paps or journalists then you can tell them to piss off, from me."

"Not if I get my say first."

I subconsciously flip through my whole box of nail varnishes. There must be at least 60 bottles in here and the majority of them are Barry M. Purples and greens, glitters and metallics, pinks and blacks; you name it; whatever the colour is, I probably have it.

I'm distracted from my daydream when Rachel walks back through the door with a wide smile. "We have visitors!"

It only takes me a second to recognise the Brum brunette and Northern petite.

"El! Soph! Why are you here?"

I jump up to fling myself around their necks.

"Well... The boys can't even understand what you're going through so they basically planned a whole evening out for us. We're your company to cheer you both up! Most of it will be taking place this evening so I guess..." El looks around the room in awe and Sophia finishes off her sentence.

"We figured that we'd be able to chill out here before the cars arrive to pick us up."

"Yeah," I can't stop smiling. I'm just so happy to see Eleanor and Sophia again. "That's great! We were just planning on staying here all evening anyway so of course, it's not a problem."

"What are we gonna be doing tonight then?" Rachel takes the question right out of my mouth. 

"How does a girly night at Winter Wonderland sound?"


Winter wonderland is a London winter fair that is set up in Hyde park every year. There's so much to do there; theme park rides, lots of small market stores, it's even nice enough to just walk around and admire the pretty Christmas lights.

"So... I was thinking hot chocolates, candy floss, maybe a hot dog or two? Then we could go on as many rides as possible and finish the whole trip off at the ice skating rink?"

"That sounds amazing! Except..."

I laugh, knowing exactly what Rachel is about to say and so finish the sentence for the two of us.

"Except neither of us know how to ice skate."

"We'll it's lucky you've got us then! Me and El are pros, aren't we hun?"

"Of course!" Eleanor's white teeth clench together as she smiles brightly and I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I don't even give a damn towards the attention we will get this evening; because at the end of the day, I’ll be with my friends and that's all that matters!


"Right, come on -enough of the chit chat. I want to see this infamous walk in wardrobe.” Apparently it's something spectacular and Louis' instructed me to have a look.

"Don't you two need to get dressed before we go anyway?" Sophia and I look pointedly at Rachel and Rosie's business suits and try not to start giggling. We all put our mugs down, onto the coffee table between us, and get up from the cushioned carpet, so that we can follow Rosie around the house. We've already seen the kitchen and living room so she guides us round the rest of the house. Two rooms that really stick out in my mind are The Den and 'Roselyn's' bedroom.

They're both spectacular and it would be every girls dream to own rooms like these. I know exactly what Louis meant when he described it as being "a real-life tumblr page" –they’re the kind of rooms that would crop up on my dashboard.

As we enter Rosie's room, my eyes are caught straight away by the mosaic mirror headboard. It catches every piece of light and I have to run over to tail my fingers along. It must have been varnished because no edges of mosaic stick out from the rest; it's as smooth as the white wooden table beside it. As I peer at it, a thousand of my brown eyes are reflected, each with an identical flick of gel eyeliner.

"I love this!"

"It's one of my mother's pieces. She even made it especially for me."

"Marie Stephens right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

Sophie answers for me "She's one of the designers everyone has to study on any of the University fashion courses..."

"But she's an interior designer..."

"Yes but she's also very good at what she does -she's practically famous to us -even in the world of fashion designers."

Rosie shrugs her shoulders and I feel like she didn't realise how important her mother is. Maybe it's the first time it's occurred to her that her mother isn't just 'her-mother-who-has-a-good-sense-of-style' and that she's an expert at what she does.

"It's so weird. I study her work and now I'm here with one of my best friends who turns out to be her daughter."

"Trust me, I think it's weirder for us." Rachel laughs from inside the wardrobe and I follow her in. Everything is clean and modern with cream walls and dark, mahogany panelling. Inside the panels are racks and racks of clothes, baskets of accessories, tonnes of pairs of shoes and other little draws to keep some things private from view. At the opposite end of the room the whole wardrobe is reflected by a floor length mirror that covers the entire wall. It’s any girl’s paradise; especially for someone who wants to become a designer, such as Sophia and I for example.


I spot two pairs of Christian Laboutins, a few Chanel dresses stored in the full length rack of clothes and a whole case of perfumes that look like they've hardly been touched. 

One in particular is my personal favourite perfume: Chanel NO.5.

I reach to touch the familiar bottle and remember that Rosie's watching me from behind. You can have it if you want Eleanor. They're all Christmas presents from the last two years. I never use them because I'm more suited to my own fragrance by Christian Dior."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah of course. Anything you want too Sophia?"

"No of course not... Don’t be silly."

"Even these Marc Jacob heels? Size 5 right?"

"Ooohh, you're so tempting... Actually -they'd look amazing with this blue dress I have..." Soph dribbles over the pair of midnight blue stilettos, considering whether to take them or not.

"So borrow them then?"

"Are you really sure..?" Soph is obviously fighting between self-indulgence and courtesy.

"Yeah of course! Wear them to a party!"

"Well one of my friends is having a 21st birthday party next week?!"

"That's perfect then. Here, take them."

"Love you little Rosie." They cuddle briefly and then Rachel stamps into the room indignantly.

"So you're not going to offer me anything?"

"Babe, you're borrowing some of my clothes now -I'm still waiting for that hand bag by the way!"

They both laugh and it shows how close they are -more like sisters than friends. 

"Yeah yeah, you'll get it... Sometime in the future."


We all giggle and explore Rosie's wardrobe some more. I find a few pairs of Niall's clothes in the back of a draw and pretend not to have seen them. It's so cute that they're together but I don't want to intrude on their personal life; not when she's missing him so much and having a bad week -I can't ruin the laugh and bright green eyes that have been constantly on show since we both arrived here. 

Eventually, once the girls are both dressed and doing their make-up, I find myself wandering over to the mirror to look at myself.

Rosie opted for a thigh-high black skater dress with a thick pair of grey, cable knit tights and a black pair of Dr. Martens. She's got many more layers of clothes on than I'm used to seeing her in, including a grey winter jacket that outlines her waist and creates a skirt around her hips. She's also wearing a white matching set of gloves, a scarf and a hat. 

Sophia's gone for her usual winter style; sporting a padded black leather jacket that is tight and fitted and also a navy turtle neck jumper that droops at the front to show a bit more skin from the top of her chest.

Rachel's wearing a pair of Rosie's baby blue jeans. They have lace sewn over the material, creating pretty white and blue patterns. They're high waisted, so she also wears a black knitted crop jumper. To be honest it's more of Rosie's, cute, vintage style than Rachel's gothic, tumblr girl look -but that doesn't mean it doesn't suit her.

I, alike to Sophia, am also wearing a black, padded leather jacket that is quilted on the inside. Underneath I have a plain white top that is covered by a pink silk top that trails at the back and comes down to my knees so that it could be mistaken for a very see through dress. On my legs I wear an extremely thick pair of leggings to keep me warm with a brown pair of ankle boots. I like my outfit for today but my hair is letting me down. I've curled my hair as normal but it's beyond frizzy at the top and at the front of my face. I'm considering pulling it into a ponytail but the ends of my hair are perfect and I don't have an elastic. 

"What the hell am I gonna do with my hair?"

Sophia finds her way over to start brushing through the tops of it with her long nails, but it doesn't create much difference. It still looks as wiry and raged as a lion’s mane. 

Rosie -who's straightened her hair tonight for a change, and has tied it into a high pony tail that falls down the middle of her back- had found her way over to the two of us. She's taking bobby pins from between her teeth and threading them into her hair to keep her layers back. 

Rosie comes over to me quickly and stands there for a few seconds, contemplating what to do when she smooths the hair back and sticks a few bobby pins in (to keep my fringe back too). After shuffling them around a bit, it keeps the top of my head smooth, but the job is messy and pins stick out all over the place. Rosie hesitantly walks over to one of her draws where she keeps the majority of her accessories and is watching me from the reflection of the mirror. Her eyes dart over my pink, chiffon top and then she manages to pull out a silk scarf of nearly the exact same colour. 

Sophia asks what she's planning to do with it but just replies with "watch."

She quickly tucks it under my lengthy hair at the back as then pulls it up at the front to tie it. It covers all of the pins and she ties a tiny bow with long ends to keep it tight around my hair. She twists the scarf so that the bow is at the side of my face and the spare lengths of scarf fall into my hair behind my back. I must admit the scarf colour is a pretty and similar colour to my shirt. 

"You're very lucky," Rosie smirks at my expression -which is beyond impressed "that I absolutely love the colour pink."

I run my painted black fingertips over the silk of the lush, pink scarf and it is soft against my skin. It looks pretty. Very pretty.

“That’s one of the first things that Niall brought for me. I wouldn’t let him get it, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. You know how it is.” Rosie is daydreaming with an adorable smile whilst she watches my reflection. I have to nod and give her a little laugh. I know exactly how it is.

Sophia catches my eyes from behind the two of us and gives me a wink. We were talking about Rosie and Niall earlier. We were worried that maybe they had rushed into things too quickly -that Rosie could have been caught up in the excitement too much to think about their future together- but now we know that we have been proved wrong.

They love each other already, and it’s only the start of their relationship.

Neither mine nor Sophia’s relationships’ were built up from the first day –we both knew our boys for ages before this; but only ever as friends. We didn’t know how to love each other as partners as quickly as Rosie and Niall did. It’s so lovely to watch; but I’m almost jealous of how much time they’ll be able to share together in the future without having to go through all the troubles and hardships that Lou and I did, before we finally realised that we were the other one’s missing jigsaw piece. We fitted into each other’s hearts perfectly. We are soul mates; just as Liam and Sophia are, Zayn and Perrie are, Niall and Rosie are.

The only people left who are still to find their soul mates are Harry and Rachel; then our group will be a tie of friendships and relationships.

The only thing that one of them doesn’t know, is that what they’ve been looking for all along is already staring back at them, straight into their eyes -waiting for the simple ‘go-ahead’. Unfortunately, being a gentleman, only after she gives him the signal will Harry tell Rachel his feelings. And I have a feeling that that could take some time…


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