Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


84. Viral Videos


“Right, up you get. Both of you –come on.”

There’s a yank on the curtains; allowing light to flood into the room from the busy New York Streets. I turn away from the source, bunching the sheets up around my face, and try to block out the screams that start on the pavement below. It surprises Paul and he stands there for a few seconds, blocking out some light with his bulky figure, before there’s another scrape of metal on metal. He’s closed the curtains again and the crowd outside quietens.

“On second thoughts, maybe that’s not the best idea I’ve had all morning.” I fight the urge to laugh, but fail miserably as I always do.

I would give anything for an extra hour in bed but the rumble of my stomach encourages me to slide my legs off of the bed, towards a still fast-asleep Zayn who’s buried opposite, and sit up. “What time is it?”

“Good man.” Paul praises me for how easily I’ve gotten up this morning. “Just after 9:00am mate. Early start today.”


No wonder I feel shitty –after phone calls and skype meetings, which went on until around 4:15am, I’ve only had about 5 hours sleep.

“I know, I know. Come on –either get showered or help me wake up Zayn.” That comment itself wakes me up; I shoot out of the room towards the bathroom. Paul laughs grimly from the bedroom and calls over the shower faucet. “Yeah, I thought that’d be your answer.”

Zayn is the worst to wake up and he’ll be even worse today. We both went to sleep around the same time last night, due to him helping me to sort out the stuff with Rosie and Rachel’s school, so I don’t want to be anywhere near him when Paul shakes him awake.

I jump into the shower; washing both myself and my hair quickly, with a gingerbread shampoo that I managed to borrow from Rosie before we set off. What can I say? It smells of home –and she has a few of my t-shirts and sweatpants. We’re even.

At some point during my shower, Paul walks in to collect some water in a bottle, and then walks straight back out. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when I see a half-asleep and extremely grumpy Zayn walk through the door only a few minutes later; water dripping all the way from the top of his scruffy hair, down to his neck and all the way over his bare chest and back.

I just laugh at him sympathetically, whilst finding my way out of the shower, flinging a towel around my hips and observing Zayn as he starts to fall asleep from his place on top of the toilet lid. “Come on Zayn. Shower.” I startle him and he pats me on the back as I leave him to strip off and get showered. Being in a boy band, I understand that a lack of privacy doesn’t really bother you, but getting the opportunity to have some is never a bad thing either.

“He awake?” Paul shoves a finger to the bathroom where Zayn is now, from where he sits on an arm chair and reads over his emails for the day.

“Only just. He practically fell asleep sitting on the toilet.” Paul looks up at me with amusement and confusion in his eyes. “Oh no –he was sitting on the lid waiting for me to get out the shower…”

“I was gonna say.” I look over to Zayn’s bed and sigh. There’s a huge wet patch around the pillows where my friend was previously sleeping. “You know, you could try not to make such a mess. That’s gonna take ages to dry.”

“Do you really think I was gonna be able to wake him up without it?” Paul raises an eyebrow over the top of his Samsung 4. “Don’t worry –I’ll get them to change the sheets. Who are you to talk about messy anyway?” We both laugh together and observe the room that’s already been wrecked. Luckily we only have a few more nights here before it’s time to leave so the mess won’t be a problem to just shove into the suitcases and make do with, until we get home of course.

“So what were you doing up so late last night?”

“Ugh… Don’t even go there. I need to talk to the boys about it first. Rosie’s head teacher is being a right knob.”

“Aren’t all head teachers knobs?” The comment makes me laugh; neither Paul nor I were particularly well behaved students. “What did he do?”

“Allowed a whole group of pap’s and journalists onto school grounds. They mobbed the car.”

“But he’s not allowed-“

“Exactly. I’ve been in touch with our lawyers and they’ve said that they’re already onto the case. We shouldn’t have to wait long.”

“Fuck… You’re really going to town with this girl anyway.”

“Of course I am. She’s my girl. I’m not gonna have people treating her like this.”

“You’re a real gentleman you are Niall.”

I decide to mess around with him a tad. Flicking my wet hair and showing an over-the-top self confident smile (like something of a TV ad) I reply “Well, I should hope so. There’s more than beauty under this skin baby.” I swipe drops of water off of one of my pecs and burst into laughter at Paul’s uncomfortable stare. His top lip is curled mockingly and I go to throw a punch by the side of his head.

“Go and get dressed mate. You look like a complete twat prancing about like a model.”

“Shut up. You’re looking at the face of TeenMag, you are.” I strike a pose and then run off towards the wardrobe in the corner before I can piss Paul off anymore. The last thing I want is to be pinned to the floor, with only a towel to cover up the parts of my body that no one should ever have to see in a fight.

“Look who’s running now.” He laughs at me as I amble through my clothes and decide on a tight navy blue t-shirt, a black pair of baggy jeans that is more commonly worn by all five members of One Direction. I throw a pair of CK boxers on first and do a little show for Paul before I throw my jeans on and he has to come running for me this time.

I leap over the bed to where our burly security guard was sitting by the windows and, with perfect timing, a stampede of three boys coming running into our room through the unchained door. Louis is in front -Harry shortly behind him- with Liam catching up from a short distance behind them. They bring with them some shouts and excited expressions on their faces.

Louis is waving his iPad in the air above him, as he shouts the loudest out of all of them “Fucking legend! You guys have to watch this!”

Zayn’s walking out from the bathroom, looking more refreshed and a tad wider awake, with a towel tied around his waist and another one being used to roughly dry the top of his hair. “What is it?”

Harry strides over to me in the back of the room, and flops onto my bed on his back. “You’re gonna love it Niall.” A cheeky grin is on his face, one that causes his dimples to appear on both cheeks and puckers the right side of his face in amusement.

Louis holds the screen out in front of Zayn, for him to watch it first. It’s a video; I can hear loud talking and the faint screech of tires. It interests me as Liam peers over Zayns shoulder to probably watch it for the 3rd or 4th time –you can tell by his facial expressions that he’s watched it multiple times as he waits patiently for whatever he knows will happen and tells Zayn to “Wait for it…”

Harry laughs softly from beside me and I raise my eyebrows in curiosity. When the short video finishes Zayn looks straight over the iPad to meet my eyes and nod in astonished manner. His eyes brighten and he lets his laugh out –the one that hardly anyone sees anymore and it reminds me of when I met him over 3 years ago (when we were all the cheeky chappys that got us to where we are today).

Paul pushes his way over to see it next and this time everyone's eyes are on mine.

"Go on then... What is it?"

I close the distance between myself and the iPad. Louis rewinds it and I faintly recognise it as being the entrance to... Rosie's school.

There's a huge crowd of people around the black range rover that I've spent so much of my time in over the last two weeks. 

The paps. The journalist. They're all slamming their fists and cameras against the body and glass windows of the car. One guy shifts his weight, allowing me to imagine where Rosie's panicked face would be had it not been for the blacked out windows. The person recording the whole situation -probably a student- exclaims their disgust at how her car is ring crowded. "That's not right! Why would you do that to someone..? Poor girl... Look at her sister! Na man... That's not right at all." Lola's blonde hair is just visible as she fights her way around the car. One grotesque, photographer tries his hardest to grab her shirt collar. It makes my stomach churn.

I'm about to say something's and step away from the video; disgusted at what Louis and the  other boys have been so excited about... Did they not think about how this would affect me? I've lifted my hand up to push the picture away from me, when I'm shocked; just as vigorously as the crowd watching. All my friends laugh around me as my jaw drops open.

Rosie does a quick reverse manoeuvre, somehow dodging around people behind the back of the car that she shouldn't be able to see. People scream and drop cameras, others dive to the pavements safety. I laugh at how quickly my girlfriend has taken control of the situation, just from the inside of a car. She reverse weaves around them and gives them enough time to throw themselves out of the way enforce she speeds backwards. Some of the braver crews and reporters are running forwards, reflecting camera flashes off of every angle of the metal machine.

Before they can step away she accelerates towards them, missing them by inches, not metres, and turns at the last second before she can hit any passing cars.

I notice an expensive appliance -probably a camera- disappear under one of the front wheels, under the one behind, and then watch it emerge as an unrecognisable piece of scrap metal surrounded by glass and screws. I can't help but laugh in shock and relief. My baby's first act of defiance. She's tougher than I thought -perhaps things aren't as bad as I first thought either. She's a tough cookie my girlfriend. She'll handle herself until I get back -maybe I don't need that emergency flight for this evening after all.

"Niall, you didn't teach her that did you?" Liam's sarcastic comment drags me back to the reality that I can't leave. Not when we're here for business -I'd be letting the boys down and I can't do that.

"Mate, if I did, I'd have made it my signature move by now and I definitely wouldn't need her to be driving me around places."

We all rewind bits and laugh together: the students' commentary; the paparazzi's faces once the car has disappeared; right at the end there's even a small fight between a guy teacher -who had previously run up to the car to speak to Rosie- and a camera man who couldn't get close enough to the car and so kept nudging the teacher with his elbows.

Louis is grinning tremendously. "And do you know what the best part is? It's gone viral. It's all over the news channels like the BBC, CNN, Fox and Sky. Everyone's sticking up for Rosie too, so hopefully that bitch -Maddie Stuart- won’t be around for much longer."

I clap hands with Louis in excitement and everybody else mutters their agreement.

It's then that I realise that there is no longer just 6 of us in this now cramped hotel room. One of the modest women -who has been assigned to us for the week we spend in New York- is standing in the doorway.

Her tone of voice and volume is abrupt and threatening. "You should be reminded that all good publicity comes with its bad." What’s that supposed to mean? Louis roll his eyes at me, and I immediately start a coughing/laughing fit. "Something funny Mr Horan?"

I clench my jaw and Harry jumps up –spotting the anger in my stare- to block the path between myself and the woman. At first, the way that I have been addressed worries me, but then I remember who the employee is. We five, have overall control on what happens and who gets to address us in that way. "Yeah. You. Was there any need to come in here spoiling the fun and talking to us like we're children?"

Liam winks at me in agreement. The woman narrows her eyes. At least I have my boys' back up. "Actually there was... There are cars waiting for you outside."

Cars? What happened to breakfast? My stomach growls to make its point and I'm sure that a tiny corner of one of her lips is threatening to curl upwards in laughter.

Her expression pisses Zayn off too.

“You fucking expect me to get into a car looking like this?” He gestures down to his towel but she just keeps the aggravated eye contact with him, which ends up making him even angrier. “Can you get out so that I can get dressed? Fucking hell…”

“Hey, hey, calm down Zayn.” Paul is pushing his way over to the door to take control of the situation. “Sorry love but you have to leave.”

“The cars!” Paul’s having to push the woman with the blonde bob out of the room. She can’t be older than 30 but her stubbornness as she crosses her arms is unbelievable. Paul tries to close the door on her but she kicks one foot out to stop it from closing. “They have to come now.”

“Well they obviously can’t so reschedule them.”

“Don’t forget breakfast too!” I chirp happily as the door is shut at last, and everyone listens to her aggravated exhale, that comes out sounding more like a grunt from some sort of farm yard animal.


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