Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


60. "Trouble Sleeping?"


I woke up with tears streaming down my face. My heart was racing and I could see that my forehead glistened with sweat in the mirrors opposite. It took me a minute to figure out where I was, when I remembered that I was staying in One Direction’s classy apartment complex. I sat cross legged for a while, the duvet keeping my feet warm, whilst I calmed myself down and checked the time.

I couldn’t remember the last time that I’d had a nightmare. I wasn’t used to waking up feeling terrified and unable to remember what I had dreamt. Normally I dreamt about nice things –like the people in my life who made me happy or just something as simple as going around Croydon, with a pocket full of cash, to add even more garments to my ever growing fashion collection.

I shook off the slight paranoia that was clouding my brain and slipped into the prettily furnished en suite bathroom. It was slightly larger than the ensuite that waited for my return back home, but as the flat’s only bathroom, was slightly smaller than I had expected for somewhere that One Direction owned.

The shower took about 5 seconds fewer to heat up, but then it took me nearly a whole minute to adjust all the different levers and knotches, so that it was at exactly the right temperature. I adored hot showers –but not so hot that it burned the bare skin of my body.

I washed my hair, body and then finished off by shaving my legs, before I jumped out and remembered about the towel that I had left in the bedroom. Luckily there was another one hanging up. It wasn’t mine but I was pretty sure that it hadn’t been left here for any other purpose and whoever it belonged to wouldn’t mind it’s use–I was the only one living in the two bedroom flat anyway. I pulled the grey towel off of the rack harshly and bundled myself into it as I walked back into the room.

The bad dream had woke me up half an hour earlier than I had planned, so I was free to tiptoe around the flat and take my time as I did my hair, makeup, got dressed and lounged around on my phone for a while. Twitter was still going mental –I doubted that it would ever stop from now on, so I had already turned off the mention’s notifications as a result. I couldn’t bear to think about how lively my phone would be if I had left them on. It would have been buzzing all day, as well as all night.

I had 20 minutes before I would need to leave and make the long car journey to school, so the rest of the time was spent replying to tweets and DM’s until I couldn’t stand the thought of writing one more message. Another few minutes went by, of me just standing by the large glass window and admiring the view of London; it was beautiful –spectacular even- but was harshly ruined by the grey clouds that lingered in the sky, threatening to rain - or even worse, snow. It wept through the large screen of glass, making the whole room feel drowsy and miserable.

I could no longer think of any more things to waste my time doing, so instead went to check my outfit in the wardrobe mirrors and gather my belonging whilst I lazily put my shoes on. I really wasn’t in a good mood for school this morning. Maybe the nightmare had put me on a bad foot to start off with, but my longing to spend the day with Niall and the thought of people harassing me all day, really wasn’t making it any better.

I looked classy in a fitted white shirt that had long sleeves and silver buttons. It revealed a heavy silver chain around my neck that matched a silver bracelet I wore on one tiny wrist. Along with the shirt, I was wearing; a short, slim, grey pencil skirt; a pair of stretchy black tights; and the pair of black, polished shoes that I had remembered to pack last night. Instead of a blazer I was wearing a thick, chunky knit jumper that was the colour of liquid caramel. Its tight sleeves only started at my elbows, giving the feeling that it was even baggier and warmer than it really was. I cuddled myself inside of it and twirled around so that I could admire the long curls that fell over the toffee coloured wool and the long flicks of black eyeliner that emphasised my green eyes.

I had to admit –as a whole, it was one of my most successful outfits since the beginning of sixth form. It looked good and was perfect for a cold, miserable day around London. I picked up my bag and grabbed the new set of keys that I had acquired when we arrived here at about 8:00pm last night.

When I stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, that was exclusive to One Direction’s Apartment Complex, I recognized 2 familiar faces who were standing by the front desk that was nearly always manned –for the boys’ and their partners’ safety in particular.

Behind the counter was a grinning Thom, in full suited-and-booted attire. Next to him, I could only just recognize Liam. He was leaning his full body weight against the desk, wearing a tshirt, tracksuit bottoms and a pair of trainers. When I had entered the lobby that was already sporting tall Christmas trees, as tall as the 10ft ceiling, they were deep in conversation, but stopped and turned when they heard me walk in; heels causing a racket against the polished marble of the floor.

“Good morning Miss Stephens!” Thom greeted me politely, and I held my hand out to shake his, as I approached.

“Good morning Thom. You remember me!”

“Of course. How could one forget the name of a lass who’s as pretty as yourself?”

“Careful Thom, I might have to tell Niall that I saw you making a move on his girl.” Liam joked with the gentle Irish man who never caused any offence with his cheesy chat up lines.

"His girl, huh?" He raised one eyebrow at me and beamed. "Noone ever saw that coming!" Liam and Thom guffawed at his overly-sarcastic comment.

“Liam.” I smiled in greeting and went to give him a kiss on the cheek. “You’re up early. Trouble sleeping again?”

“Yeah, sort of. I couldn’t sleep so decided to go out for a run with my trainer and then hit the gym a bit earlier than everyone else.”

“Explains the attire.” I smiled and he seemed embarrassed for a fraction of a second.

“Yeah. You look nice. Going to college?”

“Yes I’m on my way there now.”

“Do you need a lift Miss Stephens?”

“No thank you –I’m taking my car. I told Rachel that I’d bring the car so that she could put her bag into the boot as soon as we both arrive. I also wanted to drive myself there this morning, because it’ll be my first time driving to school.” I swayed on my heels slightly with excitement.

“Oh well if you’re sure. And how comes? Have you only just passed your driving test?”

“Yeah, I received my license on Sunday.”

“How exciting.” Thom’s brown eyes smiled brightly at me and Liam pushed himself from the desk to make his way towards the elevators.

“Right, well I’m off anyway. Glad the Mrs is ok, Thom. Tell her to put her feet up and don’t forget to let me know if there’s any more information.” Liam winked at Thom and backed away slowly, taking long strides in his sports trainers. It made me appreciate how caring he was.

Liam didn’t have to care about his driver and the people that he and the boys employed. However, that didn’t stop him from doing so and making everybody that he met feel important in their own special ways. There was something about his light hearted personality that showed he never took anything, nor anybody, for granted. He was really easy to get along with; especially for me.

“Liam, before you go.” He replied to my words with a smile, whilst waiting for the elevator to return to the lobby. “Know anywhere nearby where I can get a good but quick breakfast?”

“You’re in luck. Right over the road is a Costa coffee. I recommend the gingerbread and cream latte with a bacon, brie and cranberry Panini.”

“Sounds good. Thanks Li.” And with that, he disappeared into the elevator, after yet another smile. “Right, I’ll be on my way now Thom. See you later.”

“Have a good day Miss Stephens.”

 I flashed my way out of the revolving doors -using one of the ID cards on my key ring- and stepped out onto the partially crowded pavement. Instead of turning around the corner, and letting myself into the Complex’s small and secure parking lot, I took Liam’s directions and found the nearest crossing so that I could cross the busy dual carriage way and get to the cosy Costa coffee, which was only a matter of meters from the boys' building.

Whilst I was waiting for my order by the front of the shop, I looked up at the tall glass building and saw someone peering out, from one of the windows that was lower down. The person was waving in a laid-back manner and I recognized their features straight away. The hair; the build; not forgetting the crazy stubble that was transitioning into a beard. It was so surreal to see them waving down at me –but that was why I loved it so much. I wasn’t taking anything for granted in life right now. So many girls in this world would love to be put in my position right now –even for an hour.

I waved back and chuckled to myself slightly. Hello again, Liam.


A/N: Hi everyone, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with how many reads and likes and favourites we have racked up. It means a lot to me :) Just a little reminder to say that if anybody has any ideas or comments, on what could potentially happen next, in the story, then I am always be checking the comments and keeping my mind open to new ideas :) thanks again, keep reading! Nialls_tribute xo

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