Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


56. Tomster and Jules


Niall and I were holding back, so that we could let Rosie walk in front of us, as we entered the unfamiliar school playground, that was littered with primary school children and parents, and adjusted our beanies and sunglasses so that we would be barely noticeable. We were here to pick up Tommy and Julie, who were Rosie’s cousins -we didn't want a big fuss.

I had volunteered to come this morning so that I would be able to see Lola again, and keep everyone company on the way to the house where Rosie’s family lived. Harry, Louis, Liam and Rachel weren’t all able to come, as there were only 7 seats when the convertible ones, found in the bottom of the boot, were up. I loved kids and being around them. I had to be good with kids -so that I could deal with the huge extended family that I had left back home, along with mine and Perrie’s godchild.

Rosie ran forward towards the school building and a line of waiting children; obviously spotting them. She bent down in front of a pair of similar siblings, who were holding each other’s hands, so that her dark blue dress and black dress coat just scraped the top of the asphalt. Niall and I caught up with them and he offered me a quick nervous smile before we turned our attention back to Rosie, who had flung her arms around the adorable pair and was kissing each of them on the foreheads once.

“Hey kiddies.” She laughed as Tommy made a face and wiped his forehead in mock disgust. They both replied with a flurry of speech at the same time about their school days and how excited they were to see their older cousin.

The little girl was quite obviously related to Rosie -with the same, slightly chubbier, facial structure and with two equal brunette plaits that fell on either side of her grey pinafore to just above her elbows. She was one and a half heads taller than her younger brother who slightly resembled Justin but with blonder and thicker hair that fell over his eyes. He also had such a runny nose that Rose handed him a tissue so that she could help him sort it out. The pair of them were so tiny and reserved; the way that they smiled at their older relative, and any little friends that waved at them, was adorable. Niall relaxed from beside me, feeling better about meeting some younger members of his girlfriend’s family.

That was when Rosie took her smallest cousin’s blue book bag, that matched the school’s blue uniform jumpers, so that she could throw it over one shoulder and turn on her heeled boots (still in a crouch) so that she could point us out to the littl’uns.

We both smiled as Roselyn spoke comfortably “Tommy, Julie, this is my boyfriend Niall and one of his best friends Zayn.” Mine and Niall’s faces were all smiles as we stepped forward.

“Hey guys.”


I had barely even spoken when the little boy ran over and hugged me around the tops of my thighs before I could mimic Rosie’s crouch and receive the cuddle properly. “Hi! My name’s Tommy and I’m 5 years old and that means I’m in the smallest year but I’m not that small and my birthday’s in October. My friend Derek is smaller than me and my friend Sophie-” The rest of his words were lost in my jeans, as he mumbled into them, though I doubted that he would mind if I didn’t hear.

Rosie’s mouth formed the shape of a tiny ‘o’, in adoration and love at the way that Tommy had greeted me. I rubbed her cousin's back and he took a few moments before he moved back and gave me a wide, toothless smile.

It gave me an opportunity to talk to the little boy and I crouched down quickly so that I could be at eye level with him. “Lots of your teeth have fallen out Tommy. How many big boys teeth have you got?”

“Oh lots and lots and lots!” He frowned because he couldn’t remember the exact number and then opened his mouth wide so that he could count them in front of me “1...2...3 big teeth and 1...2...3...4....5 small teeth.”

“Wow! That is lots – you’re nearly a grown man!”

“As big as both of you?”

“Nearly!” Niall repeated for me with a chuckle, quite obviously taken by the little guy himself.

This seemed to please him and he pushed his chest out proudly, making himself seem stronger and larger than the small, slightly chubby build that is expected of a 5 year old. I turned my attention to an amazed Rosie, who seemed even more pleasantly surprised than when she found out that I got on well with her younger sister Lola.

“Hey sweetie.” My attention turned to the girl, cowering behind Rosie at the same time that Niall spoke up; obviously realising and making an attempt to get her out of her shell. Julie’s shoulders were high around her neck, emphasising the comparison of being shy like a small tortoise. She was smiling back at us sweetly, but wasn’t afraid to let her younger brother receive all of our attention. I pushed my sunglasses off of my face so that she could see the smile behind them and it seemed to relax her a little bit more. Niall did the same as me but looked around quickly to check that no one had spotted us immediately.

“Hello.” Her voice was no more than a whisper.

“Aw, you’ve gone all shy have you Jules?” Rosie took the end of her cousin’s braid and tickled her cheek with it; forcing a giggle to emerge from behind the tight smile. “She’s a big One Direction Fan, aren’t you poppet?” Julie gave her older relative a quick nod before she turned back to me and covered her face with her hands. That explained the embarrassment then. “Go and hold Zayn’s hand then Julie. We need to go and pick Lola up.” She approached me nervously but when I reached my arm out she didn’t hesitate at grabbing it and swinging on the other end.

“I’m holding Wiall’s hand!” screamed an excited Tommy –accidentally mispronouncing my best friend’s name. It sounded cute in his childish tones and me and Rosie both tutted affectionately.

“Cuteee. Wiall –I like it.” Rosie winked at Niall and then turned to the little boy on the end of his arm. “Good boy Tommy. Watch where you’re going. Dont... trip.” Too late. The little boy had stumbled over but Niall managed to catch him in time.

“Watch it little man!”

I took Julie’s bag to carry on my back when I read what was on the label on the front. “Julie Smith. Year 3.”


“So that means you’re...” I thought for a minute –wishing I hadn’t been so crap at maths back in school “-either 7 or 8 years old?”


Her answers were short so I asked her a question. “And when do you turn 8 little Julie?”

“July the 14th!”

“That’s a nice birthday. Mine is the 12th of January.”

“How old will you be?” Result –she was starting to ask me the questions now.

I counted in my head, just to be sure, and returned the answer with a gentle smile “21!”

“21! Wow!”

“Make the most of being 7 Julie, it doesn’t last for long but being 7 is one of the most fun ages to be.”



She smiled to herself and started to skip beside me so that she could keep up with the long strides that my scruffy Dr. Martens were making.

In front of us, Niall had linked his arms with Rosie’s whilst supporting a wobbling child in his other strong hand. He pulled the sunglasses back onto his face and I did the same as we started to reach the main gates that were swarming with people. That was when Tommy fell over once again, but this time, instead of just pulling him back up, Niall let go of Rosie’s arm to kneel beside him. “You ok buddy?”

“Wiall I keep falling over. I don’t like walking and I’m tired.”

“Don’t you worry about it kiddo. Tell me Tommy, have you ever wanted to be as tall as a tree or be as high as a flying plane?” What was he going on about? Niall seemed to know what he was doing however, as he raised his eyebrows and waited for the child’s reply; a huge grin of straight teeth stretching across his jaw.

“Yeah yeah! As tall as a giraffe!”

“I’ve got an idea.” He pretended to think and then smirked “Climb onto my shoulders and I’ll see what I can do.” Tommy beamed at his newly made friend whilst Rosie helped him onto her boyfriend’s shoulders. “Ready Pilot Tom?”

“Yeah! Go!” Niall got up; pretending to struggle at first, before he shot up unexpectedly and Tommy’s chubby arms flew to the top of Niall’s blonde head. “Wooah!” I laughed fondly at Niall’s unpredictable nature. He was great with little kids and I’d never even realised just how good.

“Wheee! Look Rosie I’m really tall!” She looked behind to find my eyes with a grin -overjoyed at how well we were all getting along- before she turned back to a waiting Tommy.

“Woah! You’re tall Tomster... Taller than me!”

“That’s not hard, I heard Niall chuckle under his breath.” She hit him on the arm and he let out one of his world famous cackles. “Sorry love.”

“You better be.”

Niall and I had just managed to make it out of the school unnoticed, giving kids smiles and waves as they threw their One Direction lunch boxes and drink bottles at us to show their affection and 2 minutes later we were approaching the car that we had parked along the grassy side of a main road.

 I climbed into the middle seats with Julie and helped her to do up her belt whilst Niall and Rosie concentrated on strapping a hysterically giggling and kicking Tommy into the safety children’s seat that we had found earlier, in Rosie’s basement so that we would be able to transport the little monster around.

“Right. Ready to go?”


“Yes Rosie!”

The whole 10 minute journey went by in a blur of colouring pictures with Julie and chattering noisily with Tommy. He was still set on calling Nialler, Wiall –much to everyone’s hilarity. Even Julie started to pick him up on it, but once Tom found out that he was pronouncing the name wrong, it proved to become an even more popular name and was therefore blurted out every time Rosie put the brakes on at a red light.


“Tomster!” Niall would shout back, equally as loud, causing a fit of laughter from the little boy beside me. It was then that it became a game. Tommy would call out any passengers name, who was seated inside the car, and they would have to call back his name before he shouted the next one.




“Tomster!” She sang his name back in a more bored tone than the rest of us.



“My names not Tommy-Tommy-Tomster!”

“Well it is now!” She taunted back at him and caused another round of high pitched giggling.


“Not again... Tomster!”

We were sitting outside of  Lola and Rosie’s school, waiting for Lola to appear on the side walk.


“Lola’s not here yet Tommy.” Niall laughed and Tommy started pointing towards the school with a short stubby finger.

“No, Wiall! Lola’s over there!” I looked to where he was pointing and saw that he was right.

“Yeah he’s right.” I confirmed and Rosie honked the horn once so that Lola would look over at us. She spotted us straight away and started to make her way over immediately, surrounded by a group of young girls of the about the same age. They were all jumping around excitedly as they got closer and Lola looked back at them unimpressed. “Hey Lollie!” I rolled down the window next to Julie so that she could see me and her face lit up like a bulb.

“See you guys later!” I heard her call out quickly to her friends, as she left them all behind, but they protested and walked forward to follow her.

“No, we wanna see them!”

“OMG its Zayn!”

“Look guys! Niall and Zayn!” They had spotted me and so I slunk back into my seat and fiddled with my tight hood. I didn’t want to create a scene and we had already caught a few people’s attention.

“So it wasn’t a lie!”

“Please guys... I’ll see you tomorrow...” Lola stopped them before they could reach the car.

“Gosh, you’re so mean. We just want to say hello to them!”

“We’re in a rush. You can see them another time maybe. Not now.”

“Hi Rosie!” A black girl called through the car windows, whilst Roselyn held her finger on the main control pad nervously so that she could slide the window closed again. “Do you recognize us? We’re you’re friends right.”

“Can you let us meet the boys?”

"I have no idea who they are." Rosie whispered quietly.

The five girls who stood around Lola kept pushing in front of her, so that she couldn’t open the car doors.

“We love you guys! We’re your biggest fans!”

They kept waving through the windows, occasionally hitting their hands on them –which pissed Rosie off considerably. Just when I was starting to get worried, Lola eventually managed to fight her way forward to hop in the car and slam the door shut behind her.

"Alriteeee monkey?"

“Just please drive! These people are crazy...”

"Okaaay, get your seat belt on first." The car would be surrounded in a few seconds and yet Rosie was still thinking of her little sister's safety.

“Bye Lola!”

“See you later!”

“BYE!” A blonde girl –who had dark brown and oddly drawn eye brows- was manically tapping on the windows when Lola fell into the back seats and Rosie stepped on the accelerator. By the time we had left, there was chaos on the pavement; word had spread fast and people were trying to push themselves towards he car.

We were a good 100 yards way Lola sighed loudly and finally greeted the car. "Hey everyone." She went through the bag beside her, checking for something, when I saw the midnight blue scarf that I had given her. It was tied onto her black handbag's strap, tightly. "Hey I gave you that!"

Lola smiled, almost as if she was embarrassed that I had seen. "Yeah I think it looks pretty cool. What do you think?"

"Looks good." I thought for a moment "One day you should tie your hair back with it. It'd look pretty."

"Good idea." She seemed impressed, but it didn't last for long before she huffed; stressed with what had happened and the amount of homework that was she flipping through in her bag.

"Stressful day?" Niall smirked at her through the rear view mirror but Lola didn't look up to find his eyes.

"No kidding. I've got so much homework and I couldn't do any at school because I was being followed around all day." Her childish girly voice returned as she moaned about her day. We were all ears whilst she explained and complained. "I don't even know any of those girls who were following me. I never knew being popular was so tiring."

"I knew that." Niall winked at Rosie in the front. I looked up just in time to see Lola stick her tongue out at the back of his head cheekily.

"Zayn, can I sit next to Lola?" Julie caught my attention from beside me and so I helped her to move seats so that she didn't fall over whilst Rosie kept driving.

"So apart from the fact that everyone at school wants to be your friend, what else has been going on with you monkey?"

"Nothing much, I think the real question is what's been going on with you?" Lola raised her eyebrows expectantly. She was acting oblivious and the tension in the car was awkward as I waited for someone to say something. Surprisingly it was the child who broke it.

"Wiall and Rosie!"

"Tomster!" They laughed back before Rosie carried on talking t Lola. "Wait... You mean to say that... you've been hassled and followed around all day and... you don't even know?"

Lola couldn't keep herself from starting a giggling fit. Julie had no idea what was going on but she also joined in, to copy her admirable cousin. "Are you serious? I've been reminded all day. Might have been nice if you'd told me before Pattie Pig told me though."

"She knows too?" Rosie groaned and pretended to hit her face on the steering wheel.

"Who's Pattie Pig?" Niall scoffed as he turned to ask Lola.

It was a frustrated Rosie who answered instead. "Just the b... Um, girl..."

"Good save!" I laughed whilst high-fiving an oblivious Tommy. 

"-Who cheated with Rachel's boyfriend."

"Aaaaah..." Niall cringed at the answer to his question.

"Yeah exactly. You're going to have so much fun with Pattie and all of your new best friends on Wednesday Rosie!"

"I don't think so." She laughed musically and everybody joined in.


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