Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


51. Thread Bracelet

AUTHORS NOTE: Hi guys, please keep liking this story. We need to get it some more attention. All of this... is a teamwork between me and you. I couldn't do any of this without you all. Keep reading, Nialls_Tribute xo



“Zayn. Zayn? It’s time to wake up.” He rolled over and squinted at me from his dark sleepy eyes, before falling flat back onto the bed. I stood in the doorway, trying to control my amusement whilst looking at him over the top of my phone’s twitter page.

I was already gaining followers by the dozen, and it was getting quite scary to watch the news gradually break across the boys’ fan base. I’m not sure how it started, probably with some of my followers from school who saw the picture and shared it with the fans. From there it could have gone anywhere. I’m guessing that, somewhere along the line, the lovely girls that we had met today had played a part in it.

“Come on, can’t you smell all the food?” I waited a moment to see if he would reply whilst I flicked through some of the tweets that were in my mentions.

“Smells good.” He grunted into the pillow, so that I could only just hear the low tones of his voice; probably unaware of half the things that were going on around him.

“Yep. But if you don’t get up now then Niall, Harry and Louis might not leave you any. There won’t be any left.” That got his attention.

Earlier, Louis had been the first person that I’d had to wake up. I walked into his room to find him sprawled under the duvet on my parents’ bed and one more. He had apparently dragged one down from The Den, in the early hours of the morning, when started feeling cold. That’s why I wasn’t particularly surprised to see him emerge bright red, pink faced and warm skinned from the depths of his pit whilst he flung his arms round me to say good morning.

After that, he jumped over the bed, danced round the room whilst he made up his own morning song before he twirled me round and flew out of the room to greet his friends that were already downstairs. Louis was lovely, but if he decided that he didn’t want to act mature, not even the whole world could change his decision to be mischievous and childish. He was an uncontrollable force of nature and energy, but that was what everyone loved about him so much. Louis is not afraid to be himself, and that is a fact. He never was and he never will be.

“OK. I’ll be downstairs soon. Just give me a minute to get up.” I had to listen carefully for each word as Zayn grunted them, into his pillow, once again. I trusted him to get up –even if it was only for the incentive of the food awaiting him. I closed the door behind me and slumped through the hall, finally putting my phone back in my pocket. I was getting a lot of tweets but there still weren’t any signs of the girls who had taken pictures with me and Niall.

I walked into the guest room where Liam was sleeping next. I knocked twice and then slowly let myself in. Liam was snoring lightly but woke himself up when he heard the door creak. “Only me. Breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks Rosie.”

“You okay Li?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just tired. I couldn’t sleep that well last night.” He saw the worried look on my face “No, it’s nothing to do with being here, I’ve just been having trouble sleeping lately.”

“Oh okay. Do you want me to save you some food? You could come down later and catch up on some sleep?” He rubbed at his eyes and sat up, still in his sweats.

“No I’m hungry. I’m going to come down with you. Would it be alright if I come back up for a nap after though?”

“Of course. I told you to make yourself at home right?”

“Yeah. Thanks for all of this Roselyn.” I just smiled at him as we left the room together and I told himself to go downstairs while I found Rachel.

She wasn’t in Lola’s room, nor any of the other rooms on the bottom floor, so I walked up the stairs to the attic bedroom. I opened it to see her bag and clothes over the bed. “Rachel?” I called out.

A few seconds later I heard her answer from the ensuite bathroom “Hey! Good morning sweets! You okay?” I went to sit on the bed and wait for her to come out.

“Yeah I’m fine! I feel like we haven’t had a good chat in ages.”

“Yeah I know right, we need a little catch up! Did I tell you about this boy band that I’m sharing my best friend’s house with?” She laughed at her own humour and I rolled my eyes, fond of her gentle personality.

Instead of sitting like a lemon, I decided to get up and make the bed for her. I was pulling the sheets back into place and smoothing them out from the side furthest from the door. “Haha, very funny. We need to talk about last night by the way. We can’t pretend like nothing happened... with Miles... you know.”

I heard her agree, and then shortly after she opened the door, so that I could see her brushing her teeth in front of the mirror wearing only a long green towel.

“Yeah, okay. Later?”

“Sure thing.”

“Do you know who took you to bed last night? I remember seeing you asleep in the Den and then the next thing I remember is being cuddled up to Niall.”

“Aww, how cute. I’m not sure though... It’s all a bit fuzzy.” Rachel was briefly talking about what she could and couldn’t remember from last night, when I smoothed out the sheets from the other side of the bed and her words tuned out from the inside of my head. I was just brushing my hand over the sheet when I felt something beneath it. It was like a large ring that could fit around someone’s hands. I reached under the bed sheets and pulled out a material friendship bracelet that had been plaited from black, brown and green threads.

Rachel was still talking and I noticed that she hadn’t seen me remove the bracelet from under the large fluffy duvet. It definitely wasn’t hers, so whose was it? She said she couldn’t remember who had taken her to bed –maybe I could find out if I took it down to the kitchen to ask the boys. It had probably come off when they had put her to bed but how far it had been placed under the sheets, still confused me. I tucked it into my pocket quickly before Rachel saw and made up some excuse about needing to check on the boys.

“Right. Breakfast is ready. When you’re dressed come down and I’ll try to save you some.” I gave her a quick wink and she leant out from the bathroom to give me a grin.

“Okay I won’t be long.”


I was just tucking into my breakfast, sat in between Liam and Zayn, when Rachel walked through into the kitchen.

“Morning everyone!”



“Someone looks showered and ready to go.” Her hair was dripping wet and a towel sat around the top of her shoulders to stop the water from soaking them.

Rachel went round the table, kissing everyone on the cheek –including yours truly- before she sat down opposite me, next to Niall and Louis. Harry sat on the end of the table.

“Yours is down there.”

Louis passed the plate over to her. “Oooh, English Breakfast!” She grinned at me whilst tucking into her bacon and sausages. “I wish I could cook like you Rose. You have some crazy skills.” They boys politely agreed and Niall flashed his dimples at me, with a gentle kick under the table, reminding me to tell her that he had buttered the bread. “Well done Niall!” Rachel laughed “This bread has been well and truly... buttered.” She looked up, defeated by her lack of words, and the table cracked up.

“Good at buttering Niall.”

“That’s a skill that is.”

“You can butter my bread from now on –it’s a skill that I’ve never quite been able to manage by myself.” The banter between these boys was never ending and was always guaranteed to be comical.

“Oooh yeah,I just remembered. Is this anyone’s? I found it in The Den.”

There was no harm in it being left in the same bed as Rachel but I was just interested to see whose it was first, and someone would be more likely to claim it if they weren’t embarrassed about where it had been found.

“That’s mine! I’ve been looking for it all morning. Thanks Rosie!” He snatched it from Liam, who had taken it from my hand, and asked Niall to help him do it up around his tattooed wrist. Well, that was interesting. I couldn’t help but look over at Rachel, who was apparently unbothered and unaware of the situation, as she smiled happily and ate the rest of her late breakfast/early lunch.


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