Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


46. The Den


My green eyes fell into ‘The Den’ as Rosie stepped backwards into the room, allowing all us to see. My eyes moved around wildly, not knowing what to concentrate on first.

The Den was a spectacular room that shared many similarities with the other attic room that was next door. There was the same wood panelling on many items of furniture, the same dim lighting that was also given off by an excess of golden fairy lights and there was even the same colour scheme of white and light browns.

The only things noticeably different were the missing centerpiece bed, the fact that you couldn’t see any of the white walls –for clean, white, cotton sheets, that were draped around the room in a tent like fashion, were concealing them- and last, but by no means least, was the floor of large cushions that had been laid out flat in the middle of the room. On top of them were 4 or 5 duvets with either plain or lacy white covers. This was the only thing in the room that enabled you to sit, unless you wanted to curl up on the walnut coloured carpets, so I ran through the room to be the first to dive straight on top.

It was a lot softer than I had expected; I even bounced slightly on impact. “Guys you have to try this!” Zayn ran at me and jumped, also. I quietly observed, and saw that he too, had been rebounded by the mass of cushions and duvets. Rachel lay back so that she fell delicately, instead of diving alike to what the rest of the boys were doing now, and I saw that she sprung up -even higher than us- after hitting the soft down blankets.

“This is so cool!” Louis got up to try it again but Niall pulled him back down. I laughed as Louis fell backwards, on top of the blonde, and then rolled off to the side.

Rosie spoke up from the only wall that was not hidden by the curtains of material. I hadn’t even noticed the huge cinematic TV screen that looked to be about 6 times the petite girl’s size. She turned it on and flipped the remote so that it took us onto the sky menu.

“Bloody hell Rose! That’s the biggest television I’ve ever seen, in my life!” Liam’s mouth was hanging open. I was about to make a snarky comment, until I felt the saliva on the side of my mouth and realised that I was doing the same.

“They call it a home cinema? And the reason why the floor is so springy is because there is a huge built-in mattress underneath you all.” She laughed at our gawping expressions. This room was beyond extravagant. How could you make a better ‘den’ than this?

I had never seen anything like this in any part of the world. Growing up with a house this great -like Rosie had done- back in Chesire, would never have meant anything more than a crazy dream or a good imagination. I liked the way that I had been brought up as a kid but living like this would have just be extraordinary. I had to keep pinching myself to remind me that this was actually Rose's home. Surely this house couldn't have any more surprises to offer us... I felt like punching myself when I saw Zayn reveal just another, and even bigger, perk to the room.

Zayn pulled back one of the sheets of material, that was on the opposite side of the room to the door - with orange lights glistening behind the fabric, and revealed a bookshelf that covered the entire wall. Inside were books, DVDs and albums. All with different genres, authors and for an assortment of audiences; obviously used by the whole family.

“Pick a film then.” Zayn ran a finger down the shelf and we waited for him to pull one out.

“Thor 2, buddyy!” A DVD case was thrown across the room. Rosie caught it neatly and slotted it into the side of the TV.

“Sickk! I haven’t seen that one yet.” Niall called out with a wide grin, making himself comfortable as he leant back on his arms -behind everyone else who sat on the mattress- and patted one of the lacy duvets that he had pulled over himself.

I imitated his Irish accent, with a short laugh from the rest of the room "Sickkkkk!"

The movie turned on and Louis and Zayn shuffled over to me, so that we could sit together in a group, like children, and lie under the covers on our bellies to watch the film. Liam and Rachel were sat further forward and I kept looking over to check that nothing sad or woeful clouded Rachel’s expression. I had already grown attached to the smile that she bore and worried that tonight’s events might pull her back into the state of shock; which she had just about managed to overcome.

At the thought of tonight’s past events, I flexed my fingers subconsciously -that were still wrapped in ice- and whimpered as pain writhed through the swollen skin. “Aah.”

“Hand still hurting Harold?” Louis whispered next to me, with sympathy on his face and I smiled back at him, whilst Zayn snickered

“Dont laugh Zayn!” I jokingly shoved a finger in front of Zayn’s nose, whilst trying to keep a straight face but I couldn’t hold it any longer so messed his hair up instead. “It only hurts occasionally.” I said more seriously to my chuckling Louis.

“Ok Harry pops.” ‘Harry Pops’ –that was a new one. I laughed crookedly and observed the room for one last time before settling further into the cushions and holding my chin up with a few pillows.

Rosie went to tuck herself in next to Niall, who was beaming at her stupidly the whole time, and I pulled my eyes away from the two of them to give them some space and a bit more privacy. Each time I watched them, my heart may have been tinged with jealousy, but it also made me happy to see how happy Rosie was making Niall.

She would now be an essential part of his life - there was no doubting that; it was just a shame that she couldn’t understand how much he needed her. I could imagine from Rosie’s perspective that the odds of her thinking that this famous boy loved her, when he had a fair share of girls her age to pick from, was probably the weirdest and most confusing thing that she had ever come across.

Though I now know that one day, Rosie will realise just how much my close friend needs her. She will learn to accept that he loves her, and her only. One day she will learn to treasure it as part of her life forever. It might not have happened yet, but it would definitely happen one day. For sure.


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