Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


36. Sushi Bar


I woke up stretched across the bed diagonally, beneath the thick dark blue duvet. The newly cleaned sheets were plastered to my body. I slept well for one of the first times since getting back from tour, where I had not gotten much sleep at all; meaning that I had woken up in a great mood.

I showered in my en suite bathroom before changing into a grey pair of sweat pants and a green T-shirt, with white writing saying 'hype'. My blondey-brown, scruffy hair was damp so I threw my green snap back on top. That way, I could let it dry naturally whilst I went down to Liam's to eat breakfast with the boys. As I checked my baggy pockets for my phone and threw the apartment keys and identity card in with it, I grabbed my thick, fur-lined, winter jacket and pressed the button for the lift; waiting shortly before stepping into the air conditioned compartment.

After pressing the button for the third floor and being buzzed in by Zayn, who had beaten me to Liam's flat, I walked in and smelt frying meat mixed with a large amount of cooking toast.

"Something smells good!" I bellowed into the flat as I took off my trainers by the door and skipped into the kitchen to find everyone.

"Irish man of the year is here!" Louis rhymed as he screamed like a fangirl from the breakfast bar in the shape of an L around the kitchen utilities -hands plastered to his face - going for the full impression. 

I did a little leprechaun click of my feet before wishing everybody a good morning. Sophia was sitting down at the breakfast bar too; a large plate of toast, sausages and bacon piled high in front of her, so I took the stool next to her. “Didn’t know you were joining us!” I kissed her on the cheek politely and smiled, waiting for her reply as I picked up a piece of toast and made a sausage sandwich.

“Oi, save some for everyone else! We were gonna wait for Harry before we started eating!” Liam warned with a pointed finger. I put my hands up in defence with a laugh.

“Sorry, sorry! It’s just one piece of toast and a sausage.” Li turned back to the stove with a disapproving shake of his head and I grinned back. “Love ya mate.” I winked at him and turned back to Sophia who had started talking.

“Just got the day off so I thought I’d tag along with you lot for the interview and that.”

“Ahh cool. You joining us for dinner?”

“Nope, gonna go meet up with some of my girlies.” She smiled whilst catching Liam’s eyes and his face automatically softened. The effect they had on each other was lovely; Perrie and Zayn, Louis and El, Liam and Sophia –it was easy to feel jealous of all of them sometimes.

I often wondered what it would be like to have someone to support me through all of the things we did, someone to show off to the fans and ask them to love just as much as they loved me. No relationships had ever worked out for me whilst being in One Direction- I didn’t try to understand why but just hoped that it would one day change. ‘Maybe sometime soon?’ I secretly wished that I was right. It had gotten to the point that I was often viewed as the single one in the group and so fans found it hard to adapt when I found someone who had potential to change that. 

"Liam this is good!" It wasn't the best but it made him turn back to me and smile -although when he walked to the door to open it for Harry, I pulled a face behind his back at louis who burst into laughter and innocently looked around the room at the others. "Brothers! Soph!" Harry burst into the room with his arms open wide, unusually wide awake for his usual self. It only took me and Louis a split second to look each other and get up to run into his arms -almost knocking Hazza over.

"No, it's all about Larry, Niall! Not Narry!"

"Get outta the way Lou."

"Share." Zayn mumbled from by the windows.

"Okay." We chorused and hugged each other childishly.

"Hey Soph." As soon as Harry was released from me and Louis’ grasp he went over to hug her and steal the seat that he didn't realise was mine. I leaned over him towards the plate and snapped up a few pieces of hot toast, bacon and sausages.

“Ahhh! Li! Plate –hot!” Liam thrusted a plate towards me and everyone tutted, particularly Soph, at how much food I had dumped onto it. “What? I’m hungry!”

“You had a huge dinner last night Nialler!” Zayn had his strong accent on again and had his arms held out at me in pretend exasperation.

I left the breakfast bar and fell back onto the sofa across the room of the open plan flat. “Yeah and it was bloody good, but you know how hungry I get!” I let out a dirty, loud laugh as I bit into the bacon and sausage sandwich which I had constructed.

“Gross.” Sophia laughed and I gave her a cheeky thumbs up.

“So how’s Rosie?” Zayn was winking at me from where he was walking around the room, pacing around to wake himself up.

“I dunno...”

“So you haven’t texted her yet? That must be a record!”

“No, she looked tired last night so I was gonna text her later and let her have a lie in.”

“Awww, Nialler’s blushing!” Of course it was Louis who felt the need to point out my burning cheeks.

“So what’s going on with you two?” Liam asked me, seriously, as he leaned against the counter and folded his arms.


“You’ve kissed her right? Zayn saw you two on the balcony when we were going to come looking for you. Right before Marie called her.”

Zayn shyly nodded at me but it didn’t bother me “Yeah, we’ve kissed.”

“So are you going out?”

“I haven’t officially asked her.”

“Well you better hurry up and ask her Nialler!” Louis laughed from across the room.

“He’s right. If you end up blowing off this one then I might have to take pretty little Rosie off of your hands.” Harry winked at me whilst he rubbed his tired eyes and I could tell that he was only kidding but it would have pissed me off if I hadn’t known better. "Knew you'd be the first one to go for a fan." Harry laughed with his arms triumphantly held above his head; fingers pointing at me.

I rolled my eyes as I carried on. “It’s complicated though. I don’t want to throw her into the limelight. She’s still at school so it would only make things hard for her.”

“That’s true,” Zayn backed my corner for me and I bumped fists with him “Just go with the flow, see what happens. She might get better with the attention but it could also get worse if she gets thrown in too deep too quickly. Plus, you don’t wanna be lying to the fans, just to keep her happy. We know you’re not like that.”

I chewed my lip as I thought about it and realised how right Zayn was. Liam also agreed (as did a chirpy Sophia who seemed excited at the topic of conversation and the idea of me finding a girl that I really liked). “Aw that’s so good! Niall might finally have found the girl of his dreams!” As she cooed and watched me I sat forward on the sofa, elbows resting on my knees, smiling back at her; quite excited at the idea myself.

After a group phone call with Louis' girlfriend Eleanor -who was currently in Manchester visiting friends from Uni, and missing every minute she had taken away from spending time with Lou- we all trooped down stairs to get into Harry’s car.

Hazza was driving today so we loaded ourselves into his silver Volvo and turned the heating up to keep warm. Liam navigated Harry through the London streets and Sophia asked Zayn when we would next see Perrie.  She was away, touring with Little Mix doing some kind of charity event and lots of photo shoots across the UK, so she’d be back in about a week. 

After only a few more minutes of driving and parking, we were being escorted through large crowds of fans who had been queuing for hours to get a look at us. We waved to them and smiled before entering the building and being ushered around.

10 dress changes and what felt like a million photographs later we had to do three different interviews. One was with all of the boys, another with Liam, Louis and Zayn (with a short appearance from Sophia) and then the last was with the two ‘Single Pringles’- Harry and I.

Every photo shoot and interview seemed to go the same way these days, apart from today when there was the odd comment about my mystery girl (Rosie) and one of the first interviews we had done about our new album that was coming out in just over a week; ‘Midnight Memories’. 

We were all really proud of it so it was frustrating when our management told us exactly what we could say about it and what we couldn’t. It all felt too scripted and persuasive. “Well, it is a wonderful album!” “So buy it!" "Out on Monday the 25th of November!” It gave me the urge to do a cheeky wink and grin, like on all of the toothpaste adverts; so we messed around with it a bit –exaggerating everything and adding the One Direction sense of humour to everything we said.

Whenever I was with the boys it was always fun. I’m sure we must have turned at least a few interviewers stir-crazy over our time; with our unpredictable behaviour and uncontrollable demeanour, but it was like a competition for us boys –to see who could wind up the interviewer the most and find out how they reacted to our behaviour.

We never went into anything like this with our business heads on –only a boyish sense of humor and an excitement that enabled us to have fun doing our ‘job’. I loved it and was so grateful that we had been provided with these opportunities as there was never a dull moment.

We went to a nearby sushi bar for lunch and talked to each other about nothing in particular whilst Louis made many jokes,as he normally did, and Liam and Sophia talked in hushed voices every so often.

I was concentrating on eating and texting when Zayn peered over my shoulder. “You texting Rosie, mate?” I nodded and continued typing.

She had been telling me about helping her parents to pack their stuff, and dropping Lola off at their auntie's house this morning. Her parents had already left and Justin was around at his girlfriends meaning that she was all alone for now, until Rachel came round. It turned out that Rachel was up for tonight so I would have to text them when we had decided on a time- giving them a 'reasonable' amount of time to get ready. I told her that I would and that we were going back to my flat now to play some games before Sophia went out to the party with her friends.

Texting Rosie was easy –there was never a time where we didn’t know what to talk about and the conversation flowed easily without much effort. It was exactly the same when we saw each other in person.

I couldn’t wait to see her this evening, it was gonna be great and I hoped that the boys would get on with Rachel just as well as Liam and I had gotten on with her on our first meeting.

At about 4:00pm, we were starting to get hungry (especially me) so I text Rosie to give her and Rachel 2 hours whilst I took a break from the new Grand Theft Auto that we were playing together. Surely they wouldn't need any more time than that, I laughed to myself. "You've been quiet today bro." Harry pulled my SnapBack off of my head and placed it on his own to pull his fringe back.

"Just got a lot on my mind." I smiled at him and he laughed knowingly.

"Yeah we get it. I was only kidding earlier, you know that."

"Yeah yeah." "But seriously Niall. I really wanna see you in a happy relationship and I don't even think you two understand how good you are for each other. I'm happy for you man." He clapped his hand into mine and pulled me close for a hug. As we pulled back he kicked my butt before we made our way from the kitchen with cups of teas and coffees and he said "Love you man."

I honestly didn't know what I would do without these guys. They were the rocks that supported me all of the time, but most of all, they were my best mates.


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