Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


34. Star Gazing into Eyes


"Right, who's gonna do the washing up?"

Mom smiled at me, down the table, and I moaned."Okay, okay. I’ll do it. Thanks for the meal mom."

Everybody else echoed my thanks and Niall silently smirked at my obvious reluctance to get up. I was comfortable where I was and didn't want to move.

After a few seconds Niall flicked at one of my legs, that lay on his knees, as a sign of encouragement and I finally decided to get up. Surprisingly, every single one of the five boys got up with me. "We'll help."

It was Harry that spoke up and I smiled at him appreciatively. "It's okay. I can."

"It's the least we can do." Zayn walked over and took the dishes from my hands, lifting them high above my head before I could protest.

They followed him out, in single file, laden with plates, cutlery and dishes, meaning that I was left with only the gravy boat. My family -the only people left at the table- looked up at me with a smirk. "Well... Where do I sign the adoption forms?" Mum laughed, just as pleasantly surprised as I was.

“Now that’s the type of man you need Rosie!” Dad shooted at me as I laughed and stumbled out of the room; unsteady of my dead feet.

“We heard that David!” Louis called back indignantly, and the boys started off yet another fit of laughter –Niall’s loudest laugh being heard more clearly.

"Right..." Liam surveyed everyone in the kitchen "Harry and I will wash, Louis and Zayn can dry and you two-" he pointed at Niall and I "-can put stuff away." We did have a dishwasher in my house, but it already had a load of washing in; pots and pans that mum had obviously used to cook the meal.

As I had expected, it took no time at all, after setting everyone up. I had to find the washing up liquid and sponges for Liam and Harry, get 2 tea-towels/drying-cloths for the other two and had to explain to Niall which stuff went where and what cupboard was for what. Bless him, he tried to remember but there were a lot of cupboards so he had to keep asking me. I was happy to help though, and enjoyed the attention he was giving me as he asked me where everything went -even if I had told him not even a minute earlier.

Once the dishes were done, we made ourselves leave the kitchen before the bubble fight got any bigger than just putting bubbles on each others’ noses and chins.

Back in the dining room my dad had already left the table; signifying that we wouldn’t have to sit down in the room any longer. “Where’s dad?”

“He had to take some phone call. He’s in his study right now.”

"Mum, can I show the boys my room now?”

“Of course, Lollie. But only if they want to go and see it.”

Lola looked back up at us them, pleadingly, and my insides turned soft, with love for the little princess. How could any of them resist her offer when she was wearing a smile like that?

“We’d love to!” replied Harry’s husky voice.

Lola jumped up but mum kept us back with a warning “No more superman flying though. Especially not after this one’s just eaten.” Lola’s neck shrunk into her shoulders as mum flicked her fingers towards her.

“Aw man. Not even Rosie?” Louis joked with his palms up and a raised eyebrow. I just shoved his shoulder, with a roll of my eyes, before mum could even answer. She laughed as Niall saluted her proudly, to say that she had his word, and we scarpered out of the room and up the stairs.

Lola was leading the way, pulling Zayn and Harry, up the stairs by their arms, before she flung her door open and presented it to them. I bet that they had each seen a hundred bedrooms that were ten times as extravagant as hers, but they still made a special effort to say how great it looked.

They were very special boys; kind and so caring. You could tell that each and every praise they gave their fans was based on a real love for them. They didn’t put less than 100% effort into making every one of them feel loved and cared for when given the chance.

My previous opinions on the boys –the opinions that were completely the opposite and based on no evidence- were wiped clear the minute I gotten to talk to the first of them; the dyed blonde who was walking back over to where I was standing in the doorway now. He leant over against the opposite side.

I had an idea. “Come with me.” I whispered to Niall. He had just gotten comfortable against the doorway into Lola’s room, watching his friends run around excitedly, spotting all the merchandise and pictures of them on my small sister’s walls.

I spun on my heel before I could see his reaction and heard his feet behind me as soon as I walked through my door way. I went to the place where I stored all of my blankets –on the top shelves in my wardrobe- and I pulled 4 of them off so that I could throw 2 to the confused looking blonde who was watching me a small distance away. “Catch.” He caught them last minute and then followed me to the windowsill, where I kicked the balcony glass doors, so that I could walk through them for the second time today.

I turned back to see him squinting at me from the padded windowsill and encouraged him to walk out after me with a small wave forward.

I lay one of the blankets down and sat on it against the wall of the house. Niall followed suit and as I threw the second one around me, Niall did the same with one of his. He waited for me to explain what we were doing here. “I like it here. You can see the stars really clearly, see?” Adjusting the white and cherry, polka-dot quilt around me, I pointed up at the sky.

My explanation was simple but all that he needed. “Oh yeah.” He suddenly looked up and shuffled around, trying to get comfortable. “The sky looks pretty.” His Irish accent was gorgeous as he slurred the words together into one sentence. “Do you come and sit here often?”

“Sometimes... Whenever the sky is clear. I sometimes sit here for hours, with my headphones; listening to music or to read a good book before bed.” It was true. It was my secret place –my personal space and escape route. “I don’t think anyone else knows how often I come out here. If my family do then they never mention it –probably because they know it’s where I go to get away from everything.”

Niall whispered back “Well it’s a good place to be able to run away to.” I nodded my head and he shuffled himself closer to me. “Hey, come here. You don’t wanna catch a cold.” He smiled up at the sky, moonlight falling on his face and white teeth. He put his arm around me so that two blankets were covering us and then he unfolded the fourth one onto our legs. I pulled it up to my chin, trapping the heat inside with the two of us before smiling up at him.

“That’s better.” We watched the sky for a while when he took my hand inside the covers and started playing with my fingers. Everything was calm; I could hear faint talking and shouts from inside the house but they weren’t bothering us.



“How do you feel about all of this? Us, I mean...”

“What about us?” He looked down into our blanketed laps.

“I’m not sure... Maybe the fact that we only met each other a few days ago and already... this is happening.” He squeezed my fingers and looked me in the eyes. He looked genuinely concerned. “Do you think that this is going to fast?”

“Maybe-” He didn’t let me finish my sentence before he let go of my fingers, but I grabbed his hand back and carried on. “-for some people. But not us. It feels like the last few days have been the most significant of my life. For a good reason though.” I emphasised. “What do you think?”

“I think the exact same thing.” His frown turned into the familiar smile “But I don’t want to scare you off Roselyn. Ever. You have to stay here with me, so if I always plan on being here for you then you need to tell me if we are going too fast.” I nodded my head in reply “What’s the point of rushing into things when we have as long as we want?”

“Okay...” I gave myself a confidence boost as I thought about what I wanted to say. He looked at me questioningly, knowing that there was something on my mind.

Niall whispered so quietly that it was almost taken away by the faint wind. “Say it.”

“Okay, but what if I want to start making the most of every day that we have together?”

He laughed shyly as he thought about his reply, eyes still locked onto mine. “Then I guess 3 days late isn’t a bad place to start.” He could hardly finish his sentence before I unwrapped my hands, from under the blankets -where I had nervously tangled them up- and grabbed his face as I kissed him properly for the first time. One of the blankets fell from my shoulders, but was replaced almost straight away by the strong arms that had found their way behind me.

The kiss was a blur of strawberry lip balm, cinnamon scent and chilly breath but it couldn’t have been any more perfect than it already was. I was new to this, but our lips moved in time and I felt myself smile as I opened my eyes to find his face was still inches from mine. My hands lay peacefully unmoved on his cheeks and his blue eyes were so close that they were the only things I saw. “Your cheeks are so warm.” I moved back slightly to see the redness that had flushed against them, explaining why they were so heated against my icy hands and it gave me a second to let out a small giggle.

He smiled happily and we both sat back again as I lay my head against his chest. “Niall...”


“I really like you.”

“I really like you too.” He laughed softly and I felt his hand curl up against my hair where it rubbed little circles like he had done only 2 days ago. I could have lain here for a while, maybe even fallen asleep, but I knew that we would have to venture back inside and find everybody sooner or later.

“We’ll go find the others soon, but can we just stay here for a little bit?”

“Whatever you want love.”


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