Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


35. Spain


I was more interested in the conversation going on between everybody in the dark, living room than the film that we were supposed to be watching. It was a super-natural thriller of some sort, but I hadn’t been paying any attention to the TV since Louis flicked through the channels and decided to put it on.

I can’t remember who’s idea it was to put the film on. It was probably just an idea to keep us all entertained whilst Rosie was pulled out to talk to her mum and dad, urgently. No one knew what was so urgent about it, but I figured that I would d find out when Rosie came back to sit and watch the rest of the film with us.

50 minutes later, not that I was counting or anything, she slugged through the door in a tired manner, and let out a huff of air.

“Alright Rose?” Harry looked up and she just lifted one side, of her normally beaming, cheeks to him.

“Come and sit with us Rosie.” Zayn patted the space between me him and myself, whilst he spoke in the thick Indian accent that he always used to try and make people laugh. “Tell us all about it; we want to know what they said.”

She fell back onto the sofa and chewed a corner of her nails –something I had never seen her do over the past few days- obviously stressed or worried. “The phone call my dad took was from a doctor in Spain. Our great auntie –dad’s auntie- who migrated to Spain a while back, has been put into hospital with a severe heart condition.” Everybody’s faces dropped as she told us “My parents are gonna have to go over there, to help her sort some things out and wait with her until she gets well enough, to leave hospital or whatever. Apart from dad’s brother, who’s away in Trinidad on business right now, we’re the only family she has. ” She looked glum.

“Dont worry pumpkin.” I smiled cheerfully as I put my arms around her shoulders quickly and squeezed her. Zayn did the same once I let go of her and I saw Harry squeeze Lola’s hand from the other couch.

“So my parents have just booked the first tickets to Spain tomorrow for 2:40pm and they’re just talking to mum’s sister about Lola staying with them.”

“Can’t I stay here with you?” Lola frowned.

“Sorry monkey... They only want me and Justin to stay here –just in case you end up being left alone. On the bright side, you’ll be staying with Tommy and Julie?”

Lola smiled happily but then looked back at us boys. “I like being here though. Everyone’s always here.” ‘Everyone’ being us, I guessed.

“It will only be for the week, and then you can come home with me on next Sunday, even if they’re both still in Spain. I’ll be at home in case you need anything and you can come back if you really don’t like it.”

“Okay, okay. Only a week though.” She cheered up a bit and watched Harry as he spoke up.

“You sure that you’re going to be okay here, by yourself Rosie?”

“Yeah yeah, I’m positive. Besides, Justin should be here most of the time.”

“Okay, well you always know where we are if you need help or somewhere louder and more exciting to stay.” Liam laughed and Louis proved it by screaming his agreement.

“Yeah, yeah.” She repeated. “Hang on... is anyone actually watching the film?”

“No. Noone has been. We’ve just been sat here talking.” I answered and Rosie got up to turn the film off and turn the lights on, so that it was dimly lit but not dark. “What’s the plan for tomorrow then, boys?”

They all looked at me and shrugged, apart from Zayn who had surprisingly remembered what our management had told us a few days ago. “Photo shoot at 10:00am, Interviews from radio 1 after we’ve finished at 15:00, then free time.”

“Dinner at the OXO?” Harry asked and Zayn nodded as he looked at his phone, Liam agreed and so did I. Harry always had good ideas about where to eat.

“Niall where are your manners?” Louis acted shocked as he watched Rosie who was patiently sitting beside me, listening to our conversation.

“I was just about to ask her, you prick.” I threw a cushion at him jokingly, before turning to Rosie and putting on my sweetest smile “Want to come out for dinner with us Rosie?” Everyone laughed at how quickly I went from being ‘horrible to Louis’ to ‘sweet and charming to Rosie’.

“Great way to ask a girl out for dinner.” Liam laughed sarcastically at me as he threw the pillow back, after grabbing it from Louis.

“You guys sure you want me there? What’s the restaurant like?”


“Really Posh.”

“Food is really great quality.” Harry smiled as he pointed at Rosie with a wink.

“-It’s at the top of OXO - tall glass building by the Thames next to the London Eye.”

“You can see alien spaceships when it’s dark.” Everyone looked at Louis in disbelief -Zayn even shook his head into his hands. “What?”

“Either you’re really stupid and don’t realise that they’re just the pods of the London Eye, or you have a crazy imagination Lou.”

“Well I think they look like alien ships.” He flicked a piece of Lola’s blonde hair with a wink “El thinks so too.”

I ignored him and turned back to the beautiful girl, inches away from me.“It’s really nice anyway. You have to come.” I pleaded with a hopeful grin.

“Yeah sure! What time.”

“We’ll text you.” Harry gave an excessive wink. We all knew that I’d be the one texting her, not him, so the room started laughing again. “Oh yeah. Bring your friend aswell! We haven’t met her yet!” Harry pouted and did a circling motion with his finger that included himself, Louis and Zayn.

“Yeah that’s a good idea.”

“You’ll really like her! She’s my friend too.” Lola included herself in the conversation and grinned at the three boys before proudly smiling at me and Roselyn. She was a cutie. She acted so young for her age though, I’d be interested in seeing what she was like when around her friends at school; probably a lot more mature.

“Great!” Rosie smiled at me and slapped her hand softly on my knee to emphasise what she had said. “Me and my friend –who’s name is Rachel, Harry- will look forward to it.”


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