Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


90. 'So Glad To Be Back...'


El has her arm snaked around my waist, Rachel is on my other side –her face pressed against the side of my own- and Sophia is holding hands with Eleanor. We are all pressed up against the permanent metal barriers that separate the flow of arrival passengers from the stationary crowd of families, friends, partners and drivers -and of course, on this particular night, paparazzi and security guards who are ready to take action as soon as the boys are in sight.

Rachel’s hair smells of delicious peaches and mangoes and she’s wearing a matching perfume. I convinced her to make an effort tonight, although she kept assuring me that her evening out with Harry was definitely not to be considered as a date.

“He said specifically that it is ‘not a date.’ Stop spraying me with things, I’m fine how I am.” Those were Rachel’s last words to me before Sophia picked us up from her house. I was helping my best friend to get ready and pack for tonight. Not that she needs much help- she was already fitted into her tight, long sleeved black dress that comes down mid-thigh -all I had to do was straighten her hair and help her to decide what else to wear on her feet and to protect her from the cold frost.

I'm wearing a more casual outfit tonight that includes black leggings, white ankle-top wedged trainers and a long white top that is lacy with a very bold black collar and flows down like a very short dress. Over the top I have a blood red boyfriend coat, which is loose and snug around my cold limbs. Especially as I pull the material tight against my waist with my folded arms.

It's 19:39pm and I'm starting to get worried. They're late. It was hard enough trying to keep my excitement contained until their flight was due at 19:30. For some reason I forgot to prepare myself for potential delays, but it doesn't matter now because I can hear Louis' laughs and Liam's chuckles from behind the swinging doors where other arrivals make their way out from the corridor behind. The whole room is starting to go static now as they see their loved ones walking around or hear their idols in the corridor as I can also hear.

We all start moving as Louis and Liam enter the arrival lounge, shortly followed by Zayn and Harry. Eleanor and Sophia climb between the two metal restraints, as we've been permitted to do, and go hurtling towards their boyfriends -with Eleanor pushing herself further and further in front of Soph to reach Louis even faster. Louis runs towards her to and they start spinning in circles. Liam and Sophia collide into a natural embrace, as if it is a second home to the two of them.

I would do the same if I could see Niall, but he's not here. Where is he?

I can also tell that Rachel would run towards Harry, if management hadn't given her a strict reminder that they're not dating; I just know it. So instead, I keep her company as we make our way around all of the boys, greeting them and then leaving them to as much privacy with their girlfriends as is possible in a crowded Heathrow terminal for arrival flights. Rachel stops when we reach Harry, with huge smiles reflected on each of their faces, so I seek out a lonely looking Zayn and go over to keep him company, whilst I wait for my typically tardy boyfriend.

He smiles as I make my way toward him, he is standing nearer to the barriers than the other boys after saying hello to the wide group of fans. “Malik.”


He laughs at our typical greeting, as if nothing has been different about this last week, and pulls me in for a tight hug. One of his elbows is bent around my neck and I hug him tightly as my face is buried into the fur on his hood.

“You know, I’m getting pretty sick of having to keep you company whilst you’re girlfriend’s off touring the world –whatever that means… I’m sure you must be making the whole thing up.”

As I lean back I roll my eyes for emphasis; trying my hardest to replace his hard set jaw with a typical Zayn-smile. There’s a big crowd of paparazzi here; I know that he doesn’t get on with them very well and that it always puts him on edge. My joke works as he flashes me a perfect set of brilliant white teeth. That’s more like it.

“Don’t worry, I don’t enjoy your company either. The novelty’s worn off now that I’ve known you for… what? Three weeks now?”

“Nearly,” I correct him with a smile “It feels like so much longer though…”

“You can say that again.” He sighs, trying to keep up the persona that is bored and tired of me.

“When’s this fiancé of yours coming back anyway?”

“Friday! I’m honestly stoked!” Looks like the American slang has been rubbing off on someone…

“I bet you can’t wait to see her. She’s been gone for ages hasn’t she?”

“Sorry, who?” He pretends that she’s been gone for so long that he can’t even remember her, though I’m no stranger to the knowledge that he rings her at least twice a day –Niall told me. I laugh along with him but he can’t help noticing the nervous flicker of my eyes as they keep darting towards the swinging doors every few seconds. The doors that are now still on their hinges and show no sign of movement.

“He’ll be here soon babe, he just forgot something on the plane when we were getting off…”

Zayn’s barely finished the sentence when I notice the doors swing open automatically, and a smiling blonde head catches my attention from the corner of my eyes as he makes his way through. It’s him. It’s my Niall…

I forget Zayn behind me and my legs take me faster than I thought possible in a pair of wedge heels.

I know that all of our friends have turned around to watch; that the crowd of fans and paparazzi are waiting for the moment; that everyone else is cooing over our reunion and looking to see how we react.

He closes some of the distance with a faster pace, whilst I run towards him, hair blowing behind me, until I finally reach him and launch myself into his arms. He drops the handle on his suitcase. The force that I use to jump onto the hips of my boyfriend nearly knocks him over. But he stands steady whilst I wrap my legs around him and he walks forward slightly with his head buried in my neck, to make sure that there’s no chance of us blocking the doors.

My wedged trainers are crossed around his back over his soft, hooded jacket; my legs are tight around his hips as I embrace him with all of my strength and he rocks me slightly.

“I missed you baby. I missed you so much.” I don’t care if it’s cringe worthy –I’m in his arms. This was the moment that I’ve been spending all my spare time dreaming about, for the whole of this week.

“I missed you too, love. You don’t even understand how happy I am to see you.” I lean back to see his facial expressions; excited with a mix of desperation, and I spend a little time just admiring his blue eyes before neither of us can stand it a second longer and we both lean forward to kiss.

I’m glad that he is holding me or I might have lost my balance; I’m surprised that Niall is managing to stay so sturdy. We both pull away and I happily peck as many patches of his face as possible as he complains jokily and cups my chin with one hand. “I’m so glad to be back.”

“I’m so glad to have you back.” This hasn’t been one of my favourite weeks and the separation only made it harder. I kiss his lips again, one more time, as I relax my arms around his neck and push myself up slightly in his arms to make myself taller.

He bites his lip cheekily. “What?”

“Nothing…” There’s something. “I was just thinking that if I get a reaction like this, because of one week away, then I can’t wait until tour.”

“Shut up you.” I laugh and wipe the smirk of his mouth with my two thumbs before pecking him again. I love being this height; it makes kissing him so much easier. Niall repositions his hands to my lower back and I let out a quick yelp of pain. It worries him.

“What? What’s up love?”

“My bruises…”

“Oh shit… yeah…” He moves his hands to the side of my thighs again and I lean in for another hug.

“I’m damaged remember? You have to be gentle with me.”

There’s a soft chuckle in my ear. “Yeah, how did that happen again? I don’t think you told me.”

I was trying my best to avoid telling him -changing the subject, making excuses and as many other things that would work as possible- but I guess there’s no getting out of this one. “You may… or may not… have to teach me how to ice skate… properly.” The laugh that he lets out is genuine and loud, making lots of fans start giggling. He talks into my ear again but this time it’s a whisper.

“You should probably know that the whole terminal is watching us by the way…” I know that he’s got a grin on his face but he will be worried for me, after everything in the press this week.

“You should probably know that I don’t give a shit as long as I’m here with you.”

“That’s good enough for me.” He drops me back onto my feet and secures one of my hands with one of his large and strong ones; allowing a nearby security guard to pass him the handle of his abandoned suitcase.

When I turn around, I realise exactly what he meant. Not only are the fans watching us -along with the paparazzi, security team, people waiting for other plane arrivals and the airport staff- but so are our 7 best friends who’ve gone to stand nearer to the barriers.

Harry and Rachel are grinning at us like idiots… so is Zayn. Liam and Sophia are talking quietly, in a close proximity to each other, whilst happily glancing over at us every few seconds and Louis and El are holding hands, making funny expressions and goofing around to get us to laugh. Zayn sends me a thumbs up and I start to pull Niall along behind me. I’ve decided that I much prefer leaving the airport after saying hello than I do after saying goodbye. Who couldn’t, when they have a photo ready boyfriend, who’s as sweet and cheeky as Niall, on the end of their arm?  I can’t wait to have a proper catch up with him later this evening.


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